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We have been harassed by this little individual for the past 2 months. It never ceases to amaze me the hatred that is being bred into the youngest souls. And I will never understand why so many people would try so hard to hurt the efforts of those who are opening their homes and provide for the horses in need.

Please note that the postings below by “I Hunt, I Fish, I am from the Sticks” is a “fake entity” on FB owned by Allison Penzotti.

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Allison Penzotti, I have heard your empty threat for the last time!!! Please have your mother and/or your attorney contact me. 352-596-3104.

You, your step mom, and your family came out to see Logan and adopt him a few months back. Logan seemed to be a great fit for you and your step mom chose to adopt Logan.


You ALL were told that Logan had a previous injury and could NOT be heavy ridden. You and your mom decided that Logan would be a nice fit, since you were learning how to ride. She also mentioned that Logan would be passed down to one of the other girls if you outgrew Logan. Logan’s injury was written in your mom’s contract below and also instructions to NOT RIDE him to hard. We also told the barn manager this as well. (We had many potential adopters that wanted Logan, but they too were told of his injury and chose not to adopt because they were looking for a horse that could perform in athletic activities.)

You came to me and asked me if he would be a good dressage horse and asked me if I would send Logan’s x-rays to you to give to your trainer. After a few weeks of trying to burn and/or copy the images on the medical x-ray CD, I finally sent you the original.

After you received the original x-rays, you came unglued and were scared to ride him after your friends told you that he should just be a “pasture” horse and you needed to just put him to sleep and/or sell him to someone else. I explained to you that you did NOT have the right to make these decisions for Logan because he is under contract with DERR. Therefore, at this point, I offered to trade Logan in for another horse here at the rescue. You refused my offer and instead joined the “hate group” against us.

I can’t physically stop you from spreading slanderous rumors and lies about the DERR, but I do have the power to show everyone the TRUTH and to see the childish harassment being spread by a 16-year-old against a rescue. I will also remind you that this slander is indeed cyber stalking, which is a criminal offense. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send your attorney my way, I’d love to speak with him about this case.

    The document below proves this.

contract logan injury

Also just wanted to mention to you that Logan’s contract also covers the release of liability of the DERR on the information given to us by previous adopters and/or history given on a horse’s age, etc. If you have issues on a 3-year age discrepancy, this is not the fault of the rescue and per our contract that your mom signed, we are not liable for misinformation.

contract logan paragraph

    Allison States:

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