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On September 18, 2013, we brought in a stallion and his daughter. Even though these horses needed a place to go, the owner wanted to be compensated for both King and Firefly. Bob paid $50.00, $25.00 a piece out of his own money to purchase these horses, so he could give them a place to call home.

Below in writing is the purchase agreement for the two horses to release them into Bob’s care.


Below is a picture of King on 09-18-2013 upon arriving here at DERR as a stallion.

Kings arrival 09-18-2013

Below is a picture of Firefly upon her arrival to DERR on 09-18-2013.

firefly arrival

On September 24, 2013, we transported King to a “free” gelding clinic that was being hosted by Smith & Petersons, just 6 days after he arrived.


King's gelding 001

After 2 months of keeping King away from the other horses, we gradually introduced him into the herd. He realized very quickly that he was no longer a stud and significantly mellowed out to be just one of the horses. On several occasions during this adjustment period, King made attempts to mount the mares, but NEVER would penetrate them.

Most “horse people” with knowledge know that geldings will do this NO MATTER what age they were gelded and how long ago they were gelded.


By Dr. Bob Judd, DVM and the Texas Farm Bureau
Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network

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Stallion-like Behavior in Geldings

Most of you who have been around horses have probably heard the term proud cut. This term is used when a horse that has been castrated still acts like a stud. It was believed for many years that all of the tissue attached to the testicle, namely the epididymis, must be removed at the time of surgery. If not, the epididymis produced enough hormones to cause the horses to still act like a stud. However, it has been proven for over 30 years that this tissue does not produce any hormones and if the testicle is removed, the horse is correctly castrated. Therefore, there is no such thing as a horse being proud cut.

Although some have believed the adrenal gland produces enough male hormones to cause the behavior, this has also been shown to be incorrect. Dr. Jim Schumacher indicates that most of the time, this behavior is due to an innate behavior during normal social interaction between horses rather than hormone production from another source.

On January 30, 2014, 4 months after King’s gelding, Gina Crawford presumably captured this picture of King mounting Annie. This is a moment that seldom happened during this time and NEVER happens anymore. It is thought that a screen shot of this picture was taken off a game camera from The Critter Place. It is common knowledge that they have a “video camera” mounted to a tree in front of their trailer to capture “happenings” at our place when possible.

king mounting

Gina Crawford’s caption “Is this what I think it is? This is going on at Domino Effect. I snapped it when I had stopped on to see the neighbors. I am appalled at these people.

1. First of all, I think it’s highly a coincidental that she “happened” to catch this on film, but more likely this came from a game camera next door.
2. Second, a new gelding and/or a horse who has been gelded for years are known to do this.
3. Do you isolate a horse for an incident such as this, NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
4. What is Gina Crawford’s purpose for this post? Is she trying to persuade the public that we are “breeding” horses here at DERR?
5. Is she insinuating that the horses are in “danger” of doing an “act” that is natural.
6. Is she trying to create unnecessary drama to the effect that we are doing something “wrong” by allowing these horses interact.

I believe that Gina Crawford’s presumptions and insinuations in the post to follow pretty much sums it up. I believe without evidence of the TRUTH, these accusations are considered to be defamation of character, harassment, cyber bullying, and stalking.

Is it right for this individual to knowingly post out lies about a rescue in order to influence the public to be outraged?

On January 31, 2014, Gina Crawford States: Yes he in his own writing said he purchased a stallion for his own use. So he used donations meant for the horses to purchase it and donations to pay for it’s gelding. While others are going without hay or feed.

bought stallion donation money

Gina Crawford did you see the above receipt for the two horses, King and Firefly? Did you see the receipt and the pictures of King’s gelding. The last time I checked, you were NOT my accountant and have NO BUSINESS in our affairs to state WHERE $50.00 was taken from to pay for these 2 horses, especially considering we did not depend on donations at this time. In fact, during the months of May and October, you all sabotaged the 2 fundraisers I posted for animals who needed financial help and publically ridiculed those who donated. Therefore, your statement above about us using donation money to purchase these horses is a lie.

What “use” do you presume that Bob purchased a “stallion” for, considering King was gelded 6 days after he arrived here in our care?

How do you presume that we collected “donations” for a “free” gelding Gina Crawford?

OH YES, Gina Crawford, it appears to me that your plan worked. Four months after King was gelded, you have a group of over 1100 followers believing that our rescue is breeding a stallion. Why do people do this?

…pure attention seekers and vengeance.

king 1

Allan Wilson States: Bwaahahahaa Frances, like they geld anything.

For your information Allan Wilson, we have gelded 12 stallions since we opened in December 2009, and have posted documentation on each one accordingly.

king 5

Gina States below: “There is a convicted Felon preying on the good “Christian” people in Brooksville scamming them left and right and all along horses suffering and dying and No rescue would go out and purchase a stud for themselves when they have 20 horses on less than 2 acres.

Gina Crawford, just because this lady was compensated “$50.00” for 2 horses to appease her, doesn’t mean that we “purchased” a stallion for ourselves, as if to stud him out.

Why is it you label a person by their past? Do you feel that a person charged with a felon is no good for anything other than a criminal act? I believe your remark is quite discriminating for someone you have never met. And of course, there’s NO chance of us scamming the public. We have put thousands of dollars into these rescues, asking for donations to be paid directly to the vet or to the feed store. It would be mighty hard to scam someone when we are NOT directly taking people’s money other than an adoption fee.

If you want to “persuade” your audience into influencing them with your hatred, you first have to have the facts, none of which you seem to have. You tend to pick up bits and pieces of the story and fill in the blanks yourself with information you would like your audience to believe, i.e. Diamond (see more later).


1. King arrived on September 18, 2013, and was gelded 6 days later on September 26, 2013.
2. When the picture was posted of King mounting Annie, King had been gelded for 4 months, NO POSSIBILITY of breeding.
3. ALL horses are gelded at DERR before going to their new homes (with very few exceptions).
4. KING was NOT purchased for STUD USE!!!

Below is a “before and after” pictures of Firefly when she arrived at DERR and a current photo of her now, 8 months later.


Below is a “before and after” pictures of King when he arrived at DERR and a current photo of him now, 8 months later.


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Veterinarian-client summary privacy laws

veterinarian-client privacy 1

Records are confidential and may not be furnished to any person other than the client, his/her legal representative or other veterinarians involved in the care or treatment of the patient, without written authorization. Several exceptions exist, including exceptions for a subpoena from a court of competent jurisdiction with proper notice, statistical and scientific research (provided the information is de-identified), a medical negligence action or administrative proceeding, and disciplinary actions against veterinarians.

For the past 2 years we have used Blue Skies Equine, until we realized they do NOT practice veterinarian/client confidentiality.

December 21, 2014, Gina Crawford States: Let me just say how can you have a “hate”group full of wonderful caring animal loving people?? Also how does she explain the before and after pics? This isn’t the only arriving fat and leaving injured and skinny. The pictures do NOT lie. Regardless if who likes who or any drama the facts are the facts. They are the only “rescue” having all these horrific accidents. Their own vets will tell you if you ask. They should be thanking everyone on this post that offered to adopt him and we had free hauling and help with the gelding. Yes that sounds like hateful people. I’ve said this before take care of the animals or we will not stop leaning on the state to shut you down, whoever it may be that is abusing or starving an animal period!!


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: He’s full if crap. A ton of people tried to adopt that pony too and give it proper care and he said no. They do not have the room or set up for a proper rescue. That pony went HOURS without vet care until the people paid off their vet bills. They are living off donations one of them needs a damn job. The idea is to adopt them out as fast as possible. They do not ever improve there. Fat ones get skinny, healthy ones get sick and sick


January 2014, Gina Crawford States: I know the vet and have discussed it’s care and I know this isn’the new horse. We want proof from the other side so go take your kool aid cup back and ask your friend Dinelle to come over her and explain herself while you are getting your kool aid refilled.


Gina Crawford States: Not sure about the eye but doc didn’t think any fractures in the mouth. All we want is to let him be adopted out where he doesn’t have to be with other studs and can heal and gain his weight back. He needs a lot of Tlc we already have transportation and people willing to help donate to the new owner for his gelding.


January 3, 2014, Gina Crawford States: The vet told me it was blunt trauma

vet s

January 31, 2014, Gina Crawford States: The vet told me she didn’t believe it was and thought it to be blunt force trauma. They were in big financial trouble the day before.

vet told me

January 30, 2014, Jennifer Buchanan States: My Dads Girlfriend is Sarah their vet so I hear everything!


December 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Doc Sarah did go out. They could give it soaked alfalfa cubes so it can get some hay.


January 2, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I find it odd it was a desperate time for them and then that happened and they got their vet bill payed off and tons more donations that the horses will Never see.


December 20, 2013, Gina Crawford States: So if it was another horse that possibly kicked him which the vet could not rule out although the vet thinks it was blunt trauma the other ideas can’t be ruled out that means the other cameras could have caught it.


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I have never experienced such extreme hatred until opening the rescue. It’s a cycle, people get offended or don’t get their way and throw an absolute temper tantrums. They get mad, call government officials with lies trying to shut down the rescue, use CL as a billboard, and form hate groups on Facebook in attempt to influence other people’s opinions with their hatred. Ultimately, the animals tend to suffer when these groups vindictively tear apart a rescue with their hatred.

These people don’t know us, don’t know how our operation works, most have never met our animals, or stepped foot on our property. Some live 50 miles to hundreds of miles away from us. They “cry wolf” with a distorted picture and a fictitious story to pull on the heartstrings of the public and rally hatred in their favor.

The public just has one unanswered question, “If this rescue is so horrible, why haven’t they been shut down.”

We have had government officials including animal control, Department of Ag both local and from Tallahassee, Environmental Health, and every officer on the force in Hernando County appear at our gates literally hundreds of times unannounced.



These individuals are purely spiteful and vindictive. Their actions are absolutely shameful and a disgrace. It’s called “cyber bullying” and “harassment” and they don’t care who they hurt. These people are attention seekers and I believe that’s exactly what they deserve.

Gina Crawford has been harassing us for several years.

(NOTE, Gina Crawford has never met us, met our animals, or stepped foot on our property)




Gina States: Do you know while I’m working all day I do not one time think about you or your sham of a rescue ? It brings a smile to my face to know you’re so ate up that you think about me and the others you’ve screwed over all day long. I just wanted you to know that. We all read these ridiculous pages of fiction and ask ourselves is she so obsessed with us or is she trying to write a fictional Novel . Hahahha hahahha I’m happy the horses that have left will never have to endure another day of their life at your place in that dirt pit with 14 horses having to share one bag of food AS YOU WROTE bye bye now

gina email

Gina Crawford, I believe the only one who is “obsessed” would be the one you see in the mirror each morning.

October 26, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Maybe we should all fax the sheriffs on Monday morning


October 26, 2013, Gina Crawford States: The only way for now is to keep posting the obvious bad things hoping they will go right out and try and prove me wrong and fix it


October 26, 2013, Gina Crawford States: This is a local “rescue” they aren’t in it for the horses believe me. That’s the really sad part.


October 26, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I took a lot today. Ive been watching the big warmblood they got from Criagslist and its lost a lot of weight.


October 26, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Yes the more of us that try the more they will have to look


October 26, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I talked to Cynthia smoot the other day about them. Just need enough voices.


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Mardi Brenner this is just an idea. The same places ag, animal control and the sheriffs isn’t getting it done. I think we need to go to the media again and have them go after Hernando county Sherriffs office. They need to find out how many complaints have been made and if so many why are they not taking the horses away. Make them look bad on the front page.


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: When we are out trail riding our common horse sense kicks in and if roots exposed we go around them. Because its bad for the horses feet. Causes bruising and abscesses. These people need to surrender these horses find a better place and finish school about horses before they should have any


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: That’s the thing they are in way over their heads and because they are greedy they are not putting these horses needs ahead of their own


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: There is a place directly next door called The Critter Place. Take a bale of hay or bag of cat, pig or dog food there to donate it and take as many pictures you can. This way nobody is harassing. We are just helping out next door.


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I know im sorry but so many things wrong there. I can’t help it. Im not a person that turns a blind wye. O, always for the underdog or horse lol.


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I see all of our horses and pictures on these pages and while none of us are perfect or know everything our horses look happy and healthy. Then I see the pics of thoses horses and they look so sad and lethargic from bad diets. Its heartbreaking to me.


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Would the USDA help I wonder? That’s a great suggestion.


October 27, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Maybe we can get us locals to do a sit in at the sheriffs office? We can show each picture of the wrong doings and explain each one since they are obviously not horse people.


October 28, 2013, Gina Crawford States: My personal thought is its just for the money but my mind can’t understand hoarding.


November 7, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I can’t wait for them to get out of Hernando county because Marion county wont let this crap go on


December 20, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Going to run up and have a meeting with a friend that works at the sheriff Connect the dots for them They obviously can’t see what’s happening.


December 20, 2013, Gina Crawford States:

Done sent it to Fox.


December 20, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I sent it to her. She has been researching them. Thank you feel free to like her page and send her any info you have on them.


December 20, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I’m tired of waiting or the karma train Kimber Townsend how many horses there have horrific injuries? Way too many


December 20, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I agree Allan Wilson all the way!!! They always have a horrific accident when they are desperate and out if donations


December 21, 2014, Gina Crawford States: Let me just say how can you have a “hate”group full of wonderful caring animal loving people?? Also how does she explain the before and after pics? This isn’t the only arriving fat and leaving injured and skinny. The pictures do NOT lie. Regardless if who likes who or any drama the facts are the facts. They are the only “rescue” having all these horrific accidents. Their own vets will tell you if you ask. They should be thanking everyone on this post that offered to adopt him and we had free hauling and help with the gelding. Yes that sounds like hateful people. I’ve said this before take care of the animals or we will not stop leaning on the state to shut you down, whoever it may be that is abusing or starving an animal period!!


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: She really wonders why I want to shed light on the bad things they do or their lack of horsemanship that the horses suffer for?


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Yeah a publicity stunt? Wth that’s just the stupidest remark I’ve ever heard. What’s would be the point??


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Yeah so stupid maybe just maybe I’m just trying to do right by the poor horses. I don’t care 2 you know what’s about those people. It’s all about the horrible care of horses and them scamming innocent people


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: She completely avoids the before and after question She always avoids the proof


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Heal ? He can’t heal whee he was going hungry that man makes my blood boil. First off they will give him too much bute which will cause other issues with his stomach and a tiny sprinkle of the apple flavor aspirin is much easier on minis I’m sure they don’t have any if that around.


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: She really wonders why I want to shed light on the bad things they do or their lack of horsemanship that the horses suffer from.


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I’m friends with both neighbors we know when they get hay


December 21, 2013, Gina Crawford States: He’s full if crap. A ton of people tried to adopt that pony too and give it proper care and he said no. They do not have the room or set up for a proper rescue. That pony went HOURS without vet care until the people paid off their vet bills. They are living off donations one of them needs a damn job. The idea is to adopt them out as fast as possible. They do not ever improve there. Fat ones get skinny, healthy ones get sick and sick


December 22, 2013, Gina States: Rene Trebing offered to let them use DRY land when they had flooding they declined rather let them stand in muck and crap for weeks!!! Never do they put the animals needs first over a dollar!! Sick of Dinelle writing the same crap totally ignoring my questions but deflecting back to the same old poor me I’m a victim!! And people buy it hello open your eyes and look at these horses, ugh?!!


December 22, 2013, Gina Crawford States: We have the most state people paying attention and news media than we ever have had before. I actually ran into someone high in PETA on Thanksgiving at a 7eleven. Got talking and she was appalled so I gave her all the info too and she was like a dog with a bone so who knows. We can only keep trying. The thing I worry about is everytime one they can’t sell goes to the wonderful 20 acres to live out their life actually means they take hem to the hay guys field and they don’t have any more time if you understand what I am saying. A woman named Sharyl that used to volunteer there claims that’s what they do with the ones with expensive costs and non sellable


December 22, 2013, Gina Crawford States: Look at the pony and the other before and after De you can’t dispute the horrible conditions. It’s not fighting it’s about getting better for the horses. plus what about all the people they took their money? This is fraud not just picking on someone.


December 22, 2013, Gina Crawford States: If they didn’t scam people and truly had been trying this group of haters would be helping but we will not help them buy cigarettes and live off donations while a friggin mini is skinny that arrived to them FAT!!!


December 22, 2013, Gina Crawford States: I did Moon Dance Ranch she said she’s out of the office till the 26th but the more of us that complain to her the better it is so please like her page Cynthia Smoot on fox and after you like it you can message her. She always calls back and is being sent lots of info on them. If anyone can send her your personal experience please do.


January 14 Gina States: Oh no, yeah I’ve offered to invite them to this page (which they are already I under her fake) under their name to be able to tell their version of the truth, but obviously since they are blocking people they are hiding something. Guess they don’t want us seeing the abuse.


January 31, 2013:

Billie Edmonson States: So who needs to be called in this matter.

Gina Crawford States: Hernando county sheriffs

Billie Edmonson States: Ok I know the agg sheriff’s for pasco in calling them see if they know someone in hernando I will work on this thru out the day in between working

Gina Crawford States: It is good news, Billie Edmonson we need more people to call. They have tried to make it like it’s just a personal attack by a hate group

Billie Edmonson States: Nope I don’t put up with abuse of no animal or live stock from no one and I will not stop until I get answers.


January 31, 2014, Gina Crawford States: Bad ones at that They do nothing for those horses


January 31, 2014, Gina Crawford States: They have definitely been feeling the heat lately. We are making a difference since we have gone public with all of it.


January 31, 2014, Gina Crawford States: He’s more concerned about taking those pics to pull at people’s heart strings than helping the poor thing


January 2014, Gina Crawford States: Anybody know which horse this is at Domino Effect?


January 2014, Gina Crawford States: I know the vet and have discussed it’s care and I know this isn’the new horse. We want proof from the other side so go take your kool aid cup back and ask your friend Dinelle to come over her and explain herself while you are getting your kool aid refilled.


January 2014, Gina Crawford States: Can you post the older picture? If so that’s criminal that horse was far and healthy when it got there, but we need to be sure.


Gina Crawford States: Stephanie and Dinelle want to be vets? They are delusional then. I believe we should send all our before and after pics to the college she sometimes attends and show them what kind of animal abuser they have in their own class!!


Ashley Denise States: Convenient he was “outside walking” a horse…Another colic? Anger… Desperation set in ? He does come across as pretty hostile….

Gina Crawford States: He’s very hostile

Ashley Denise States: I’ve seen in photos and videos-how aggressively he handles the horses… Doesn’t he have some sort of battery charge?

Gina Crawford States: Yes he does and weapons charges


Gina Crawford States: The problem with that Rebecca is first off look at him he’s in horrible condition second they have been paid to do the surgery just like they scammed on Wild Child people pay the surgery doesn’t get done and then he turns in the adoptee because he uses the money for something else. People are weary of that. What do you suggest we do to get him out of there.


Gina Crawford States: Not sure about the eye but doc didn’t think any fractures in the mouth. All we want is to let him be adopted out where he doesn’t have to be with other studs and can heal and gain his weight back. He needs a lot of Tlc we already have transportation and people willing to help donate to the new owner for his gelding.


Gina Crawford States: Ohana was kind enough to offer but those selfish jerks won’t let them help the horse. More proof they do not care about the horses first.


Gina Crawford States: Hes the village idiot and nothing more. The man absolutely has NO horse sense and we all know that can be dangerous.


Gina Crawford States: Funny though I CAN prove all those things shes denying. EVERY single one


Gina Crawford States: They deceive people. They prey on the religious people. They are not good Christians no good Christian would do these things to a horse.


Gina Crawford States: Everything they listed on their supposed did not do list we can prove they did. So why write this ridiculous post. She tries to make it about Ohana to change people’s avenue of thinking. If everyone stays focused on the evidence you will find them guilty as sin.


Gina Crawford States: They lie so bad. By lunging they mean tieing to the golf cart making her run up and down the road. Which you arent suppose to do anymore and by keeping an eye on her they mean tieing her to a tree and hitting her with a stick. Of course never a dull moment you DON’T feed them properly if all. That’s why one of them is always collicing!!!!!


Gina Crawford States: Lots of good ones around. Definitely do your homework. What area are you in? stay far away from Domino. Horrible place. There are a bunch of recent photos on the page All about Horses in Florida. You should go check it out. Very sad. What kind of horse are you looking for? And come join that group. No horse should be tied for hours and fed in a hole like this.


Gina Crawford States: Why do we have to deal with this? I hate it. It makes me so sad to see them in that condition. I hate drama. I hate negativity but geez how can I just ignore this??



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In my previous years I attended PHCC for a degree in Medical Transcription. I graduated with honors and worked as a Medical Transcriptionist for many years. Unfortunately, the new technology of voice recognition has taken the place of transcriptionists, forcing them out of life-long careers.

After being laid off, the rescue became my #1 focus. I have since been inspired to go back to college. I first started last fall in an equine program offered at CF. I realized very quickly that I wanted to go ALL the way to Veterinary Medicine.

I transferred my degree from an AS degree to an AA degree and I am climbing the educational ladder all the way to the top.

Grades are very important in this major, as very few are accepted into the Veterinary Program. I love a challenge and I am running full speed to the finish line.





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Look what I stumbled across, LOL.

Allan Wilson Robert Ashcraft

Carrie Linn Robert Ashcraft

1. Bob has NEVER PHYSICALLY TOUCHED either Carrie Young or Allan Wilson.
2. Bob has only come face to face with these 2 on several occasions.
3. On one occasion Allan Wilson put his hands on Bob and pushed him at Wagon Wheel Feed, at which time a report was made with witnesses giving a statement.
4. What would make these 2 fools think they could get a restraining order against someone who has done nothing to hurt them?
5. Gee, I guess the judge must have seen right through this madness, especially if he did a background check on these two.

Just because YOU two cannot keep your hands off each other, doesn’t mean that other people have this problem.


“People in glass houses should not throw stones”

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If it Feels Good, Do it


I grew up in a Christian home in the 1970s. We went to church three days a week and I attended a Christian school. I was a tall, very thin girl with buck teeth. The neighborhood bullies tormented me. Rejected by my peers, I spent a lot of time alone. My Christian upbringing was viewed negatively and my beliefs ridiculed. The rejection was unbearable at times. I had to find peace within myself and my surroundings. I strived for acceptance and was willing to climb any mountain to find this.

I was transferred to public schools at age twelve. The peer pressure to fit in became more difficult. I started smoking cigarettes at age nine with my best friend. Smoking made me look cool and feel grown up. The braces on my teeth worked miracles for my appearance. My freckles started to fade. I blossomed into a beautiful flower by age thirteen.

I tested my boundaries and began breaking out of my shell. I smoked with the girls in the high school bathrooms in between classes and skipped school. I started drinking with the older crowd and snuck out past curfew. I came home reeking of alcohol and tobacco. My parents didn’t know what to do with me. I had a mind of my own and was insistent to do as I pleased.

My parents taught me to refrain from intimacy until marriage. The girls my age were having sexual relations. In my confusion, I chalked up my beliefs to religious views and decided I would do it too. If I could just keep it a secret, it would be okay. At age fifteen I found out I was pregnant. How could I tell my parents that I had sex before marriage? My girlfriend arrived at my bedroom window every morning with a Coke and crackers to relieve my upset stomach before school. The other girls started bullying and calling me names. It was suggested that I have an abortion. How could I live with myself after doing this? My mother found a letter written for my girlfriend stuffed down in my jeans. My secret was out of the bag. My parents consulted with their pastor on how to handle this situation. He advised them about HUG (home for unwed girls). I arrived at HUG where I would spend the next seven months and give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I gave birth to my daughter three months before my sixteenth birthday. Ten months later I reunited with my daughter’s father. We married one week before her first birthday. I thought I was all grown up with a husband and child. By the time I was eighteen, I had three children. My husband and I would take the children out to dinner. I had one child in a booster chair, one in the highchair, and one in an infant seat waiting to eat. People would ask if I was the babysitter. At age eighteen I worked at a hotel to help support my family. I struggled with family life. The maintenance man pursued me and made me feel special. He showered me with attention and gave support that I didn’t find at home. I started living a double life, married with children and a lover on the side. Life became complicated and I could no longer stomach the guilt. I separated from this man, but he haunted my every footstep for years to come.

At age twenty-two I separated from my husband and moved on with my life. Being tied down since I was a child with a husband and children, I felt like it was time to live life and do what made me happy. It was time to party.

I spent many years barhopping and social drinking. My children spent a lot of time with babysitters and raising themselves. I got a call one afternoon from an officer. A neighbor called them out to my house because my children were home alone. I had spent the day with friends enjoying a summer-day cookout. My 11-year-old daughter was at home watching her younger siblings. I was later charged with child neglect and spent a couple of years on probation until cleared.

I was a bartender for many years and my life centered around the bar. I felt special being admired by so many. I rode with the bikers and spent many nights out on the town. I lived my life out of the bottle. Time passed by while I withered away in a drunken stupor. My children had grown up in the depths of my loneliness.

It was last call for alcohol. Everyone had gone home for the night with a few stragglers still left at the bar. I sat slumped over in my seat drinking one last beer before they cleared the bar and closed the doors. I didn’t call for a taxi because I needed my car the next morning to go to work. I said goodnight and stumbled to my car. I drove home with one eye squinted, so that I could focus on the road in front of me. I felt a bump in the road and kept going. I woke up the next morning to a flat tire and a busted side mirror. I had mysteriously hit something while driving. I retraced my steps for days hoping to find the missing piece to the puzzle. A few weeks later I drove my car into the ditch. I managed to pull myself out of the car and followed the road home on foot.

I had hit rock bottom. I lost quality time with my children that I could never relive. I wasted time and money on alcohol that would never be repaid. I suffered from severe osteoporosis from alcohol use and other lifestyle events. I hurt many people who were close to me from alcoholism and isolated from family members. I spent many nights passed out in alleys, cars, or public facilities. Rape and abuse were afflictions of the disease. I became a social phobic without alcohol. My body was mentally and physically drained. I felt ill and sometimes felt I would die from alcohol poisoning. How could I stop this vicious cycle of destruction?

I received a letter in the mail from a Catholic Church in Texas. Inside was a prayer napkin. The instructions inside stated to write your prayer request on the prayer napkin and send it back. What might have seemed foolish to me became a desperate plea for help. I wrote on the prayer napkin “I want to quit drinking and smoking” and I sent it back.

Over the years, I had received many referrals for being late to my office job and calling in absent. The corporation decided to let me go. I left work that day hopeless and scared. I pulled into the bar for a beer. On the stool beside me sat an unfamiliar face. I introduced myself to Robert while bumming a few smokes.

A few weeks later Robert asked me to dinner. At dinner he asked me what my dreams were. After raising four children and living a life of alcoholism, I had placed my dreams on the top shelf. It took me a few minutes to take them down and dust them off. Then I replied, “I want to quit drinking and smoking. I want to get back into church. I want a career and a life I can build with someone. I want to live on a farm in the country with beautiful animals surrounding me.”

As the months moved forward, we became romantically involved. We started attending church together. I enrolled into college in the fall. I was still bartending, which made it very difficult to quit drinking and smoking. Robert quit his heavy equipment job. Robert taught me how to paint storefront windows and letter car windshields. Together we worked side by side, so that I could get away from the alcohol. After his mother’s funeral, two years later, I put the bottle down and never touched it again.

We were actively involved with a large church nearby. We attended many Bible classes and outreach events to learn more and give back to the public. Robert and I married in the church. God promised me that my life would be restored. I was healed from the osteoporosis and had a hysterectomy to heal years of hemorrhaging and anemia. God told me that I would be a writer. I freshened up my writing skills shortly after this and have written ever since.

After we married in 2008, Robert’s son brought us a baby goat. This goat turned into a domino effect that led us to open the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in 2009. Robert and I have a beautiful farm where we have rescued donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, ducks, birds, squirrels, raccoons, bunnies, and 350+ horses in five years.

Our mission has always been about giving back to the community by showing God’s love. Aside from rehabilitating the horses, we educate the public about the animals and teach them how to care and handle them. We take the horses into the community and give the “big” kids and children rides. The horses have also accompanied us to assisted living facilities to bring smiles to the “older” kids.

Every day I sat on that bar stool, God sat beside me patiently waiting for me to surrender. He safeguarded me from the devastation, but allowed me to experience bumps and bruises along the way. Life’s worldly pleasures had ripped my heart out and haunted my dreams. When I called on God, He swept me out of darkness and restored my life, family, health, and my heart. I thank God every day for the absolute blessings He has bestowed upon my family. I have learned one of life’s most valuable lessons. Life comes with many choices. We can choose to do what makes us feel good, but will suffer grave consequences for every immoral act. For every step we walk in Christ, we shall bear fruit and prosper in life abundantly.

Approximately 85% of Americans never receive treatment for their alcohol addictions. Alcohol is responsible for 15% of the Nation’s health care costs. Alcoholics are at far greater risk for health issues such as liver damage, brain dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and mental disorders. Alcoholism is responsible for half of accidental deaths, suicides, and homicides. Alcohol is responsible for 43% of traffic fatalities. Studies suggest that 75% of woman who are alcoholics have been sexually abused. Domestic violence is also greater with alcohol abuse. A fetus born under the influence of alcohol can experience life-long damage such as low I.Q, hyperactivity, facial and cranial abnormalities, growth deficiency, and malformed organs such as heart defects (HealthFacts).

Children at a young age struggle with peer pressure. Social media teaches children that atypical characteristics are unacceptable. Families teach their children at a young age that stature is important and one must wear name brand clothes, live in a fancy home, and drive an expensive car to “keep up with the Joneses.” This role causes children to lose their individuality and their unique qualities that make them special (Lombardi).

Unwed mothers are on the rise. We used to call this illegitimacy, but now this is the norm. Fifty years ago a third of marriages were precipitated by a pregnancy. By the 1990s, a third of Americans were born outside of marriage. It is more acceptable in today’s society for couples to live together than to make a lifetime commitment to each other (Deparle).

The effects of infidelity are great in number, but rarely discussed. Men and woman seek outside attention rather than repair a relationship with their spouse. People have a misconceived notion that the grass is greener on the other side. After a love affair unfolds, spouses suffer long-lasting effects of mental anguish, rejection, insecurity, and trust issues. Children are left with a broken family and fear of entering a sacred commitment of marriage as an adult (Hall).

Children who grow up in alcoholic families suffer from neglect, hostile behaviors, and isolation. Adults who suffer from alcoholism often become violently obstructive when inebriated and withdrawn when sober. Adults are incapable of being responsible parents and holding the family together. Children learn insecurity and feel unstable in the home with mixed emotions. They yearn for acceptance, but are left feeling inadequate. Children often carry more responsibility to care for the alcoholic in denial (Rotunda).

Today’s society teaches us to let our hair down and have a good time. Worldly addictions are in disguise to make us feel good, but later leave us with heartache and despair. God gives us His Word of Life to live by. Many people refer to this as having good moral values. Moral values are an example of how to live in harmony with others and ourselves. Without these values in our lives, our world tends to fall apart and lead to destruction. A life worth living is a life lived in Christ.

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I deleted an entry that I made in a recent post, not because I did not believe it to be true, but because I no longer had visible proof of this statement.

Gina Crawford sends me the following threat:

So I am taking that printed copy and a copy of your ridiculous Domino examiner email you sent out to everyone’s email which by the way is so riddled with LIES I’m not sure you could tell the truth if your life depended on it. You started I sent you a message. First off the messages to the recipient don’t delete when the other side deletes. You don’t have it because it’s a lie as is everything else you write or speak. I also took a copy of your own post saying you had one bag of feed and 14 horses and no way to feed them to the Hernando County Sherriffs office today at 4:00 pm so I’m sure you will be hearing from them shortly and I am pressing charges agains you. Everything I’ve ever posted of you and the poor condition of the horses while in your care is all true. You are nothing more than felons running a scam and the horses are suffering because of your laziness to get a job. People without jobs or that cant afford horse feed shouldn’t have a horse period!!! It’s unfair to the horse


You better believe for every action there is a reaction !!! I never wrote you any message about Wild Child passing. Correct your lies or I will see you in court. I will be filing the motion tomorrow and because you sent that 100% fabricated lie about me sending you a message to people via email that’s a larger offense . It certainly makes me feel good to know you have nothing but lies to share about me. Seeing all the good I do helping people and horses on a daily basis you were forced to make some ridiculous lie about some non existent letter. See when you feed your animals and treat thy neighbor well people don’t have many negative things to say. Also making 100% false accusations as you did aka telling lies well that’s not very Christian like . A true Christian would know lying is a sin


First of all you might ask, why is Gina Crawford so bothered?

Gina States: The really sad thing is a nice couple named Frank and Mary paid for him to be gelded and paid to adopt him last year. Bob stole their money and kept the horse and when they came to get him 2 weeks after paying he had NOT been gelded so Bob got mad when they were questioning him and threw them off the property!! This horse could have had a wonderful home.


Gina States: Nobody will answer me about why over and over they collect gelding fees tell the people to come back they show up horse not gelding so they get defensive and screw the people over. People lose money, horse never gets gelded and on to the next sucker out there. Why is it ok for them to do this?


Gina Crawford, your story changes every time you tell it. If you do NOT have the facts in the story you are telling, you have NO business telling it.

1. They refused the adoption.
2. They wanted the horse to “sell” as a stallion.
3. We NEVER THREW THEM OFF THE PROPERTY, They never appeared back at our place, but called sheriff and AG out instead.
4. They donated the gelding fee to DERR.
5. Wild Child was gelded 1 month after they paid for the gelding.
6. We never stole their money, they backed out on an agreement.
7. They refused adoption.
8. Refused the terms of the contract.
9. Contract states NO REFUND.
10. Adoption fees are donations to the rescue.
11. We have NEVER charged anyone else a gelding fee for Wild Child.

Below is the written document of what took place with Frank and Mary Squire.

Frank and Mary Squire came out on an adoption day to specifically look at Wild Child. They mentioned that they had seen pictures of him on my Facebook of him running and playing. Frank said they had to come out and see him for themselves. We walked them out back to meet Wild Child. From there, Bob gave them specific information about Wild Child regarding his mannerism, age, gender, as in stallion, and the fact that he was not broke. The gentleman told me that he had experience breaking horses in the past, so Wild Child would not be a problem for him. They said they were looking into a boarding facility for 2 horses, Wild Child being one of them. We had a lot of people here that day, so my interaction with the couple was minimal. They decided they wanted Wild Child. Bob explained to them that he was a stallion and he had to be gelded before he left the ranch. Bob explained to them that we would need the $500 adoption fee and the $300 gelding fee up front to secure Wild Child’s adoption, so that we could schedule to have his gelding done. We always have families fill out an adoption contract under RDA Equine Services at the time the adoption is final and money is transferred.

On this day Mary wrote a check for $800 to cover the $500 adoption fee and the $300 gelding fee. We asked them to fill out an adoption contract, as a receipt for the adoption. They said they were in a hurry to go and promised to fill this out later. At this point, Bob asked me to write out a receipt for this couple, so that they could be on their way. This is NOT our customary way to handle this, as the adoption contract normally serves as a receipt. I did, however, write them a receipt. I gave them the copy of the receipt and they left. This was Saturday, September 15, 2012. To my knowledge, I believe it was the following Tuesday when we we were running errands.

Wild Child blog 001

Bob left his phone in the truck, so that I could make phone calls to schedule Wild Child’s gelding appointment. Initially, we estimated Wild Child’s appointment to be scheduled within the week and for there to be a 4-week recovery time following. We scheduled an appointment with a vet out of Tampa/Lutz that was priced out of our range and more than we collected for the gelding. While I was making calls, I missed a few calls coming in because Bob was not with me to answer them. After we arrived back home in the evening, Bob returned his missed calls. He met me in the office while he was on the phone with Frank and put the phone on speakerphone, so that I could hear what was being said.

Frank explained that before he came to see us Saturday he had just got out of the hospital from a pill overdose in attempts to commit suicide. He said he had hoped Wild Child would be therapy for him, but in reality he was afraid Wild Child would be too much for him at this time. Bob told him we had utilized the adoption fees and we had already scheduled the gelding for Wild Child. He said he was very sorry he could not adopt Wild Child at this time. He told us to keep Wild Child’s gelding fee and keep his appointment to have him gelded. Bob explained to him that we would return his $500 adoption fee after Wild Child was gelded, recovered, and adopted to his new family. Frank agreed to this and said he was in no hurry, but to please not forget about him.

The following Sunday, a week later, Bob received a phone call while we were in the Pastor’s truck on our way home from church in St. Pete. Bob answered to find out that this was not a friendly call. Frank had totally changed his frame of mind from previously speaking with him. He asked Bob if Wild Child had been gelded yet and Bob told him no, but it was scheduled. Frank told Bob that he no longer wanted Wild Child gelded and he wanted Wild Child as a stallion because he had someone who would train him and wanted to sell Wild Child and get his money back. Bob explained to him that his receipt for Wild Child was NOT a receipt of sale. He told him that Wild Child and/or any other horse here are NOT for sale, but they are adopted out under a 2-year adoption contract, never to be sold by the adopted family until the terms of the 2-year adoption contract have been met. Bob told him at this point again that since he had chosen NOT to adopt Wild Child, he now would have to wait for Wild Child to be gelded, recover, and adopted out to get his funds back. This man was angry and demanded that he either get his funds or Wild Child immediately. Bob ended the conversation soon thereafter because the man was demanding and would not listen to reason.

The next morning an officer called Bob and told him that this couple had made a complaint against Bob. The officer said they had a receipt stating that they “bought” a horse from us and that we were refusing to give it to them. Bob explained to the officer the situation. He explained that we do NOT sell horses and that was not a receipt of sale, but a receipt of money transfer to adopt Wild Child. Since they later refused the adoption and never signed the adoption contract, Wild Child NEVER belonged to them. They did NOT have the right to sell Wild Child as a stallion.

After the officer came out, it was then brought to our attention that they were spreading lies around the Internet. I replied to ALL of them the procedure in which they would receive their funds, but they would NOT receive the horse.

I then contacted another vet and scheduled an appointment with him to have Wild Child gelded because his price was $200 cheaper than my previous appointment. He was going on vacation, so I couldn’t schedule this until November 17, 2012. Initially I scheduled the gelding with the other vet that was very high in price because they gave me a quicker appointment, so we could get him gelded, recovered, and sent to his new home. After the Squires did not want to adopt Wild Child, I then cancelled this vet and scheduled with Blue Skies to have him gelded on November 17th.


This procedure was done just as we discussed with the Squires. He went through his 1-month recovery

Wild Child blog 002

Wild Child blog 007

Wild Child blog 005

Wild Child blog 004

The Pastor and his wife also gave written statements of this incident to the Department of Agriculture, but unfortunately, I do not have these copies.

Gina commented on For EVERY Action, There is a Reaction

Are you on drugs? Seriously what you wrote was your distorted view if what happened very far from the truth. Google this word TRUTH so you know what the word means!!!

1. I NEVER knew Gina Crawford existed before this incident.
2. Gina Crawford was NO WHERE around when this took place.
3. Gina Crawford has NEVER STEPPED FOOT on our property.
4. Gina Crawford has NEVER been on the phone with this couple and Bob when this took place.
5. By the way, I do NOT do drugs!!!


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I wrote a blog several of weeks ago about the death of Wild Child. Wild Child went to an adopter where he died 3 months later in their care. I safeguarded these people by choosing NOT to identify them by name. Vicki Audrel Barnes has since emailed me and then posted a copy of her email out on Facebook to exploit our rescue.


In a previous blog I posted the following:

What are YOU referring to when you mention that Channel 10 News should do a story about the elderly Vietnam Marine Veteran? ARE YOU SERIOUS TED KORAN???

We adopted 2 horses to that “elderly” couple. They assured us that they had a lifetime of experience with horses. He wanted to train Wild Child. First we sent them feed buckets, lead ropes, and a lunge line for them to get started. Bob spent many hours over there repairing the fence line and clearing trees. We worked out a payment arrangement with them towards Wild Child’s adoption fee. They paid us in increments when we needed feed and hay.

The first incident occurred shortly after they adopted Robyn and Wild Child. Robyn was discovered to have been hit in the head with “something.” It was a very hard blow that possibly fractured her skull, since then this area is still distorted 6 months later. They had no idea what happened to Robyn and offered NO vet care for her. Bob had to donate Bute to help Robyn with the pain.

The second incident occurred within a month later. They arrived at our porch one Sunday afternoon when we were entertaining company. They came over to tell us that Wild Child’s legs were swollen. I told her that I would come over later to check his temperature to see if he was possibly suffering from infection and take a heart rate to see how much pain he was experiencing. We arrived over there around 9:00 in the evening after our company had left. Wild Child’s legs were HUGE!!! I had never seen anything like this before. He was running a fever and his heart was racing. He came out and I told him that he needed to get a vet for Wild Child immediately. She freaked out on me. She blamed me for not being there sooner to tell her what to do. I told her, “I am an amateur, surely you can take one look at this horse’s legs and see that the horse is in emergent need for vet care.” She became hysterical calling me names, etc. The vet notified us that he had cellulitis and his skin would have burst had she not been called.

Bob on two occasions covered his legs in cooling clay, wrapped them with cellophane, and then covered them with cotton wrap before wrapping them with vet wrap. He also Buted Wild Child on several occasions. Bob furnished over $100 in medical supplies to assist in the care of Wild Child’s legs.

In January we received a call from her. Bob answered the phone. She said “Can you be a good Christian?” Bob said “why?” She said she needed his help right away. We arrived at their front door a few minutes later. She was crying and he was apologizing. She said that he died. We realized that she was talking about Wild Child. Bob went through the house and out the backdoor to find the horse that he had raised for the past 3 years. I followed him out to view the corpse. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and they had just discovered that Wild Child was dead. The body was bloated and his eyes had been plucked out of his skull by buzzards. Wild Child had obviously been dead for at least a day. This told us they definitely had NOT been out to feed either horse that morning or the evening before this. Both horses were thin, neither gaining weight. It was thought they were eating hay only. Wild Child had foam coming out of his nose. Bob called the vet to have Wild Child examined, so that we could have closure to his death. The adopter came out of the house. Him and Bob began to argue. He kept telling Bob to shut up. He told us to leave. Bob told him he was not leaving until the vet showed to examine Wild Child. After heated words between the two of them, the adopter went into his house and came out with a gun. He pointed the gun at Bob and threatened to shoot him. Bob told him “then shoot me because I am not moving until I find out why my horse is dead.” She called the cops on us trying to insinuate danger, even though her husband stood there holding the gun. Unfortunately, Bob mentioned to the cops that he was not scared of the gun, so we could not press charges against him.

The vet arrived later to do a report. She was denied to perform a necropsy, so had to make a visual diagnosis. The foam emanating from his nostrils represented that Wild Child’s lungs continued to function after his heart stopped. She could only ASSUME that he might have had an anaphylaxis shock that caused his heart to stop suddenly.

Audrel States: Will you Please quit posting lies about Wild Child. Some of what you say is close to the truth, but nor accurate. Wild Child was grained that morning with Robyn like always. As, you know they free feed on a round bale that was in a contained area. So they could not poop or urinate on it. I do not want to post the documents from Dr. Sarah or the vet bills we paid. This was a devastating event for us. Neither one of you shed a tear for Wild Child. Your Husband just yelled profanity at Ed and threaten him…if I posted anything on the internet he would pound him into the ground. When Ed asked you to leave you would not. I do not want to tell the whole story, but if I have to I will. This BS needs to stop and now. We have tried to forgive you and go on…then you post partial lies about the death of our Horse. Who we took excellent care of. Also we did not refuse a necropsy…Dr. said it was not necessary. Wild Child did not suffer he passed rapidly from an aneurysm. We have not caused you any problems, in fact we have been praying for you. Never posted anything about you guys until you did. Please stop this insanity….

I wrote Audrel back the following email that she neglected to share:

Dinelle States: NEVER heard a diagnosis of an aneurysm until now. Sarah NEVER reported this in the report or in person. I would have NEVER said a thing about Wild Child, but your friend, Ted Koran felt it was his duty to exploit us by saying that Channel 10 needed to investigate us for what we did to your husband. What did we do to Ed, Audrel? I believe they were both having words back in forth. I believe your husband initiated telling Bob to shut up and listen repeatedly. I believe Bob stepped to his face with words, BUT NEVER touched him or posed a threat to hurt him. Ed ran to the house to grab a gun. You were nowhere around until he came out with a gun. Ed should have been arrested for pointing that gun at us and would have been if Bob hadn’t told the officer that he wasn’t scared of the gun. Ed was guilty of running his mouth at Bob, just as well as Bob was with him. Your husband took it upon himself to handle this matter by bringing a gun into it.

I don’t know what you told others, but you have obviously been running your mouth about it for Ted Koran to be exploiting us publically. Since he decided to exploit us publically, I posted out the TRUTH. And yes it was the TRUTH!!!. (including the paragraph that I deleted)

Anyone could take one look at Wild Child and know that he had been dead longer than since that morning. His body was bloated, his eye was plucked out, and anus bleeding by the buzzards. This does NOT happen in a couple hour’s time. NO, you did not take good care of those horses. You weren’t even feeding them grain until Bob told Ed that the Thoroughbreds had to have grain. You never treated them for rain rot. I had to treat Robyn 2 times to rid her of rain rot after she came back. You never had their feet done. You did not get a vet out when Robyn was hurt and YES Bob had to bring over Bute on several occasions for her. You didn’t have enough sense to know that Wild Child needed to see a vet without being told. He had cellulitis, had you let this go on, his skin would have burst. YES, you got a vet after we told you to. YES, you got a vet after Wild Child died when we told you that we had to have a report, per our contract.

I NEVER POSTED YOUR NAME. YOU are the only one that connects yourself to that post.

I WOULD HAVE NEVER POSTED ANYTHING ABOUT WILD CHILD-but I will NOT stand for bullies exploiting us with lies. I told the truth as I saw it happen!!! Sorry if the truth hurts. We told you not to mess with those people. It will only be a matter of time before you see it for yourself after they are done using you against us.

YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND to judge someone and make a statement as to whether people are upset about an animal. I believe you could see by Bob’s actions how infuriated he was that something happened to Wild Child. We should have NEVER let him go over there. I think we are both angry that we did not bring them back sooner after we saw that you both weren’t caring for them properly. We didn’t say anything because the two of you are both so defensive. Some things we let go and are now paying for it later with grave consequences. BUT this is something I have to live with. DON’T YOU EVER say that we didn’t care about that horse. YOU would be a liar to say such a thing. We raised that horse from a baby and had him seen on several occasions the first year to insure he was healthy with NO issues. Some things would have been better left unsaid, BUT because of the nasty people around us, everything has to be exploited.

I understand that Wild Child did not die because of you both. No one ever implicated such a thing. We brought Robyn back only because it was unknown why he died and we didn’t want another horse to suffer from whatever killed him. I asked Sara to give you my condolences over Wild Child that night, even after the chaotic episode that took place. Bob and I DO NOT need that type of drama in our lives. I begged him on several occasions to stay clear from you both after you had your “passionate” moment with me. We have too much on our plate right now than to being sucked into the BS. I will NOT tolerate the drama or the lies. YOU do what you feel you need to do to resolve the matter, but the blog will stay there thanks to your kind friend, TED KORAN!!!

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