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First off, I want to thank God for the window of opportunity that He granted us with and the ABSOLUTELY BLESSED DAY!!!

I want to thank the owners of High Octane for holding the benefit in our honor to recognize the horses in need here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  I also want to thank the Blackwater Jack for their excellent performance and for blessing us on this special day.  Thank you Roneka for the time you spent with organizing, advertising, putting the flyers together, and for making us feel welcome.

I want to thank Kim Dame for the ABSOLUTELY, AWESOME ARTICLE she wrote in the Hernando Today on behalf of the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  Once again, Kim presented a complete coverage from the vision that started the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch to introducing our future with Solid Rock Christian Ministries.  Kim gave us a plug in the article for the upcoming event at the High Octane for the following day.  Thank you Kim for taking the time to present the ranch in a positive light and for giving your support to us throughout the year.


I want to thank Kimberly Young for her hard work and dedication to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch to make this event such a success.  She and her sister Dawn found over 20 sponsors in the community to donate gift certificates for the raffle for family nights of bowling, the movies, restaurant certificates, and much more.  Kimberly and Dawn volunteered their time and put great effort in organizing the 50/50 and raffle table.  Thank you both!!!  Kimberly has been such a great asset to the Domino Effect through her dedication to the horses and the time she takes to come work with them by helping to evaluate and take them out to exercise. 

I want to thank Francine Riale, her daughter Serenity, and Ashley Peterson for their GREAT participation in helping Kimberly sell raffle and 50/50 tickets.  They too joined Kimberly on stage to pick the winning tickets.  We are so happy to have Ashley back to volunteer, as we have missed her over the past few months.  And I believe Miss Serenity is working her way up from the Domino Effect Poster Child to the Domino Effect Raffle Gyrl.  Both Serenity and Ashley have been volunteering with us for 2 years.

I want to thank Lisa Price for printing out 500 flyers and all of the 8 X 11 pictures for the displays.  She jumped on board, as a last minute request on Sunday, to help sign in the children for the horse rides.  Thank you so much Lisa for the great help you have extended to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in fostering 4 horses and much, much more that she provides to help in their care.

I want to thank Pastor Glenn & Rita for helping us organize our day, providing transportation, hay for the horses, drinks for the kids, ink for the printers, and sending in volunteers from Solid Rock to participate in the day. 

I want to thank John Killet for joining us at 8:00 in the morning to help Bob load the trucks and help him get set up at High Octane.  John is one of our board members and has been a good friend for 7 years.  We appreciate his dedication and his participation in every event we have held since we have opened the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch back in December 2009.

I want to thank Crystal and Dave who joined us to volunteer for the entire day from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night to load, set up, give the kids rides all day long, and then help us pack up.  Crystal and Dave are from Solid Rock and will be coming along side of Bob and I to be a part of our ministry with the ranch.  We are very excited to be blessed with this couple and are excited about the future we will have with them working hand and hand for God’s glory.  Both Crystal and Dave have previous experience in working with horses and are excited to have the opportunity to work with us.

I want to thank Robyn and Daniel from Solid Rock for joining us for the day to help out in setting up, helping with the horses, and loading up at the end of the day.  Robyn and Daniel made about 200 sandwiches to hand out that day to the families that came to see the horses.  Robyn rode My Josie for the first time riding since her childhood.  She absolutely loved My Josie and we hope to take her out soon trail riding. 

I also want to add lastly, but absolutely NOT least, thank you Sharyl Ranchhand for your assistance in teaching us how to harness and drive Miss Goldie. She was absolutely stunning, as the pictures tell it how. Thank you so much for blessing us with your intruction and the use of your harness, so that we could share it with families in the community. She was amazing!!!

Pastor Bob and Maggie came out to join the fun and went for rides with Miss Goldie pulling the cart.  Leslie and Trevor came out with Moses to support us, along with Lisa Price and her family (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY).  I finally met Karen Palmer after 2+ years of her supporting us on FB.  I also met Gloria Parker and Janet Holm.  We made many new friends and filled the house with supporters.  It was a GREAT fundraiser for the DERR and a very, fun-filled day with many great memories.  We look forward to many more events here in the near future.




Dinelle Ashcraft


Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104      

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Domino Effect Rescue Ranch

“People Helping Animals Helping People”

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The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch received a notice of an online complaint that was submitted to the Florida Department of Agrigulture and Consumer Services complaining against our practices.

Below is the Consumer Complaint Form, complaint number 133985

First of all, the very first sentence states ” Myself and friend were attempting to buy 2 horses from Domino Effect Rescue.”

The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch has their own adoption service, RDA Equine Services Inc., which is a profit incorporation, that handles ALL adoptions for the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  The animals are relinquished to this service and it is the sole responsibility of RDA Equine Services Inc. to find approved, adoptive families who are willing to adopt the rescued animal out under a 2-year adoption contract and abide by the terms of the 2-year adoption contract.  At the end of a 2-year adoption period, if the adoptive family has lived up to the terms of the contract, then the adopted equine will be a permanent resident with their new family.

The above statement referring that we sell horses is false.  The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch Inc., nonprofit organization, is NOT responsible for any adoptions that take place through RDA Equine Service Inc., as ALL equine are relinquished to RDA Equine Services Inc. when they are ready for adoption.

As you can see by the Adoption agreement below, Spirit was adopted out under a signed 2-year adoption agreement under the care of Relocation, Delivery, & Allocation (RDA) Equine Services Inc.

Francine Puleo’s next statement:  The seller of the horses Robert Ashcraft, stated that he did not allow anyone to remove and/or ship any of the horses from his facility.  He told me that the only way his horses got delivered was by HIM ONLY.

This statement is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  We deliver ALL horses to their new locations, no matter how far the distance, to insure the horses are going to a safe and healthy environment.

Francine Puleo’s next statement:  He also mentioned that the only way he would make a sale was for us to wire the money in advance.

This statement is also true.  In Francine Puleo’s case, she made numerous phone calls to Robert over a 2-day period from her home in Punta Gorda, Florida, shopping for an equine without ever personally meeting the horse first.  We invited Francine to come here to visit to meet the horse she wished to adopt, rather than adopt a horse based on “eye candy” with no personal attachment to the horse.  She insisted from her horse experience that she knew what she was looking for.  Her friend wanted to adopt Spirit and she wanted to adopt Wild Child.  We told Francine that if she did not wish to come meet the horse that she wished to adopt and sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee in person, then she would indeed have to wire the money in advance before Bob loaded 2 horses on the trailer and set out to make a 320 mile roundtrip.   We do NOT accept COD cash on delivery, as we are not selling merchandise, we are adopting out animals that are in need of forever homes, which is why all responsible, potential adopters should meet the animal they wish to adopt in person to be sure this animal is what they are looking for and that they wish to give this animal a forever home.  We do not set out to deliver animals across the state of Florida for someone to window shop when we arrive.

During the 2-day process of Francine Puleo speaking to Robert Ashcraft on numerous occassions about the horses, adoption fees, etc., Robert gave Francine a very descriptive view of both Spirit and Wild Child’s appearance, behavior, and past medical issues.  She wanted to adopt Wild Child.  She was told that Wild Child was a 3-year-old Thoroughbred stallion who had to be gelded before he left the property.  Any stallion that is adopted from RDA Equine Services, their adoption fee includes an added gelding fee, which is performed before the equine is allowed to leave the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  All stallions are gelded and recovered from the procedure here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch shortly after they are adopted and then delivered to their new home. 

Francine Puleo did NOT want to have Wild Child gelded here at the ranch because she wanted both Spirit and Wild Child to be delivered in the same trip instead of waiting for his gelding and recovery time.  She reassured us that the owner of the barn, Thomas Welchman, who adopted Spirit, him and his wife were licensed in equine veterinarian and equine dentistry.  She told us that she would immediately have Wild Child gelded after his arrival and we agreed, only to add this stipulation into her contract at the time of his adoption as a procedure that must be done.

Francine states:  During the delivery process Robert stated that he had the 2 horses loaded and on there way at 9 a.m. on 9-5-2012.

This statement is absolutely correct.  He borrowed a friend’s truck to make the trip because his truck had not been running good.  He had the 2 horses loaded and left to make his trip.  Shortly thereafter, the friend’s truck that he had borrowed broke down on the side of the road, leaving him stranded with the horses in the horse trailer on the side of the road.  Robert was stranded on the side of the road for quite some time waiting for AAA towing to arrive and his friend to arrive with a truck to hook to the trailer.  They then followed the AAA towing back to her home where Robert had to start his journey all over, this time with his own truck.  Francine and Robert spoke a number of times on the phone through this process, each time Robert was updating Francine on his whereabouts and the circumstance that he was in at the moment.

Francine states:  I mentioned to Robert that, after giving it great thought, I was going to have to refuse Wild Child, due to him being a stallion and us not having the facility to care for a stallion, with our other horses.

She did indeed make this decision, but it wasn’t until Robert was within 1-1/2 hours away from her home that she made this decision.  Wild Child and Spirit were already in route and on their way.

Francine states:  Robert stated he understood and he would take Wild Child back home, along with Smokey, a horse we traded Spirit for, along with additional cash.

Robert did agree to take Wild Child back home, along with Smokey.  The agreement was, since they were adopting 2 horses, we would give them a $200 allowance towards Smokey.  However, before Robert made it to deliver the horses, they backed out of the original agreement and refused to take Wild Child after he was already on the trailer for that many hours and just about delivered to his new destination.

Francine states:  I made sure Tommy told Robert again that we were refusing Wild Child.  He seemed to have no issue with it, but I have been trying to get my money back ever since and they refuse to wire me my $500 back.  Also Dinelle, Robert’s wife, keeps emailing me telling me that I will not get my money back until they sell Wild Child or Smokey…..I did not sign a contract with them statying any such thing.  I was adopting a horse, paid for a horse $500 cash up front.  Now due to false representation, I refused the horse and I am requesting to get my money back.

First of all, as I stated earlier, there was NO FALSE REPRESENTATION.  Francine Puleo was told that Wild Child was a stallion.  My Facebook ads stated he was a stallion and we told her that he was a stallion. 

She did not want to send the $300 to us for Wild Child’s gelding fee and was in a hurry and did not want to wait the 2-week recovery time for Wild Child to recover from the gelding, so she assured us that Thomas would take care of the gelding procedure immediately after his arrival because him and his wife were licensed veterinarian and equine dentist.  This was all discussed between Francine Puleo and Robert Ashcraft, with myself as a witness hearing the conversation on speakerphone.

Within 3 days after Bob arrived back home with Wild Child, Steve Puleo started sending me e-mails demanding his money NOW and insisted that we send their refund back through a wire transfer.  After numerous e-mails of them demanding their money back NOW dating from September 6, 2012 and it accelerated from there, 1-3 e-mails per day that got more aggressive from the first one sent.

Below are the first 4  e-mails sent out of about a dozen.  It was over the weekend, so I didn’t see them until the beginning of the week.

When I realized there were so many e-mails from them, I sent them an e-mail back.

Francine Puleo returned an e-mail:

I responded back to this e-mail:

They continued to send harrassing e-mails:

And each and every time I returned to them the following statement.

They responded:

I sent them my response again:

The following week we had another potential adopter for Wild Child and we called Francine Puleo up and told her that we would indeed be sending her a money order certified mail to her address to refund her adoption fee for Wild Child and we did just that.

Below is the copy of the receipt for the certified mail that we sent to Francine Puleo dated 9-17-2012

After we sent Francine Puleo a money order by certified mail, I happened to find through Google a Scam Book report that her husband, Steve Puleo, had reported against us just days after we returned home with Wild Child.


This is how we responded:

We first called Francine Puleo and notified her of our discovery of the Scambook Report.  She said that this was her husband’s doings and appologized for him, stating that it was none of his concern due to the fact that the agreement was made between Francine and Robert.  We then sent her the link to the Scambook report as she requested, so that she could have it removed.

Francine’s Response:

And we responded back on the Scambook Report as well:

I then responded to this matter:

Her e-mail back to us dated 9/22/2012:

I responded back to this e-mail:

Her final and last e-mail to us is as follows:

Francine also stated in the last paragraph of her complaint:  Robert stated that Spirit was gelded a year ago and without injury.  Spirit had barb wire cuts all over his body.  He had a one inch gash under his chin 1/2 inch deep, with skin hanging.  He had barb wire cut on both front legs around his pastern area.  He had a huge gash on his left shoulder that was bleeding, and bit marks all over his body.  These were all fresh cuts and still bleeding.

We told Francine that after Spirit had arrived a few weeks prior on August 25, 2012, we put him in the back pasture with Tank who is a TB gelding and he was diagonal to Wild Child.  He could not reach Wild Child, but he attempted to get to him, touching the barb wire and cut his side.  He also started fighting with Tank and we immediately moved Tank to another area.  Spirit had one gash on his side only.  There were not multiple, fresh, bleeding wounds on his body or hanging skin from torn flesh.  After Spirit was delivered Robert took pictures of him in Thomas’ barn and you can see in the pictures that her statement of his injuries are just not so, only the one gash on his side is seen.

Spirit was NOT gelded 1 year ago or 5 wweeks ago, as Francine Puleo stated, but he was gelded here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch on March 27, 2012.

We returned $250 towards the adoption fee for Wild Child.  The remaining balance of $250 in which Francine Puleo feels we owe her is due to $200 they wanted back as a discount when they relinquished Smokey in our care after adopting 2 horses.  They did relinquish Smokey in our care, but they did not keep their agreement on adopting the 2 horses, instead they adopted Spirit and forced Wild Child to ride on the trailer to Punta Gorda and back, 320 mile roundtrip.

First of all, we do NOT PAY fees for horses, but only chose to give them a discount because they were adopting 2 horses, but then they did not.  After viewing online that this couple had posted a Scam Book report within a week after this took place after we had sent them $250 back, we then told them that if they removed their online lies about us, we would then return to them the remaining amount of money.  They have not removed their false reports against us and they have compounded it by making more false reports by stating that we didn’t give them a horse and that we didn’t give them their money back, after sending them a money order certified mail for $250. 

Robert Ashcraft never spoke to Tommy about adopting any horses.  The horses and all arrangements made concerning them and their adoption was done solely between Robert Ashcraft with RDA Equine Services Inc. and Francine Puleo.  Robert spoke with Tommy once before leaving for delivery, once to let him know that he was arriving soon, and met him at the barn where he filled out Spirit’s adoption contract with Robert.

We feel that they have broken the agreement with us regarding the adoption of Wild Child, harrassed us through e-mail, slandered our name online with false allegations, and even with this report to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regarding a matter that is concerning RDA Equine Services Inc. and not a matter concerning Domino Effect Rescue Ranch whatsoever.  RDA Equine Services Inc. has agreed to return the $250 only if and when they remove the false allegations off the internet against the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch, as we do not feel we owe them at this time, since they have broken the agreement with RDA Equine Services Inc.

If you have any questions regarding this online complaint from Francine Puleo towards the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch, please feel free to contact me regarding this.

Thank you very much for your time in this matter,

Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

After we sent the above response to the Department of Agrigulture and Consumer Services, Steve Puleo posted this Ripoff Report against the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch on 10/08/2012, 21 days after we sent him a money order for $250.00 via certified mail as a refund towards Wild Child.


We responded to this November 1, 2012:

And then Steve Puleo added his last response dated November 1, 2012:


The above report was sent to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services due to the complaint made by Francine Puleo.  This morning we received an e-mail response from Margaret Holmes, Regulatory Specialist, for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, regarding her investigation of Francine Puleo’s complaint against the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.


Steve Puleo made remarks about us NOT being a legal rescue with the BBB.  Below are ALL of our legal documents showing that we have been and our still actively a legal nonprofit organization as well as RDA, which is a legal profit corporation.

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch Inc. nonprofit license

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch’s License for Charitable Contributions with the Department of Agriculture of Consumer Services:

License for RDA (Relocation, Allocation, and Delivery) Equine Services Inc.

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