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Here I am, back to the drawing board, People attract like flies to dirty laundry, but do they ever do their research before they post out false accusations. Do they think that their actions will go unnoticed and they will be praised for dragging someone through the mud.

Below is the link to the original post of the second report against us from “The Good, the bad, and the unforgiveable of animal rescue” blog page. Apparently they are being spoon fed a bunch of garbage by the hate group against us.


I will replicate this article with the true statements and documents for each false allegation.

    Statement #1:

“They’ve lost 6 horses recently, three of them from colic.”

This statement is false. We have lost a total of 5 horses out of close to 300 horses since December 2009.

We lost Shia in 2010, to colic after Ted and Karen Koran admittedly fed our horses grain in the sand at the back corner fence line. They openly admitted this through emails to both the Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control.

Below is the link with all the documentations to prove the above statement.


The second horse we lost was Stryder. We lost Stryder to kidney failure in 2011. Below is the link with that documentation.

The third horse Abel we lost in 2013, to a flipped colon. Justice was the fourth in 2013, that we lost to stage 4 liver failure. And Leah, 22-year-old Warmblood, we lost also in 2013, to small intestine’s knot. All with vet reports and/or necropsy verifying the reason for death.


    Statement #2:

“First, let’s take a look at the property. You won’t find these photos on any of her blogs or Facebook page and I don’t blame her for not wanting to show you. It’s pretty disgusting.”

The pictures on this blog that were taken from the porch are my pictures that I posted on FB.

Below is the link to the first set of pictures I posted when it first started raining in June 2013. *Note* it only flooded in the front yard where the ground level is lower. The rest of the property remained dry.


It rained the entire summer.

pen horses are kept july rain 1

It dried up towards the end of August and stayed dry until the last week of September when it rained for 3 days straight.

Ted and Karen Koran from The Critter Place were so kind to take pictures through the fence for everyone to see.

pen horses are kept in 3

    Statement #3:

This is Lady. Lady had a knee injury that required surgery and needed to be kept confined for 90 days while she healed. She didn’t get a private stall… instead, she was turned out with the other horses.

Dinelle also claimed that the original owner was going to euthanize her. THIS IS NOT TRUE. He NEVER said he was going to euthanize her.

This statement is false. We were called by the same owner to pick up both Nick Rules at Tampa Bay Downs and She Is Are Lady at Calder Race Track. Both horses had bone chips from an injury and both needed to rest and heal. We were called by the attending vet who told us that Nick Rules was set to be euthanized and asked if we could please lift this death sentence by coming to his rescue and we did. The owner then told us about She Is Are Lady who also would be put down if we did not pick her up. We promised we would and we did just this. Neither one of these horses needed surgery and both were x-rayed and checked out by our vet.

Below are pictures of Lady when she was in transport and when she arrived here to the DERR. (ALL posted on my FB)

lady before going to DE

lady arrives at DE 3

lady arrives at DE 2

    Statement #4:

“In fact, when he found out that this was being said, he demanded the horse back. This is when Lady mysteriously disappeared. The whereabouts of Lady is still unknown.”

This statement is also false. Lady and Robyn went to a foster family for 1 month when the grounds were wet over the summer. In August they returned and have been back here now for 2 months.

The pictures below are of She Is Are Lady that were taken on 10/9/2013.





    Statement #5:

“Justice was neglected long before he got to Domino Effect, but he had found an angel that was nursing him back to health prior to going to DERR.

He had gained 150 pounds and was looking good.

After he arrived at DERR he declined rapidly. losing 100 lbs in just ten days. Improper feeding caused serious internal injuries and he had to be euthanized.

Of course, as you hear Dinelle tell the story, she blames a poisonous ragweed that he had consumed prior to arriving at DERR. It was confirmed with a vet that had he eaten the poisonous weed prior to entering DERR, he would not have gained weight, (which he did gain 150 lbs).

The DERR vet refused to perform a necropsy on the horse. Not sure if it was at the urging of DERR to not have a necropsy done or if the vet just didn’t care enough to know the truth… maybe it was both.”

horse had to be euthanized

This statement is false. Justice came to us after being severely neglected and starved by Florida Equine Rescue where 7 other horses, along with Justice died of liver failure after being rescued from there from eating poisonous plants.

When Justice arrived to us, he was in stage 4 liver failure and declined dramatically. Within 10 days we had to have him euthanized after he was falling into things and uncontrollably falling to the ground. We had the vet out 3 times that week. The vet did blood work on Justice, among other treatments and procedures, but ultimately when the blood work returned it confirmed his increasing, devastating symptoms of liver failure.

Below is the link with all of the documentation of vet reports and the blood test that diagnosed him with liver failure.


The hate group against us flooded the vet with phone calls trying to question him on Justice’s condition. The phone calls became harassing. They requested a necropsy be done on Justice and the vet decided against this. There was NO reason to do a necropsy when we had the blood test results that pinpointed the disease of liver failure.

It has been mentioned that the vet told someone that Justice wouldn’t have gained weight if he had liver failure. This is a false statement. The vet told this person that Justice would gain weight if he was not in liver failure. However, signs and symptoms of actual liver failure does NOT occur until there is 80% damage to the liver. At which point, Justice would not gain weight once he was in liver failure.

In a statement made by Deanna Richardson-Rogowski I heard that we fed Justice too much grain and that’s what killed him.

But in the statement below, it’s stated that he lost 100 pounds in his 10-day stay at the DERR.

“After he arrived at DERR he declined rapidly. losing 100 lbs in just ten days. Improper feeding caused serious internal injuries and he had to be euthanized.”

Once again, both of these statements are false. Justice did not get fed too much grain and he was not starved or improper fed to lose weight in our care. Improper feeding does NOT cause horses to have severe neurological disorders such as aimless walking and falling to the ground uncontrollably.

    Statement #6:

“Here’s a video of Maggie. She was being loaded by Bob Ashcraft of Domino Effect Rescue Ranch. He had blindfolded her with a feed bag claiming “this is how you load a skittish horse.”

She got away from him and ran through a barbed wire fence which resulted in HUNDREDS of stitches.”

This statement is false. There are 4 different versions of the story that happened that day. I have heard so many twisted versions, but yet we have the verified statements from the individuals that were given to AC and Bob’s statement of what happened that day, none of which come anywhere close to Maryann Tobin’s article she wrote. She didn’t even know what town or day it happened.

Below is the different versions with similarities of what happened to Maggie 2 years ago. The owner and her sons were responsible in the handling and blindfolding Maggie, not Bob. The owner claimed responsibility at the time of the incident and told Bob that it was not his fault and this is why she had insurance on the horse. Bob stayed there to help with the horse after the injury occurred until the property owner ran him off the property.

Horse with two wounds 2


    Statement #7:

“See Bob ride…. if you call this riding.”





Bob was not riding Chasity like this. These pictures I snapped in front of quite a few volunteers as my witness, Francine Marie Riale and Kimberly Young, when Bob got on Chasity and she took about 20 steps backwards and then sat down. I took these pictures and these people twisted the truth in these pictures and posted them all over CL and sent them to AC telling everyone that we were riding Wild Child and made claims that we were riding a horse that was thought to have EPM, but this was not the case. Chasity has a star on her forehead and Wild Child does not. Wild Child does NOT have EPM either. Anyway, after Chasity did this. Bob got off her, she stood up, and she rode very nice after this for the rest of the day.

Chasity was a horse that we took in after a man came to our open house adoption day threatening to put a bullet in her head. He claimed that Nikki Durkee with Second Chance Stables sold her as a “child-safe” horse and this horse almost killed his kid. The pictures you see above was the first time that Bob got in the saddle to evaluate her and what she did after he got on her.

    Statement #8:

“RIP Shia- victim of poor feeding habits resulting in colic. She’s one of 3 who have suffered this painful death (that we know of).”

Shiya the day before she died

This statement and picture above is false.

Look again at the picture below, that is 2 different horses, Shia in the upper left corner and Sonny an emancipated tb we brought in around the same time. Two different horses. Shia was a gelding not a she.

Shiya the day before she died

Ted Koran devised this picture to make the public and authorities think that we starved Shia to death to cover up for the fact that he fed our horses grain in the sand at the back fence line without our knowledge.


Below the link shows the pictures of Shia and Sonny, two different horses that Ted Koran with The Critter Place put these two pictures together and portrayed that they were the same horse, but clearly they are not. He is trying to make the public believe that we starved Shia to death, but these are two different horses, Shia was very lean and healthy and Sonny came in emaciated. He used this picture on the channel 10 news and sent it to AC trying to get us in trouble. It was AC that noticed first that this was 2 different horses. They also had pictures of Shia documenting his weight and knew that this picture he had sent them could in no way be Shia. Ted and Karen Koran caused Shia to colic after admitting to feeding grain in the sand to our horses at the back corner of our fence line where we could not see them.


    Statement #9:

“Witness testimony- (names are left off the blog to protect the eyewitnesses, but can and will be called upon if necessary in court)

    Witness 1

star wild child

Below is the picture they are referring to of Wild Child sun bathing in the sand. These people have made such claims as if this is a dead horse lying in the sand.

wild child sunbathing

Here’s 2 more pictures on the same day that picture was taken of Wild Child Sun bathing in the sand. He was just a baby and loved his afternoon naps.

Wild Child sun bathing 1

wild child sun bathing 2

They are claiming that we are lying about this being Wild Child because they say that Wild Child does not have a star and this horse has a faint star on his forehead.

I believe their exact statement was </strong>”Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness”

bear false

Today I took this picture below of Wild Child who is an absolutely gorgeous, 4-year-old TB gelding with a faint star in the middle of his forehead and a very prominent cowlick just below this.

Wild Child half moon 1

This is our beautiful boy, Wild Child




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Below is the newest group to take their turn to bash, harass, and spread the lies.

This post, as of this morning, has been shared 220 times on Facebook off the page The good, the bad, and the unforgiveable of animal rescue.

This page is anonymous with no one owning these false reports. I do, however, wish this person would take more time in their research to find the “truth” before posting such false allegations.

Below is the post on this FB page. In BOLD in between each paragraph, you will see the TRUTH posted by me with proof of documentation against these false allegations.

I want you all to get familiar with Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in Florida. This “rescue” is a shining example of why our page is needed.

More horses in their care have died recently due to neglect.

In 4 years that we have been open, we have lost 5 horses total. The first horse we lost to sand colic due to our neighbors, Ted and Karen Koran, feeding our horses grain in the sand at the back corner of our fence line where we could not see them.


The second horse, Stryder, was an older gelding that we had to euthanize due to his system being toxic because his kidneys shut down.


The next 3 horses we lost were at the beginning of this year, Abel to a colon flip, Justice to liver failure, and Leah to small intestines twist. ALL horses were seen by the vet, details were posted both on FB and blog page including vet reports.


They have about TWENTY horses on ONE AND HALF ACRES OF LAND. How this is legal is beyond me.

Our property is a small, 2.7 acres. We are 100% agricultural with no hoof limit. We are a rescue facility and we are hands on with our animals daily. The “rescues” are not here as permanent residents, but to be rehabilitated and then rehomed into good homes under an adoption contract.

Both the husband and wife are convicted felons. She was convicted of felony child neglect and he has a slew of felony convictions from burglary to grand larceny and grand theft.

This is true. I have been in trouble one time in my entire life with the law. My neighbor called on me when I was younger for being away from the house and having my 11-year-old daughter babysit my 2-year-old son. HRS dropped the case, but the state of Florida picked it up and pressed charges. It was considered a felony neglect. This was 15 years ago.

Bob has many charges back in his teens and twenties. He has one recent charge after we opened the rescue from putting a pig down after the neighbor, Ted Koran, made a call on him stating that a felon was in possession of a firearm. He is almost 50-years old and all other charges date back 25+ years ago.


He also lied about being convicted felon on his application for heading up a nonprofit which resulted in his charitable status being revoked.

NO ONE lied on any application. Bob initially filled out the charitable contribution form back in 2011. He did answer question #9 wrong after asking the bank manager, a paralegal, and a representative of the DOA on how to answer this. It was told to us that this question referred to whether or not we had a felony pertaining to a nonprofit organization in the last 10 years. After further investigation it was explained to us that this question was referring to “ANY FELONY” in the last ten years. Bob did have the felony charge for putting down the pig in 2010, therefore, he was not eligible to file for these forms. The DOA explained to me that Bob needed to resign from the application and that I would need to step up as president of the corporation and fill out the paperwork in my name and I did. This was a technicality that we publically noted and resolved immediately.



I have submitted FOIA requests to the Dept of Ag and will be requesting a copy of the latest visit by animal control this past week that will show this rescue was again in violation of the law.

The last call to DOA with FALSE ACCUSATIONS was made by Carrie Young with Ohana Rescue. Ohana Rescue has been the ringleader to this hate group since she moved here to Brooksville, 2 years ago. The reports have been unfounded and we too will be posting the report when it is received.


carrie young doa

This disgusting rescue also likes to threaten people who speak out against them. Intimidation and threats will not work on us and I am going to do a full report after I have received all the documents I’ve requested through FOIA requests.

Domino Effect needs to be shut down. The photo you see is is just one of the many horses that died in their care from lack of nutrition.

The picture below is one of the pictures posted on this site with their quote “The photo you see is just one of the many horses that died in their care from lack of nutrition.”

wild child sunbathing

The picture above is a picture that one of my volunteers took a couple years ago of Wild Child sunbathing. He was 1-1/2 years old then and now he is an absolutely stunning, 4-year-old gelding who is healthy and happy.




Below are “MANY” articles in which Maryann Tobin has been writing against our rescue for the past 2 years. Her daughter threatened to euthanize a horse with a bone chip because they could not afford to take care of it. She put out an SOS across FB to have the horse picked up ASAP or she would have it put down. This is how we met Maryann Tobin and Nikki Tobin. Nikki Tobin then asked us several months later if she could foster and/or adopt a horse from us and we told her that was against our policy because we had to rescue a horse from her that she was going to euthanize. After this, she threatened us with the fact that her mother would write articles against us in the Examiner to have our rescue shut down and she did just this.


Below are the articles that Maryann Tobin wrote against the DERR.






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