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This is just a handful of pictures out of over 1200 that Keith Luke took of the Ride for Hospice 2012.  When viewing the pictures, I almost felt like we had a personal escort, as he took a lot of pictures of Bob, Dawn, and I with the horses.  My Josie became a superstar that day, as she posed for some really great pictures next to the waterhole.   Our girls know when there is a camera around, as you will see in most mine and this gentleman’s pictures, they are always looking at the camera.  “That’s mama’s girls, she taught them right” 

In most of the horse back riding pictures you can spot Bob with his tan shirt and cowboy hat on Velvet, me with white T-shirt and long hair on My Josie, and Dawn with a red hat on Faith.  There are also some assorted pictures mixed in of Kristina Rainer & Christine LaMere and Peggy Sue Weiten at the Giddy Up Saddle Shop stand. 

I tip my hat to the photographer, Keith Luke, from SoundLight Smug Mug for such an outstanding coverage and great photographic moments. 

To see more pictures, please follow the link below


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Yesterday is a day to be remembered.  I can’t remember such a time that I shared so many emotions unveiling themselves, unable to be contained.

First, I want to thank Amber Ray from the bottom of my heart for her support and her desire to reach out and help the animals in need here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.

Amber spent the last 2 months planning and networking a benefit trail ride for the Domino Effect in Umatilla, Florida.  Amber drew in supporters through a local feed store and other places of business that donated items towards the raffle for the benefit.  Amber also made all different kinds of horse cookies for the horses for the day of the trail ride and also set up a table on the side of SR 42 to gain support.  This day was a day like none other, but an eye-opener to how quickly the course of life can change due to a series of events that regretfully, I must say, set the wheels in motion causing a Domino Effect.

We started the day at 7:00 a.m. getting the horses fed and ready for our trip.  As we were getting ready, Dave and Crystal, family from Solid Rock Christian Ministries, arrived at the ranch to babysit the animals for the day.  They brought with them a truckload of bread for the pigs and spent the day teaching the attack rooster some manners, while Silver taught Dave the ropes.

Bob loaded Velvet on the trailer and then moved on to City Boy.  City Boy did not want anything to do with loading on the trailer yesterday morning.  For some unforeseen reason, it was not his turn to go yesterday.  Bob and Dave loaded Velvet, My Josie, Smokey, and then Louie in City Boy’s place.

By this time, it was 11:00 a.m. and the trail ride was to start at 10:00 a.m.  I had called early on to let them know we were running late, but called shortly after we left to no avail.

We traveled 80 miles to Umatilla, Florida, arriving right at 1:00 in the afternoon.  We quickly unloaded horses, brushed, and got them saddled.  I apologized to Amber for running so far behind that morning, as we had unexpected episodes that took place with City Boy’s unruly behavior.

We brought 2 extra horses that morning to accommodate 2 of Amber’s family members who wanted to join us for the ride.  I explained to the girls the quarks that the 2 horses had, so that I could better place each girl on the right horse for their comfort.  Mackenzie chose Smokey, leaving Louie for Natalie.  The saddle did not sit right for Louie and made Natalie feel very uncomfortable, so Natalie chose to sit out for the ride and Amber’s step dad stepped in her place to take Louie out on the trails.

Amber rode Tyee, her boyfriend, James, on Chester, DJ on Misty, Amber’s little brother, Brandon, on April, Amber’s step dad on Louie, Mackenzie on Spirit, Bob on Velvet, and me on My Josie. 

DJ on Misty, Dinelle (me) on My Josie, Mackenzie on Smokey.

Amber’s mother to the left, Shiryl, Brandon on April, Amber on Tyee, and James on Chester.

Me & My Josie.

DJ and Misty

Amber with Tyee and James on Chester.

Amber’s little brother, Brandon, and his horse April.

We had an absolutely great time riding the horses through the trails along the Ocklawaha River.  I felt like a Queen on My Josie, as Josie was running in great strides with the other horses in the green pastures.  It was absolutely beautiful, as the atmosphere was breathtaking. 

Amber was riding Tyee and her step dad was riding Louie.  Louie was a little nervous at the beginning, until he warmed up to his surroundings.  They kind of trailed behind the rest of us, as the rest of the horses frolicked and played in front.  Amber’s brother, Brandon, just 10-years old, kept up with the rest of us with the older mare April.  I was thoroughly impressed how well he handled her, as if he had miles of riding experience under his belt.  Mackenzie also rode like the breeze with Smokey.

We looked down to water on both sides of the trail.  At one point, the guys came to a halt, just in time to see an alligator before it disappeared underneath the blanketed waters.  A few yards down, we turned to the straightway towards the trails end.  Right at the edge of the path sat a water moccasin curled up waiting to strike.  We quickly got out of harm’s way to then hear crackling off in the distance.  As we looked across the water and into the woods, there stood a black bear parting the bamboo as he was making his trail.  Velvet says “Bear, BEAR, I saw a BEAR…..Time to go!!!  She and the other horses high-tailed it down the trail and through the woods.  It was a beautiful sight to see 8 horses running through the woods to the great big open pastures.  We rounded the trails back to the starting point.  I think the horses were just getting started, as they continued to run and play enjoying each other and the beautiful day. 

We removed their tack and loaded our horses back in the trailer to head home.  We joined Amber across the way, where they had their benefit table set up and their horses parked off to the side.  Amber walked with me over to the little country store and café to grab Bob and I something cold to drink for the ride.  There we met up with Natalie and more of Amber’s friends and family who were waiting for her arrival.

We were so very blessed to meet Amber and her family.  After spending some time with them after the ride, it was time to say our good-byes, as dusk was coming quickly and they still had 4 horses to ride back to their home a few miles away.

Amber teased her little brother about someone else jumping at the opportunity to ride his horse, April, so he raced to jump in the saddle.  DJ rode Misty and Amber’s boyfriend, James, rode Chester.  Natalie chose to ride Tyee, leaving Amber to ride with her mom home in the car.  Amber’s mom Sheryl walked with the horses across the busy, 2-lane highway to be sure they got across safely.  We waved goodbye and turned to watch them leave with the horses until they were completely out of sight. 

We went on about our way arriving safely back at the ranch.  It wasn’t until after I got on Facebook that a FB friend sent me a message apologizing for not being able to join us that day because of her own horsey escapades that slowed her morning down as well. 

She did take her girls out there riding that day anyway and may have been out there at the same time as us.  She asked me if anyone had left on horseback that day and I told her about Brandon, Natalie, DJ, and James leaving together on horseback.

She told me there had been an incident that a young lady had been hit by a truck while on horseback, leaving the horse dead and the young lady being rushed to the hospital.  Later she sent me a link confirming this accident. 


As I found out some details beforehand through networking, we knew indeed this was Amber’s niece who was riding horseback on Tyee. 

I spoke to Sheryl, Amber’s mom, today to find out what happened and to see how Natalie was doing.  Sheryl told me the story of the events that had taken place and to the best of my memory, here it goes:

She told me that all 4 left on horseback to bring the horses back to their home, just as we had left them.  The horses had gotten some distance ahead of Amber’s little brother, Brandon, and his horse April, as April is an older gal and she was tired from the ride.  DJ and his horse, Misty, went back to catch up with Brandon and his horse April while James and Natalie stayed behind to wait.  The 2 horses, Chester and Tyee, that James and Natalie were on, were getting impatient and were ready to cross over the road.  James and Chester went on to the other side and Tyee stopped in the middle of the road, as if he did not want to cross and wanted to wait for Misty.  They saw a truck coming off in the distance about a mile off.  Natalie could not get Tyee to move.  James went to Natalie’s rescue.  He realized the truck was approaching so fast, never slowing an inch.  It happened so fast, suddenly were out of time, when the truck struck Tyee sending both Tyee and Natalie airborne, Natalie taking a nosedive into the dirt across the road and sending Tyee into the traffic oncoming traffic.  After 2 blows, Tyee died almost immediately after impact.  Natalie was rushed to the Orlando Regional where she received immediate care. 

The distance was measured today, guessing that the truck was seen 1-mile off in the distance before striking Natalie and Tyee.  It seems the driver should have had plenty of time to stop, but claims to have never seen the horse in the middle of the highway.  It is thought that there may have been a substance that impaired his judgement, but this is to be investigated.

I was speechless to hear the news with no other response, but to send out a prayer chain.  Facebook lit up, as they joined us last night in prayer for Natalie.

I spoke with Amber’s mom, Sheryl, this afternoon to find out how Natalie is doing this evening.  She underwent surgery for her collarbone to receive plates and screws to repair the damage, this being her most serious injury.  She endured bumps and bruises, broke her nose, cut her lip, and suffered a concussion.  They thought the concussion to be serious and as the night progressed the swelling dissipated.  They did x-rays and lots of testing.  She will be seeing a neurosurgeon in the morning to check on some possible bone fragments to be sure it is of no danger to her. 

Her grandmother said that family members joined her at her bedside to give their support last night.  She said that Natalie was making jokes and cutting up with the doctors and nurses.  She seemed to be in good spirits and progressing in a positive direction through this tragic incident. 

When she asked about Tyee, she was told that Tyee did not make it, and she became very upset.  The nurse assured Natalie that had it not been for Tyee taking the brunt of the impact, Natalie may not have made it out alive.  Tyee was a sacrifice that saved Natalie’s life.  Surely if the driver did not see a horse in the middle of the road, he certainly wouldn’t have seen Natalie standing alone. 

*NOTE* The picture below is Amber (the owner of the horse) and Tyee right before we went out on the trails.  It wasn’t until they went home that Natalie rode Tyee.

*NOTE* The picture above is Amber (the owner of the horse) and Tyee right before we went out on the trails.  It wasn’t until they went home that Natalie rode Tyee.

As I scanned the article of Natalie’s accident, I saw a negative spirit that my heart could not comprehend.  Comment after comment about whose fault it was, everyone playing the blame game.

This brings me back to a familiar metaphor.  In the movie “Patch Adams” there is a gentleman who admitted himself to the mental hospital after he had learned more than his mind could conceive.  He said “How many fingers do you see”  Patch Adams replied “I see 4 fingers”  The scientist exclaimed, “no, don’t you see, you must look beyond the fingers”  Patch Adams gazed beyond the fingers, as 4 fingers then became 8. 

I bring this metaphor to light for a reason.  As we all tend to focus in on the “4 fingers” the problem at hand, whose to blame, who did what, how and why did it happen, we must look beyond the four fingers (look beyond the problem) to the unseen miracle right before our very eyes.  This was a very unfortunate, horrific accident that took the life of a very beautiful, innocent horse and injured a 17-year-old young lady.  Even as horrifying, as this may seem, this very special horse, Tyee, spared the life of this young lady.  God took one of his angel’s home and spared this young lady from what could’ve been a fatal accident.  It’s by God’s hands that Natalie is here tonight.  I truly believe her life was spared for a purpose, His purpose and His glory.  I do not believe in a coincidence and I believe that nothing happens without a purpose.  I don’t always like what I see, but sometimes I must look beyond to the unseen.  Some of us refer to this as a higher power or angels from above.  I simply like to refer to this as the Almighty God who controls the whole world in the palm of His loving hands. 

I want to thank everyone for keeping Natalie in your prayers.  I want to thank you, Natalie, for joining my FB today.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and I pray that God heals you 110% both physically and mentally without blemish.

Romans 8:28  “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”

Dinelle Ashcraft


Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
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Solid Rock/Domino Effect Outreach ~ Showing God’s Love

Saturday was our first big outreach with Solid Rock Christian Ministries offering “FREE, Wholesome, Family Fun. 

We set up in the great big open field next door to Hardees here in North Weeki Wachee.  We had a great support group from Solid Rock in St. Petersburg that came to give us a helping hand and be a part of the “Domino Effect”

We had 150+ people come out to visit us Saturday from the wee ones up to the elderly. 

One, 80-year-old gentleman stopped in to take City Boy for a ride. 

We gave many children rides on Velvet, My Josie, and City Boy.  Goldie got the run of the field as she took the youngins’ for a spin.  The kids went on golf cart rides and even human cart rides, as Pastor Rita is in training to take Goldie’s place pulling the cart, LOL.

We met a lot of great people who live local and would love to join in the fun in the near future back here at the ranch.  The Solid Rock evangelist team shared the Word with many, including Sophia the goat, who was feeding on the Word, as she had a mouthful of gospel tracts.

Pastor Bob literally walked out of his shoes, as he blessed Bob with a pair of cowboy boots.  He finished the day out walking around in his navy blue socks.  This man, with no doubt, gives a whole new meaning to “giving the shirt of your back” as Bob truly appreciates this kind gesture and will “walk a mile in his shoes.”

Billy the cowboy felt right at home, as he jumped in the saddle with City Boy. 

Pastor Rita has found a new calling to bless the children, as she is in training to pull the cart. 

Ricardo fit in just beautifully, as he walked with the children and the horses in the roundpen.  The children adored him, as his compassion was radiating. 

Will, Shawn, and Pastor Rita took turns giving the children rides in the golf cart around the field

And kept Bob on his toes, as they sent out SOS’ across the field to come to their rescue. 

David Long came to our rescue with the sound system to entertain us with music for the day.  His daughter also accompanied him to ride the horses and one day soon to join us on the trails. 

Robyn danced in the spirit as she felt led and Disco (Daniel) danced the day away with Sophia the goat.

Crystal and Dave have been such a blessing to our ministry.  They have devoted their time to join us in our mission, both with a love for God and a love for these animals.  Crystal gave the children cart rides with the mini Goldie. 

Dave gave the children rides with Goldie, My Josie, Velvet, and City Boy. 

Crystal’s sister, Jessie, joined us yesterday and spent the whole day with us. 

She jumped right in to give the kids rides as well. 

Jessie has offered to give me a helping hand with the networking here in the future and has already created this web page for us to get started.


We also met Crystal and Jessie’s mom, Kay, who came out to give her support in our mission and to share in her daughters’ love and compassion for the horses.

Hubert, a Kentucky boy, fit right in with giving the children rides and taking City Boy for a ride. 

Allison rode City Boy for the first time since being on a horse when she was young. 

Pastor Glenn, Hubert, Crystal, Bob, Jennifer, Jackie, Jamie, Shawn, and Dave also took the horses out for a ride.

Pastor Glenn









Shawn was a great help in setting up, breaking down, and giving the kids rides.  I believe he has fallen in love with City Boy.

Jennifer and her daughter, Autumn, arrived at our house Saturday morning to volunteer for the day.  When she realized we were not there, she wrote us a note to tell us that she had stopped in and left the salt blocks outside the gates.  As they were on their way home from our place, Autumn happened to see us set up with the horses.  They stopped in to see us and spent the whole day with us loving on the horses and having a good time.  Autumn got to ride all of the horses including Goldie with the cart and the golf cart.  Jennifer was a GREAT help, as she jumped right in to hose and cool the horses down, groom them, walk the horses with the children, walk the horses around to graze, and spent some time riding them out in the field as well.

Dave and Jeannie joined us from Dunnellon, Florida to help us set up and be a part of our day.  Adrianna designed the flyers for the event to advertise and pass out in the area.  Robert and Ludmilla welcomed everyone and showed them God’s love.

There were many who joined us from both Solid Rock Church and The New Rock Church to show their support, a big thanks to all.

Francine and Serenity, my two, bestest, volunteers came out to spend the day with us. 

Serenity has been volunteering for us since she was 3, now turning 5.  She has rode every horse and helped bottle feed goats, sheep, squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits.  Serenity has been the poster child for the ranch, as she is a very photogenic young lady.

Luke and Carolyn Glaudel brought the children out to see us and join in on the fun. 

Kendra, a young lady from my FB, finally made it out to see us after 1-1/2 of begging her parents to bring her out.  I was pleased and honored to meet her whole family and thanked them for bringing her up to finally meet us. 

Kendra rode all of the horses and a promised her a date to take her out on the trails with us. 

We met a lot of great people Saturday.  One gentleman, Victor, has experience in breaking and training horses, as well as a farrier by trade.  He has offered his services to help out the rescue. 

We also met a young lady named Ally and her daughter who just moved here in the area from out of state.  She is a vet tech by trade and is interested in being a part of our mission as well and helping out where she can. 

We had quite a few elderly folks who stopped by to meet us, one, 80-years-old, who took City Boy for a ride. 

We had another couple who met us and interested in helping out at the ranch.  They came out to see us first thing Monday morning to sign up for a day at the ranch to give these animals some TLC. 

Jessie also sent a young lady, Michelle, our way that is a student to be a veterinarian.  She and the other students are looking for a place to do intern work with the animals.  We have gladly welcomed these students to come join us and be a part of the Domino Effect.  Michelle also arrived here Monday morning to meet us and start working with the horses.

Pastor Glenn and his wife Rita covered the area meeting and greeting everyone who came to see us and sharing God’s love.  Rita has a passion for people and really takes the time to get to know people and takes notes to follow up.  She fits her position well as a pastor’s wife, as she is great with the children, great with personal relations, and always there to give a helping hand.  Pastor Glenn has been such a blessing to so many and has earned great respect.  His love for God is genuine with great passion for his ministry. 

I have a great respect for Pastor Glenn with his ministry for the recovery program.  The love he has for these people and everyone around him is truly a gift from God.  The love he extends is contagious and spreads like wildfire throughout the ministry.  We are blessed to be a part of such a special family and we too are falling in love with each, individual and just thank God every day for sending us the “church unusual” to join us in our mission and us in theirs.

Saturday was a very prosperous day for God’s glory.  It was so nice to meet new faces here in the community and share these beautiful animals with them and showing God’s love. 

We invite you to join us again in 2 weeks, November 17th, same place, same time.  Bring the family for some FREE, Wholesome, Family Fun!!!

Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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Wild Child’s Potential Adopters with Francine Puleo

October 23, 2012 by Domino Effect Examiner  | Edit

The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch received a notice of an online complaint that was submitted to the Florida Department of Agrigulture and Consumer Services complaining against our practices.

Below is the Consumer Complaint Form, complaint number 133985

First of all, the very first sentence states ” Myself and friend were attempting to buy 2 horses from Domino Effect Rescue.”

The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch has their own adoption service, RDA Equine Services Inc., which is a profit incorporation, that handles ALL adoptions for the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  The animals are relinquished to this service and it is the sole responsibility of RDA Equine Services Inc. to find approved, adoptive families who are willing to adopt the rescued animal out under a 2-year adoption contract and abide by the terms of the 2-year adoption contract.  At the end of a 2-year adoption period, if the adoptive family has lived up to the terms of the contract, then the adopted equine will be a permanent resident with their new family.

The above statement referring that we sell horses is false.  The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch Inc., nonprofit organization, is NOT responsible for any adoptions that take place through RDA Equine Service Inc., as ALL equine are relinquished to RDA Equine Services Inc. when they are ready for adoption.

As you can see by the Adoption agreement below, Spirit was adopted out under a signed 2-year adoption agreement under the care of Relocation, Delivery, & Allocation (RDA) Equine Services Inc.

Francine Puleo’s next statement:  The seller of the horses Robert Ashcraft, stated that he did not allow anyone to remove and/or ship any of the horses from his facility.  He told me that the only way his horses got delivered was by HIM ONLY.

This statement is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  We deliver ALL horses to their new locations, no matter how far the distance, to insure the horses are going to a safe and healthy environment.

Francine Puleo’s next statement:  He also mentioned that the only way he would make a sale was for us to wire the money in advance.

This statement is also true.  In Francine Puleo’s case, she made numerous phone calls to Robert over a 2-day period from her home in Punta Gorda, Florida, shopping for an equine without ever personally meeting the horse first.  We invited Francine to come here to visit to meet the horse she wished to adopt, rather than adopt a horse based on “eye candy” with no personal attachment to the horse.  She insisted from her horse experience that she knew what she was looking for.  Her friend wanted to adopt Spirit and she wanted to adopt Wild Child.  We told Francine that if she did not wish to come meet the horse that she wished to adopt and sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee in person, then she would indeed have to wire the money in advance before Bob loaded 2 horses on the trailer and set out to make a 320 mile roundtrip.   We do NOT accept COD cash on delivery, as we are not selling merchandise, we are adopting out animals that are in need of forever homes, which is why all responsible, potential adopters should meet the animal they wish to adopt in person to be sure this animal is what they are looking for and that they wish to give this animal a forever home.  We do not set out to deliver animals across the state of Florida for someone to window shop when we arrive.

During the 2-day process of Francine Puleo speaking to Robert Ashcraft on numerous occassions about the horses, adoption fees, etc., Robert gave Francine a very descriptive view of both Spirit and Wild Child’s appearance, behavior, and past medical issues.  She wanted to adopt Wild Child.  She was told that Wild Child was a 3-year-old Thoroughbred stallion who had to be gelded before he left the property.  Any stallion that is adopted from RDA Equine Services, their adoption fee includes an added gelding fee, which is performed before the equine is allowed to leave the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  All stallions are gelded and recovered from the procedure here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch shortly after they are adopted and then delivered to their new home. 

Francine Puleo did NOT want to have Wild Child gelded here at the ranch because she wanted both Spirit and Wild Child to be delivered in the same trip instead of waiting for his gelding and recovery time.  She reassured us that the owner of the barn, Thomas Welchman, who adopted Spirit, him and his wife were licensed in equine veterinarian and equine dentistry.  She told us that she would immediately have Wild Child gelded after his arrival and we agreed, only to add this stipulation into her contract at the time of his adoption as a procedure that must be done.

Francine states:  During the delivery process Robert stated that he had the 2 horses loaded and on there way at 9 a.m. on 9-5-2012.

This statement is absolutely correct.  He borrowed a friend’s truck to make the trip because his truck had not been running good.  He had the 2 horses loaded and left to make his trip.  Shortly thereafter, the friend’s truck that he had borrowed broke down on the side of the road, leaving him stranded with the horses in the horse trailer on the side of the road.  Robert was stranded on the side of the road for quite some time waiting for AAA towing to arrive and his friend to arrive with a truck to hook to the trailer.  They then followed the AAA towing back to her home where Robert had to start his journey all over, this time with his own truck.  Francine and Robert spoke a number of times on the phone through this process, each time Robert was updating Francine on his whereabouts and the circumstance that he was in at the moment.

Francine states:  I mentioned to Robert that, after giving it great thought, I was going to have to refuse Wild Child, due to him being a stallion and us not having the facility to care for a stallion, with our other horses.

She did indeed make this decision, but it wasn’t until Robert was within 1-1/2 hours away from her home that she made this decision.  Wild Child and Spirit were already in route and on their way.

Francine states:  Robert stated he understood and he would take Wild Child back home, along with Smokey, a horse we traded Spirit for, along with additional cash.

Robert did agree to take Wild Child back home, along with Smokey.  The agreement was, since they were adopting 2 horses, we would give them a $200 allowance towards Smokey.  However, before Robert made it to deliver the horses, they backed out of the original agreement and refused to take Wild Child after he was already on the trailer for that many hours and just about delivered to his new destination.

Francine states:  I made sure Tommy told Robert again that we were refusing Wild Child.  He seemed to have no issue with it, but I have been trying to get my money back ever since and they refuse to wire me my $500 back.  Also Dinelle, Robert’s wife, keeps emailing me telling me that I will not get my money back until they sell Wild Child or Smokey…..I did not sign a contract with them statying any such thing.  I was adopting a horse, paid for a horse $500 cash up front.  Now due to false representation, I refused the horse and I am requesting to get my money back.

First of all, as I stated earlier, there was NO FALSE REPRESENTATION.  Francine Puleo was told that Wild Child was a stallion.  My Facebook ads stated he was a stallion and we told her that he was a stallion. 

She did not want to send the $300 to us for Wild Child’s gelding fee and was in a hurry and did not want to wait the 2-week recovery time for Wild Child to recover from the gelding, so she assured us that Thomas would take care of the gelding procedure immediately after his arrival because him and his wife were licensed veterinarian and equine dentist.  This was all discussed between Francine Puleo and Robert Ashcraft, with myself as a witness hearing the conversation on speakerphone.

Within 3 days after Bob arrived back home with Wild Child, Steve Puleo started sending me e-mails demanding his money NOW and insisted that we send their refund back through a wire transfer.  After numerous e-mails of them demanding their money back NOW dating from September 6, 2012 and it accelerated from there, 1-3 e-mails per day that got more aggressive from the first one sent.

Below are the first 4  e-mails sent out of about a dozen.  It was over the weekend, so I didn’t see them until the beginning of the week.

When I realized there were so many e-mails from them, I sent them an e-mail back.

Francine Puleo returned an e-mail:

I responded back to this e-mail:

They continued to send harrassing e-mails:

And each and every time I returned to them the following statement.

They responded:

I sent them my response again:

The following week we had another potential adopter for Wild Child and we called Francine Puleo up and told her that we would indeed be sending her a money order certified mail to her address to refund her adoption fee for Wild Child and we did just that.

Below is the copy of the receipt for the certified mail that we sent to Francine Puleo dated 9-17-2012

After we sent Francine Puleo a money order by certified mail, I happened to find through Google a Scam Book report that her husband, Steve Puleo, had reported against us just days after we returned home with Wild Child.


This is how we responded:

We first called Francine Puleo and notified her of our discovery of the Scambook Report.  She said that this was her husband’s doings and appologized for him, stating that it was none of his concern due to the fact that the agreement was made between Francine and Robert.  We then sent her the link to the Scambook report as she requested, so that she could have it removed.

Francine’s Response:

And we responded back on the Scambook Report as well:

I then responded to this matter:

Her e-mail back to us dated 9/22/2012:

I responded back to this e-mail:

Her final and last e-mail to us is as follows:

Francine also stated in the last paragraph of her complaint:  Robert stated that Spirit was gelded a year ago and without injury.  Spirit had barb wire cuts all over his body.  He had a one inch gash under his chin 1/2 inch deep, with skin hanging.  He had barb wire cut on both front legs around his pastern area.  He had a huge gash on his left shoulder that was bleeding, and bit marks all over his body.  These were all fresh cuts and still bleeding.

We told Francine that after Spirit had arrived a few weeks prior on August 25, 2012, we put him in the back pasture with Tank who is a TB gelding and he was diagonal to Wild Child.  He could not reach Wild Child, but he attempted to get to him, touching the barb wire and cut his side.  He also started fighting with Tank and we immediately moved Tank to another area.  Spirit had one gash on his side only.  There were not multiple, fresh, bleeding wounds on his body or hanging skin from torn flesh.  After Spirit was delivered Robert took pictures of him in Thomas’ barn and you can see in the pictures that her statement of his injuries are just not so, only the one gash on his side is seen.

Spirit was NOT gelded 1 year ago or 5 wweeks ago, as Francine Puleo stated, but he was gelded here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch on March 27, 2012.

We returned $250 towards the adoption fee for Wild Child.  The remaining balance of $250 in which Francine Puleo feels we owe her is due to $200 they wanted back as a discount when they relinquished Smokey in our care after adopting 2 horses.  They did relinquish Smokey in our care, but they did not keep their agreement on adopting the 2 horses, instead they adopted Spirit and forced Wild Child to ride on the trailer to Punta Gorda and back, 320 mile roundtrip.

First of all, we do NOT PAY fees for horses, but only chose to give them a discount because they were adopting 2 horses, but then they did not.  After viewing online that this couple had posted a Scam Book report within a week after this took place after we had sent them $250 back, we then told them that if they removed their online lies about us, we would then return to them the remaining amount of money.  They have not removed their false reports against us and they have compounded it by making more false reports by stating that we didn’t give them a horse and that we didn’t give them their money back, after sending them a money order certified mail for $250. 

Robert Ashcraft never spoke to Tommy about adopting any horses.  The horses and all arrangements made concerning them and their adoption was done solely between Robert Ashcraft with RDA Equine Services Inc. and Francine Puleo.  Robert spoke with Tommy once before leaving for delivery, once to let him know that he was arriving soon, and met him at the barn where he filled out Spirit’s adoption contract with Robert.

We feel that they have broken the agreement with us regarding the adoption of Wild Child, harrassed us through e-mail, slandered our name online with false allegations, and even with this report to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regarding a matter that is concerning RDA Equine Services Inc. and not a matter concerning Domino Effect Rescue Ranch whatsoever.  RDA Equine Services Inc. has agreed to return the $250 only if and when they remove the false allegations off the internet against the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch, as we do not feel we owe them at this time, since they have broken the agreement with RDA Equine Services Inc.

If you have any questions regarding this online complaint from Francine Puleo towards the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch, please feel free to contact me regarding this.

Thank you very much for your time in this matter,

Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

After we sent the above response to the Department of Agrigulture and Consumer Services, Steve Puleo posted this Ripoff Report against the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch on 10/08/2012, 21 days after we sent him a money order for $250.00 via certified mail as a refund towards Wild Child.


We responded to this November 1, 2012:

And then Steve Puleo added his last response dated November 1, 2012:


The above report was sent to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services due to the complaint made by Francine Puleo.  This morning we received an e-mail response from Margaret Holmes, Regulatory Specialist, for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, regarding her investigation of Francine Puleo’s complaint against the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.


Steve Puleo made remarks about us NOT being a legal rescue with the BBB.  Below are ALL of our legal documents showing that we have been and our still actively a legal nonprofit organization as well as RDA, which is a legal profit corporation.

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch Inc. nonprofit license

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch’s License for Charitable Contributions with the Department of Agriculture of Consumer Services:

License for RDA (Relocation, Allocation, and Delivery) Equine Services Inc.

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