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In desperation for a story line, Maryann Tobin stole this picture from me after an HCAC officer, came out to investigate another e-mail complaint.

Maryann Tobin wrote e-mails to HCAC to then give herself something to write about.  Journalist are NOT supposed to be out there fueling the fire just to drum up their own stories for attention.  I see she is copying HCAC e-mails now, no surprise when they are her very own e-mails.  Maryann Tobin has been behind this from the very beginning and she is determined under ANY circumstance to shed bad light on the ranch.   The ONLY investigation or the only ALLEGED complaints have been the ones  initiated by her.  Now she is blaming numerous Government Agencies on favoritism, just because she has not been successful in closing our doors.  Maybe, Maryann Tobin, NO ONE has come to shut us down because there is NO reason to.  Your motives clearly are fueled by hatred and everyone around you can see this, along with the documented trail you leave behind you, just sayin………



Nikki Tobin stated at the very beginning just days before her mother, Maryann Tobin started writing these articles:

Nikki Tobin States:  “There was a sound of fear in your email –as there should be.

My mom is very well connected with people in the county and animal control and you blew her off.”


Since then we have been inspected by numerous Government agencies and ALL of them see that we have complied to the rules.



Author:  Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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At the end of the year 2011, we were signed up to pick up “day old” produce from a local grocery store.  Initially, this was fully intended to feed the pigs and give treats to the horses, llama, goats, rabbits, and chickens. 

After the first of the year, we were picking up 20+ cases of produce 3 times a week, which was 60 to 75 cases of fruit and vegetables every week.  Charlotte, the pig, was gorging herself, as she ate, snored, ate, and snored, LOL.  We fed all of the apples, pears, peaches, and some bananas to the horses.  We gave lots of lettuce, carrots, and cabbage to the rabbits and quite of an assortment out to the llama and goats.  We were still left with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. 

We decided that since God had blessed us with an abundance of food for the animals, we would in return bless the community with boxes of produce to help families who need that extra support in their weekly budget.  I started sorting out fruit and vegetables, separating the packaged items for the community from the loose vegetables and fruit for the animals.  I made up 8 to 15 boxes of produce to give out to the community 3 times a week.

My posts on Facebook went something like this:

Domino Effect


We have 6 boxes of produce full of fruits and vegetables ready to be picked up for you to share with your family. The boxes today included yellow, red, and green peppers, grapes, oranges, tangerines, potatoes, onions, fresh strawberries, canteloupe, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

We also have boxes of slop for your animals as well.

Please contact me if you would like a box of produce to take home for your family.

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

We had a lot of regulars whom I made up boxes for each week and others who called me randomly to come and make a pick up.


A FB friend of mine reposted my “Domino Effect “FREE” Produce Days ad on her page to help me spread the word one afternoon.  Nikki Tobin jumped on the band wagon to share her 2 cents about our kind gesture we extended to the community.


Nikki Tobin They aren’t offering it for people to eat are they?

Nikki Tobin I’m not sure that’s safe…. For farm animals ok but they get it because it’s expired and the stores can’t sell it. People shouldn’t be eating it, I’m just a little confused on this

Nikki Tobin Wasn’t really confused just hoping nobody was actually getting it to eat I used to work at a place that gave expired food away and usually the food they got rid off is not good to eat or very sanitary, I wouldn’t want anyone to get sick because they thought it was ok to eat expired food.

I stated at the bottom of this post:

Domino Effect If I give you a box of produce, it is good produce because I personally made that box up just for you. It is like day old bread, etc. where the store has to rotate their product (fruits and vegetables) and they can only keep it in the store for so many calendar days before they have to get rid of it. They don’t get rid of it because it is bad, but because it is past the store date in which it has to be sold. There is nothing wrong with the produce or I would not offer it to the public, but just use it all for pig slop. But because there is so much good produce we are receiving all week long, I think that there are good people in the area that could benefit from the extra help filling their refrigerators and eating fruits and vegetables that they may not necessary have the extra to afford in their budget. We have such an abundance of “good” produce right now that we want to bless anyone who we can share it with rather than give it all to the animals. The animals have so much produce each week, they cannot eat it all. We are about helping the community. When we are blessed in abundance, you can be sure that we will bless those around us with our extras.

Since Nikki Tobin and her mother, Maryann Tobin, had been bashing us here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch since November of last year, I chose to ignore this, as these statements appeared to be quite ignorant coming from someone who had not personally checked out the produce for herself, but yet was criticizing our character, as if we would give out anything spoiled or moldly to the public that would hurt someone.

After this, Brittany Capps decided it was her turn to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” after her and I had a disagreement of her adoption agreement with Thunder.  (will explain more in time).

*NOTE*    Brittany, herself, picked up 4 boxes of produce for her and her family as well on 2 different occasions

She called the Sheriff’s Department out to our place on a Monday afternoon because the HCAC office was closed that day for Martin Luther King Day.

 This was her e-mail to HCAC and then to Mike Deeson with Channel 10 News.  

——– Original Message ——– Subject: FW: pictures of their own from face book From: Teri Blake <TBlake@co.hernando.fl.us> Date: Thu, March 01, 2012 7:34 am To: “‘robert@dominoeffectrescueranch.org'” <robert@dominoeffectrescueranch.org>

From: Adam Capps [mailto:brittman727@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 3:39 PM
To: Teri Blake
Subject: Fw: pictures of their own from face book
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Adam Capps <brittman727@yahoo.com>
To: “mdeeson@wtsp.com” <mdeeson@wtsp.com>
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 1:09 PM
Subject: pictures of their own from face book

“mold produce ” Sheriff went out over the weekend” because we have called on them, They knew he was coming because of our messages back and forth with each other. So they cleaned up their mess. They just got a FRESH truck load in from Publix of fresh produce. Domino Effect told Sheriff it was for all of the animals. Sheriff told me on the phone ” the strawberries looks so sweet and fresh he could of ate them” AGain i told him they don’t give the pets good foods they give it out to their facebook friends and give the molded slop to the animals. That night on their facebook The Posted free Produce for the people and slop for the any ones animals….. How can Plublix give free expired produce out to a rescue ranch that dosn’t have a 501C3? AND is only supposed be for the animals. NOT for the people. A health hazard?”

We were NEVER scolded by either the sheriffs department and/or HCAC for sharing our donation with the public, but sometimes when you give your heart and the time out of your day to go through each and every box of produce prepparing boxes for local families and someone just squashes you efforts in an instance, it tends to feel dirty after that. We did it to share and we gave it for free, only for those to use it as leverage to slap us in the face.

SHAME ON YOU BOTH for being so CRUEL!!!

Oh, by the way, here are those beautiful, red, juicy strawberries that looked “so sweet and fresh he could of ate them” And let me tell you, they were delicious because I ate them all by myself, LOL!!!

Author:  Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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When we opened the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in December 2009, we opened our doors to ALL farm animals.  For the first 1-1/2 years, we brought in sheep, donkeys, miniature horses, horses, goats, llama, rabbits, ducks, chickens, cows, cats, dogs, and squirrels.  It wasn’t until the summer of 2011, that we primarily became a horse ranch.  We had brought in 7 horses prior to that, but in general it was about ALL of the animals combined.  Up until the summer of 2011, we had kept most of the animals that we had brought in from the start, except for a  few donkeys, goats, and sheep that had been adopted out prior. 

We started our first Domino Effect Adoption Day on August 20, 2011, shortly after the engine had blown in our Dodge truck.  As we desperately searched for the funds to get the truck back on the road, we felt it was time to downsize and start finding “forever” homes for the animals who had become family over the first year.  Within a 12-week period we had adopted out well over 100 animals to include chickens, ducks, donkeys, cows, goats, cats, dogs, and horses. 



The Domino Effect Adoption Days were a great success.   We also opened the ranch for open house as well and met a lot of great people.  Each weekend brought great people our way with special memories to share.  As we started adopting out the animals, we started taking pictures of the beautiful homes they went to.  This became a great trend to our success.  As people donated their animals to us to be re-homed, they joined us on Facebook to keep up on the status of their loved ones and watch their progress through photos and updates.  When their animal was adopted out, they too got to share in the photos of their animal’s new home and any future updates of the animals progress.  We are a “rescue” ranch, but we tend to have animal owners turn to us to help us place their loved ones in good homes and we have done just that.  We have never turned away an animals.  We have been absolutely blessed with the beautiful animals who have come through our gates and have had the honor to share a part in their lives until placing them in their new homes.

Back in the early part of November just after Maryann Tobin’s first post against us about the “blindfolded horse” our lovely neighbor, Ted Koran, contacted Maryann Tobin.  Ted Koran has been on a mission to shut our doors since day 1, as we will touch base on this subject much later in my posts, as through all of this he has been the key player.

The letter below from Ted Koran (Critter Place) to Maryann Tobin was the seed that started the controversy against us “sending horses to slaughter.”

Ted Koran states “Suddenly horses are mysteriously appearing several times a week in the morning.  He goes out a lot before nightfall and gets home late evening, early next morning with his horse trailer.  Then, poof, a new horse at sunrise.

“My Rescue Ranch Ministry” buddy could be picking up stolen horses from the thieves.  Do you usually adopt out your horses at night?

“The Lord has blessed them with loving people that just hand over their perfectly healthy horses, which he turns around and sells like hotcakes.  He gets at least 5 a week.  In and out.  Are that many horses being given up perfectly healthy and rideable?”

Suddenly he is back in the horse business and flippin’ the horses in and out.”

Ted Koran meets Maryann Tobin

As a “snowball effect” Maryann Tobin sent this to HCAC and in the letter below:

Maryann Tobin states:  “There are claims that horses come and go in the middle of the night.  There claims that some of the horses are being sent to slaughter houses.”

And in her articles she “suggests” that rescues may be involved in horse slaughter or selling horses at the auction.



And then the seed grew into a weed spreading like wildfire nationwide via Facebook after being introduced by Ohana Rescue

Below is a very “mini portion” of the conversation took place with 150+ comments

Ohana Rescue  I have one simple question please….what are your thoughts on a rescue that rehomes 72 horses in 90 days? What is happening to these horses?

Nikki Tobin he told me they all go out on adoption contracts….does he have these? the information on where the horses are now? recent pics? did he do a home check? i highly doubt he checked 72 homes in 90 days for all the animals he adopted out.they also have several cats that are unfixed and more than liekly breeding with each other i personally saw two pics male and female in the same pen breeding im assuming so he can sell the babies

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Ohana Rescue He does not have his proper licensing in Fla

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Maryann Tobin something IS being done. I bet you all can’t wait to read my next article.

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Ohana Rescue So waiting Maryann…:)

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Maryann Tobin this is also an election year. it would be almost impossible for us to run out of politicians to petition.

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Maryann Tobin there should be some action out there very very soon

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Allan Wilson feed if some ones out , and sleep till late morning or afternoon, 13 horses on less than 2…yes I said TWO acres standing there now , and yes they have the numbers coming thru there

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Allan Wilson sorry , barn schedule is feed sometimes and sleep late

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Ohana Rescue Tree bark gone from the horses trying to find something to eat…palmetto bushes eaten to the nub…goes on and on, they ask for dog food, for what one dog, they are feeding it to the horses.

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Ohana Rescue You know, to all their supporters….where there is smoke, there is fire…

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Allan Wilson ‎@ Maryann , I look forward to the day that horse will again be safe , at least in our town

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Maryann Tobin much has already been accomplished. since Thursday when my first article on the horse that had her chest ripped open published, they have virtually shut down their FB page. People are coming forward and the truth is coming out. its all good for those of us who truly care about the welfare of horses

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Maryann Tobin persistence is the key. If we do not give up the real winners will be the horses

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Ted Koran I asked the exact same question to 2 renouned rescues in Tampa. Instant answer: SLAUGHTER?

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Ted Koran They haven’t shut it down Maryann Tobin, They’ve made it for “Friends” only.

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Maryann Tobin yes but they have un-friended many. also how are they going to beg for money from strangers with that status?

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Maryann Tobin it will certainly slow them down quite a bit with a non-public site

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Allan Wilson ‎@ Christy…Love to see pics of missing horses in our locale

Allan Wilson yes Ms Kathleen , meat :(

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Ted Koran Where are all of these nice horses coming from to begin with. They don’t accept them unless they are ridable and healthy. They have a few needy ones to make them look like they are acually helping a few. They only get fed when someone is about to show up to look at them.

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Ted Koran ‎@ Christy McGowan. One steals and exchange made somewhere else?

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Zelda Ewing Lawson There is NO WAY they could rehome that many horses in that amount of time. That and every horse they seem to get “donated” is as healthy as can be.

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Danielle Carreno They charge a $500 dollar adoption fee but yet never have money to care for them. they should have plenty of money for them if they adopted out that many. $500 got a horse with no coggins out vet check. sad!

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Ohana Rescue I know right, and rideable, they pick and chose and get them off craigs list as FREE horses….that is not a rescue, that is a horse trader.

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Ohana Rescue Every horse that he gets in the middle of the night is going to be shoot if he doesnt come get them…ever notice that….

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Maryann Tobin ‎$500 fee times 72 horses…hum.. that’s $36,000 – in 90 days?

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Ohana Rescue hmmmm, IRS and social security should hear about this…

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Ohana Rescue And they are constantly begging for food, toilet paper and everything….go figure….WE AT OHANA RESCUE DONT EVEN HAVE TV, all our monies go to the horses.

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Maryann Tobin they solicit toilet paper.. really? do they think the horses will eat that? lol

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Ohana Rescue No but they say all their monies go to the horses

Nikki Tobin almost anything would be better than what those horses are in now…

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Takayojii Kuwanado Are there any meat processing plants close by? If so, possibly its a ‘Killing room, Express’ “Rescue” Operation. Hope not!

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Lynda Barhorst SOMEONE is making lots of money at someone elses expense!

Linda Kline That sounds suspect to me, I would want to SEE the homes these 72 horses went to. People are having a hard time giving horses away much less charging an adoption fee etc.

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Rennie Taft There will never be a “standard” of care among horsepeople. YOu get everything from the worst to the best, just like with people in the world. All anyone can do is to keep your eyes open, have a camera ready document it if there is any abuse, and charge them legally…Othere than bitch about it, which does absolutely no good and does not help the animals. IF you see abuse report, it document it. get it out …make them own up.

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Allan Wilson That is what is happening on the ground as we speak Ms Rennie…But out county seems to grade on a curve and we are going to do what is possible to change our local laws

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Nikki Tobin it is in fact domino effect and we are all trying to shut them down so no more horses get hurt or killed

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How does that saying go “If you got haters, you must be doing something right.”

Does Bob pick up and deliver horses and arrive back at the ranch at night?  Yes he does.  He often drives 100 to 600 miles to pick up and deliver horses from all over Florida.  He does not rely on the public to raise money for transport to get the horses to us.  When someone calls in need, Bob normally picks up the horse within 24 hours.  It has been our experience that when people are ready to relinquish their animals, they usually wait until the last minute because it isn’t a choice of wanting to get rid of their animal, but because they have to for whatever circumstance, therefore, it usually becomes an ASAP rescue.  When a potential adopter comes to us interested in adopting one of our horses, Bob delivers ALL horses to their new home.  Bob delivers all horses to insure to have the exact location of where the horse is going and to insure that the property meets the standards for a safe environment for the horse.

Do we have records of all horses going in an out?  In the past, we worked on a verbal agreement with the public, until circumstances arised, which imposed the need for us to have legal contracts for relinquish forms, foster family program applications, and adoption agreement contracts to cover our policy and insure that no one is misunderstood.  Even before we had written contracts, we documented EVERYTHING on Facebook, the date the animal was received and the date the animal was adopted out with pictures of the animals going to their new homes.  EVERY animal has been accounted for.

Below is a map of Florida showing where each of the horses were adopted out to including pictures of their new homes.


Below are the beautiful horses that we have had the privilege of re-homing since we opened in December 2009.  (Click on Katie’s Picture, 6th picture, to share a very “Special Reunion of the Heart”) Click on the other pictures to see their “New Forever Homes” in which they were adopted into.

Domino Effect transport horses without coggins? In the past, we have picked up and delivered horses without coggins, including the horse we rescued from Nikki Tobin had NO up-to-date coggins.  We were under the “assumption” that we could do this because of being a “rescue.”  After speaking with Dr Short, with the Department of Agriculture we now know the guidelines in which we are to follow.  ALL of our horses must have up-to-date coggins because as a rescue we are continually moving horses in and out, so ALL must have coggins.  All of our horses have been up-to-date on coggins, since December 2011.  We transport all horses with their coggins with us.  If there is a circumstance in which an owner cannot provide a coggins and it is necessary to move the animal, we have been given permission to notify the DOA and make the move with their permission and then quarantine the horse until the coggins test can be conducted.

Domino Effect Horses that reside here today


Author:  Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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Below is the type of behavior we are dealing with daily either across the media with Craigslist or e-mail.  Maryann Tobin’s groupies are spreading like cancer throughout the community. 

Either Maryann has lied about her articles or she has not.  It really is that simple.  If I post the facts with documentation proving that Maryann has specifically lied about a subject pertaining to us, does that make me a bad person?   What do you suppose is the appropriate behavior in a case like this?  Am I wrong for defending our character and reputation against false allegations being made against us and using documentation to prove the facts???  In my reports, I stated that Nikki Tobin was posting on Craigslist because after seeing the CL posts, she would have the identical statement posted on her Facebook page.  Nikki Tobin also posted my son’s picture on her wall, etc.  She made a statement at one time that if it got deleted from Craigslist, it could be found on her wall.  Truthfully, I don’t know who is posting the hate messages on Craigslist because NO ONE ever has the courage to sign their name to it and frankly as hateful as the messages are that come across CL, if I were that person or knew of that person, I would be ashamed to show my face.   I never realized how hateful people could be until we opened the rescue.   This person below is the perfect example of the kind of behavior we are dealing with coming from those defending the Tobins’. 

This person below states that we are blinded by hate, liars, hateful, hiding from the truth, mean, spiteful, nasty, mentally unstable, delusional, and psychotic, not to mention we are not acting like Christians.  We are lazy and should get a job.  We should feed our animals.

Seriously, is this the picture that Maryann Tobin is painting to the public???  Where does this type of behavior come from???  Am I not supposed to clear our name when someone is without a doubt lying about us???  Am I not supposed to prove ourselves with the documentation provided to me to do so???  Should someone be allowed to publicly trash an organization without the facts or misrepresentation of the facts???  Should someone be allowed to take advantage of their professional position to tear someone down when there is a personal conflict of interest???  And then turn around and act as though I’m acting out of character.  I think I’m handling this with dignity considering the tales that have been told about us.  There is some truth to Maryann’s postings and when I get to them, I will have no problem posting that as well and especially share where we have made great improvements.  We don’t hide from the truth, we address it.  We bring the truth to the public, whether it is good or bad, we address it.  I sign my name to everything I write.  I don’t make threats.  I mean what I say and I say what I mean.  I apologize if the truth has stepped on a few toes. 

The TRUTH must be ruffling a few feathers, just sayin…


Date: 2012-03-19, 9:11PM EDT
Reply to:

bzf29-2911438103@sale.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

In a desperate attempt to sway support for their faltering animal operation, Domino Effect ranch is running full swing in a vendetta against the citizen journalist who has exposed them.

In the Domino Effect ranch vendetta, Maryann Tobin is now being accused of placing ads against the ranch on Craigslist. But Domino Effect ranch is now guilty of the exact thing they are accusing Tobin of, which is not checking their facts. While someone may have posted a negative add about Domino Effect ranch on Craigslist, it was not done by Tobin.

If not for their vendetta, they would not be so blinded by their own hate.

Tobin is also being accused of making a complaint to Animal Services about Domino Effect riding a horse with EPM. Another lie from Domino filled with hatred and spite.

Tobin never did any such thing. If Domino Effect had their facts straight they would know that there was no mention by Tobin of EPM; only a single copy of photo of a horse was submitted without any medical discussion. Domino Effect was not at that meeting, but I was – so I know they are lying.

The list of false statements goes on in the Domino Effect vendetta against the entire Tobin family… all because they refuse to admit that they are, in my opinion, ashamed to admit the truth. So they are trying to hide the truth with more lies. And they call themselves ‘Christians’?

Domino Effect’s only defense is to lie and make up stories in the hope that someone..anyone will believe them.

I have never known anyone who could lie as much as Domino Effect ranch, and ignorant people actually believe them.

There is nothing Christian about the hatred being spewed from Domino Effect in their desperate vendetta against Tobin and the truth she has exposed. Of course they are ashamed of themselves and are trying to cover up their misdeeds by lying and casting blame without checking their own facts.

These are mean spiteful nasty people who use religion as an excuse to beg for money because they are too lazy to get a job, in my opinion. They have no money to feed the horses they take in or give them vet care, but pretend to be a rescue so people will feel sorry for them.

They don’t care about taking care of horses. If they did, they would feed them and take advice from more experienced horse people. Instead, they act like mentally unstable people who are delusional and psychotic, and have nothing in their hearts but hatred. Just read their blog if you have any doubt that these people are crazy and have turned a handful of news reports into an obsessed vendetta against an entire family – not just the author. It’s really sick and twisted.

That is my opinion which I am entitled to.

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


Author:  Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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I believe MANY have heard this story that we were riding Wild Child, our 2-1/2-year-old Thoroughbred who initially was thought to have EPM.  This has been posted on Ohana Rescue’s page in an album called “Ohana versus Domino Effect,” which has since been removed.  This was posted via Craigslist as well stating that we were indeed riding Wild Child with EPM with their pictures of “so-called proof” which they stole from my page.  Let me see if I can refresh your memory.

Do these pictures look familiar?


Immediately after I posted these pictures on my Facebook site one weekend back in November, Nikki Tobin stole these pictures and plastered them on Craigslist insinuating to the public that we had been riding a horse with EPM.

Maryann Tobin also made “many” complaints to HCAC to include that we have a horse with EPM that is being ridden and being used as a stud for breeding.

HCAC came out to investigate and gave their conclusion regarding the Domino Effect riding a horse with EPM.  Their statement regarding us riding Wild Child with EPM starts on the first document at the bottom dated 12/01/2011 and continues to the top paragraph of the second document.

First of all, let me explain.  Wild Child came to us back in June 2011, from a training facility in Ocala.  His previous owner told us that he had EPM and he could not afford the treatments to care for him.  We had one of Dr. Davenport’s assistants look at him and do the EPM test.  They seemed to feel that Wild Child’s movements did not resemble as much to be EPM, as they did the genetic disease, Wobblers Syndrome, but to be absolutely sure of this we would need to transport him to Ocala to have x-rays done to rule this out.  Wild Child also had an injury earlier before coming to the ranch of him falling, hitting his head, and the fall knocking him out, which could also have caused damage within.  His diagnosis has yet to be documented. 

Meet Wild Child back in June 2011, after he arrived here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch

And this is Wild Child now, 9 months later

Wild Child was NOT the only Thoroughbred we have had on the property this past year or here today.

Meet Chasity

Miss Chasity has a story all of her own.   Chasity is a perfectly, healthy, 9-year-old Appendix mare (Thoroughbred/Quarter horse) with a white star on her forehead.  Chasity was rescued from a gentleman in Homossassa.  This gentleman came to our ranch one Saturday afternoon for one of our open house days.  He told us that he had purchased a horse from Second Chance Stables in Masaryktown for his daughter.  The owner there told this gentleman that this horse was a kid-safe horse.  When he got her home, he saddled her.  When he put a bit in her mouth, she went bolistic.  He said, I’d rather shoot this horse than have her hurt anyone else.  I explained to the gentleman that this horse probably has some abuse issues in the past and it was not the fault of the horse to be ill-mannered.  We told the gentleman that we would come get her and we picked her up the very next day.  When we got her back to the ranch, we inquired to the horse’s history and background from someone who knew of the horse.  We found out that the horse had been sold to this man with instructions NOT to put a bit in her mouth, but to only use a bosal or hackamores.  Chasity is a bay Thoroughbred and she looks identical to Wild Child, except that Chasity has a white star on her forehead.  In the pictures in question of Chasity, my husband was evaluating her in front of a group of volunteers who were out on a Saturday.  He put the hackamores on her and actually had them clipped at the back part of her halter, to put less tension on her.  When Bob got on her, she went about 10 steps backwards and then sat down.  After this, Bob got back on her and she rode perfectly the rest of the day.  Three people rode her that day and she was GREAT. 

In this picture, once again, you can see that Chasity indeed has a white star on her forehead and Wild Child does NOT have any white star on his forehead.

And in both pictures you can see that Chasity is very calm.  Chasity has no appearance of injuries.  She is not being mistreated in any way.  In both pictures she is walking perfectly with hackamores.

Chasity today is as beautiful today as ever.  She is looking for her “forever” home with someone who has a gentle hand and who is willing to work with her issues and train her right.

This is an overview of the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch taken St. Patrick Day weekend



My Facebook used to be “open to the public” until these individuals kept stealing our pictures and writing ill comments on the pictures.  After deleting Maryann, Nikki, Ohana, Ted Koran, Brittany, etc., they have all managed to get back on my Facebook under a ficticious name other than their own, so that they can continue to gather information against us.  We don’t have ANYTHING to hide, so this does not bother me, but at least when they are on my page under a ficticious name they are quiet, so they don’t blow their cover and give themselves away.  I’m not out to hurt these individuals, but through all of this I have learned never to turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to what is going on around me.  The truth must be spoken and the quicker this is done, the better.

Author:  Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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Maryann Tobin wrote this statement and posted on Craigslist for ALL to see.  She claims she has the right to harass another individual and/or organization because of the power of the First Amendment, Freedom of the Press.  She has lied consistently throughout all of her articles in the Examiner and e-mails to HCAC.  Her sources are not reliable, as each one of them has an ill motive for their story.  She NEVER checks both sides of the story and then she claims AFTER she publishes the story that we refuse to give a statement. 

Domino Effect ranch has refused requests to be interviewed and answer  quesions regarding allegations about their ranch.

They have been contacted for their statement regarding this article. Thus far  they have provided no comment.

Maryann Tobin can be contacted at tobin522@gmail.com.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Domino Effect ranch: An email horror story of horse abuse – Tampa Bay animal welfare | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/animal-welfare-in-tampa-bay/domino-effect-ranch-an-email-horror-story-of-horse-abuse#ixzz1pZeRiFEY

I did indeed, prior to this article, refuse to be a part of any interview to answer questions from this point on, due to Maryann Tobin’s lack of professionalism and the false allegations that she has made against us thus far.  I stated “Maryann Tobin has had the audacity to consider herself trustworthy to expect a response from us to her e-mail below.  I now publicly express “NO”!!!  I, Dinelle Ashcraft, will truthfully post our side with references to the facts and evidence of our claims.”


I did, however, call the Examiner when she first started with her articles about the blindfolded horse.  The manager stated that of course I would be upset because the articles don’t paint a pretty picture of us, but we would have to provide proof of her writing false reports and she would then have to revise them, but NOT be asked to remove them.  Bob took many pictures of the incident when Maggie was injured, but pictures do NOT prove what happened, they merely would give Maryann Tobin more obscene material to run with to exploit the gruesome accident which happened.  I explained our relationship between us and the Tobin’s with the manager at the Examiner and told him that her sudden attacks against us was personal and she was using this incident against us to paint an ugly picture.  After he explained that my efforts to prove she was wrong still would not remove the reports and after Maryann Tobin had already exploited this via Internet, I chose to write a story regarding what really happened that day.  (I will address this later, as each person tells a different story including Maryann Tobin).  If there are 2 people at the scene, but there is 5 different stories as to what happened, there should be some eyebrows raised, especially when Maryann Tobin has a different story to both the Examiner and HCAC, hmmm….

Of course, Maryann Tobin had everyone on a rampage believing her horror story that Bob had created this horrific act to injure this horse and my words became invisible.  

This was not satisfying enough for Maryann Tobin, so she then began attacking us with the care of our horses, underfeeding, abuse, neglect, our past record, mocking our religious beliefs, illegal transporting, sending horses to slaughter, stealing horses, repoing horses, ETC.  We have been accused of riding a horse with EPM, not treating injuries, riding a 9-month filly, our dog chasing the horses, etc.  The statements that Maryann Tobin has made in her articles and that Nikki Tobin has posted via Craigslist are totally out of line and uncalled for.  Nikki Tobin even posted a picture of my son’s arrest picture, who is a minor, on her Facebook page and stated that my husband was choking him and I allowed it.  They have painted a picture to “many” that we are monsters and the Domino Effect is a “rescue ranch from HELL.” TOTAL LIES!!!

This is the “Domino Effect Rescue Ranch” and it is not a “rescue ranch from hell” like the picture she paints.

 I hoped that this would blow over and we could move on.  I was told by many to just be still, ignore her, not to stoop to her level, and it would go away.  So I did that.  I did that from November 2011 until late February 2012, when she accused us of stealing horses.  NO MORE!!!  There comes a breaking point with everyone and I have reached mine.  NO ONE is going to treat us like we are a doormat and wipe their feet all over us.  How DARE you, Maryann Tobin, state the lies you have against us.  I will continue this until you take the lies down.  You may have freedom of speech, but you are using your position with the Examiner to ruin someone else’s reputation with your lies and I intend to prove each lie you have told with documentation to back it up!!! 

I have called the Examiner several times in the past 3 weeks, none of which the manager was available to speak to and he NEVER returned my calls.  Therefore, I have started the Domino Effect Examiner and I will see it through to the end.  This is NOT to hurt any individual personally, but to clear our name with TRUTH.  I have asked her to clean up her mess, but she refuses.  Therefore, I will clean it up for her with the TRUTH!!!

Below, she challenges the Domino Effect with the First Ammendment and Freedom of the press.

For those who are disturbed by the reports on Domino Effect ranch, I submit thatthey do not understand the power of the First Amendment, and the rights provided in it for in Freedom of the Press. That is why they will NEVER have a case for harassment or anything else. (Just look at the things being said in the 2012 election season – and there is your answer!)

I believe in the strength of the US Constitution, Freedom of the Press, and my right to employ that power to serve the public by reporting the news to the best of my knowledge and ability, based on the facts, evidence in my possession, and personal interviews with involved parties.

Examiner has offered to consider addressing complaints the minute Domino Effect supplies them with PROOF that they contain false statements.

Domino Effect has given Examiner NOTHING. Need I say more?

That is all the proof anyone should need to discover who is lying and who is reporting on an important story for animal rights advocates all over the globe. Everything I have published has been well researched and documented.

Examiner is owned by Philip Anschutz, one of the richest men in the world. He owns several newspapers, Regal Cinemas, and other venues in the publishing and entertainment industries.

Anschutz has a team of high powered attorney’s on staff and at his disposal. The Examiner legal team has reviewed my Domino Effect reports and has found them to be well written and fully documented.

Absent evidence that legitimately proves inaccuracies in my reports, Examiner has no reason whatsoever to remove or print retractions of these reports. Mr. Anschutz also knows what it means to exercise the First Amendment through Freedom of the Press.

On the legal playing field with Anschutz and Examiner – Domino Effect is out of their league.

Those who love animals will defend them – not with threats, but with kindness and compassion. What someone does is far more important than what they say – or, if you will, “actions speak louder than words.”

My words are intended to protect the public from unethical or illegal behavior, and generate action that will promote and protect the welfare and safety of the animals at Domino Effect – nothing more.

It there were nothing to report on, there would be no reports. But there have been enough questions raised about alleged wrongdoing, to warrant investigative reporting by television, newspapers, and by Maryann Tobin at Examiner.com.

The First Amendment protects more than Freedom of the Press, it allows media outlets to challenge the questionable, and bring pressure to bear for justice. That is what America, The US Constitution, and Freedom of the Press is all about.

I am proud to be a part of the citizen journalism world, and equally proud to defend and protect my words, as well as my right to share them with the global community through news sites and social media.

My investigative reports on Domino Effect are not the first to draw the attention of additional media outlets or the scrutiny of objections. During the Gulf Oil Spill, I wrote more than 500 articles that got more than 4 million hits world wide. Some of them were so provocative, they got the attention of certain US government agencies – so I am no stranger to tests of the power of the press, and the protections afforded by the First Amendment.

If Domino Effect wished to join the ranks of those who have tested the First Amendment and the power of the press, as a citizen of this democracy, I would welcome such a test.

I stand by my words, and am proud to have a roll in the democratic process, the First Amendment, and freedom of the press.

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After 2 months of Maryann Tobin building the suspense in her readers, she, herself, anxiously awaited the final report from HCAC.  She sent numerous e-mails day after day, sometimes 2 to 3 e-mails in 1-day’s time.

As her frustration grew, she began reaching for the stars.    She then had the audacity to question HCAC for showing us favoritism after claiming that one of our Facebook friends was married to one of HCAC”s officers.

Maryann Tobin states,  “As this represents a serious conflict of interest between HCAC and Domino Effect.”

Maryann, you are a silly, silly girl.  Laurence Francisci is one of our Facebook friends from Seminole, Florida and her husband is NOT an HCAC officer.  She is, however, the previous owner of Bambi, the Welsh pony that we had for about 5 months last year giving the children rides.  Bambi was not a rescue.  Bambi was donated to us by Laurence because her daughter outgrew Bambi and she wanted us to find a good home for Bambi and we did just that.  Laurence was, however, abused frequently by hate mail from Ohana Rescue stating  that her Bambi was skin and bones and that we were starving him. 

Ohana Rescue

Ohana Rescue

  • There are more and more pictures of how the horses are living..just wanted to let you know because when the state closes them down, your horse will be lost.

Laurence Francisci

  • This is their last message to me!! ..all the articles are written by a certain tobin! Isn’t this one of the owners of ohanna??

Ohana Rescue

  • Laurence, now the other rescues DID NOT refuse the horses…they called us first and because we had been here two days, WE gave them DOminos name and number to call…just because they say it is so, doesnt make it…everyone is capable of lieing…just watch the news, it will happen and then you can thank your lucky stars that bambi got out and isnt buried in the yard with the rest of them that didnt make it

Meet Bambi.  This picture was taken just 3 weeks before he was delivered to his new home

And this was Bambi when he was adopted out

Surely, as much time as you spend researching the Domino Effect, you could have at least taken a second of your time to run her name through the search bar on Facebook and at least find out where she was located or who she was married to??? 

As a professional journalist, I would think that investigating would be at the top of your field, that is, if you care enough about your work to present your readers with reliable, accurate, reading material.  Maybe, since you and your daughter have had a falling out with the Domino Effect prior to your articles being posted, doesn’t this also represent a serious conflict of interest between YOU and Domino Effect, just sayin.

Author:  Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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