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  • Karen Koran had a visitor a few weeks ago. Karen stood conversing with a young lady for quite some time in the driveway and then walked over to our fence line to see our horses. As they were pointing our way, I noticed the young lady to be wearing a dress and dress shoes, not fit for her visit. My assumptions were correct that Ted and Karen had finally found a reporter to spew their hatred. After the lady left, Karen screamed over to Bob “I hope you have a heart attack and die.” Bob and I looked at each other like “WOW” what did we do now?

    The following Saturday on June 7, 2014, an Animal Control officer, along with a deputy, shows up at Ted Koran’s gate, what he calls The Critter Place. He refused to let them in. He was very rude to the animal control officer. Ted Koran stated that the animal control officer was friends with his neighbor, Robert Ashcraft, and this was a conflict of interest and would not allow her on his property. She advised Mr. Koran that the complaint did not come in from his neighbor, Mr. Ashcraft. The Corporal advised the animal control officer to get a report and he would order a search warrant on June 9, 2014, to enter the property. Ted Koran decided on his own free will to allow them to enter the property to do their investigation, but would NOT let them in the house. Ted pled the Fifth Amendment, as to whether or not he had any more animals inside. Ted advised the officer that he knew the law and he was aware that every animal needed to have a rabies vaccine and license. He claims his need for “feed” for the animals is greater than following the letter of the law.

    The officer saw Gypsy to the right of the property. She was walking with a limp due to a hip injury. The officer asked if Gypsy had seen a vet. Ted assured her that Sarah Quatman had been out to see Gypsy and take care of her injury. She asked to see documentation, but Ted could NOT provide this information. He advised her that it is “public” record.

    *NOTE* NO VETERINARIAN REPORT IS PUBLIC RECORD, unless you have made it public, therefore, you would have access to these records for the officer.

    Ted Koran tells the officer he has 26 years experience and knows when he should or should not call a vet. We have known the Korans personally for the last 5 years. Ted has lost 4 horses out of 6 since we have known of him. When we moved in, they told us about a horse they had lost in the previous year. Lil Bit died after colicking and being tied to a tree all night to keep her standing. Glorious arrived in Lil Bit’s place. Ruby died from organ failure after losing an extensive amount of weight. Ted begged for another horse and my husband took him to pick up Mattie. Glorious died at our fence line in November 2012. She lied there for 32 hour before Ted drug her with the tractor close to the house to bury. Ted then begged the community for another horse to be a companion with Mattie.


    Gypsy arrived shortly thereafter. Gypsy remains in the backyard unseen and Mattie in the front yard, the two with no direct contact.


    Mattie stands in the front yard each day lonely for a companion. She stands at our fence line to be close to our horses and can be seen in the background of all my pictures. She paws away at the broken down fence with multiple injuries to her hooves and pasterns from getting caught in the fence, never seen by a vet or the fence repaired.



    Initially She wore a diaper and duct tape around her hoof, then only duct tape wrapped directly on the wound for almost a year until the injury healed.



    Furthermore, Mattie is scared of Ted and keeps a safe distance away. No vet or farrier care, unless donated, just desperate pleas for feed.

    The neighbor’s farrier came over a few weeks ago. The neighbor had to hold Mattie for the farrier, but still could not trim her hooves.


    Dogs and cats carrying sickness and disease, abscesses, tumors, infections, and mange:







    After Ted’s encounter with the Hernando Animal Control officer, Ted went into a raging fit. This is normal behavior for Ted, as every government agency who has dealt with him has remarked on what a hateful, difficult person he is to work with.

    Ted justifies his citations by attacking my husband and I. He accuses us of making a false report against him. We have NEVER called any agency on Ted Koran. Ted Koran has filed “so many” reports against us and called the cops on us “so many” times that no agency can keep count, not even the sheriff’s department. When people will no longer hear his lies, he rallies innocent bystanders on FB to make calls to agencies against us for him.



    After Animal Control left on June 7, 2014, Ted Koran posted publically the following statement referring to my husband and I.

    ted violation revised

    Ted States “We know that this visit was orchestrated by a pair of felons that have been under the scrutiny of officials, the public, and other rescues and the felons are a “Horse Rescue” and have had hundreds of complaints and investigations and the laws are so lax that there are no actionable offenses despite the pictures. The list of felonies is 13 pages long. The officer for animal control is personal friends with the felons and the rescue.”

    Apparently, Ted Koran, the laws in Hernando County are NOT too LAX, since you have received multiple citations against your pets. You admitted that you knew you were doing wrong, but chose to do it anyway with no respect for the letter of the law. If you have done wrong, take it like a man and stop trying to point the finger at someone else. Your “felon” neighbors have NOTHING to do with the fact that you don’t have your animals licensed, don’t keep your facility clean, or get the necessary vet checks. The hundreds of calls and investigations against the felon’s “Horse Rescue” are PROVEN to be orchestrated by you. BUT, the felons next door have NEVER called any organization against YOU or the other “rescue” you claim have gone against them. The animal control officer is NOT friends with the “felons” and would NEVER side with them against you. She is a government official who was called to your address to do a “wellness check” by another government official in Citrus County.

    Ted states “The same officer cited us for 2 dogs without rabies and license ONLY because she was visiting her felon friends at the felon’s rescue from a complaint that animal control received.”

    TED KORAN YOU ARE A LIAR!!! The animal control officer was NOT visiting us. You called and made a false complaint against us and she came out to make a report. At the time, she saw Ruby standing at the fence line coughing, eyes puffy, emaciated, and looking ill. She reported over there to do a “wellness check” on the horse. Ruby died shortly after this.

    Ted Koran States “The same officer who cleared her felon friends of wrong doing despite a dead horse at her feet.

    TED KORAN YOU ARE A LIAR!!!. Ted Koran YOU are responsible for colicking Shia after you fed our horses grain in the sand for weeks at the back fence. You anticipated something would happen to them and called animal control to our gates the next morning just minutes after we lost the horse. Officer Blake was the officer who arrived that morning, not officer Christian who cited you for your pets on 2 separate occasions.

    Ted Koran States “The officer is facilitating a vendetta orchestrated by her felon friends. Before we can do anything about the officer, she is an official capacity to enforce the citations she issued us.”

    Ted Koran, NO OFFICER is going to cite YOU for a vendetta orchestrated by her felon friends. Why would “anyone” have any reason to want to hurt you, Ted Koran?

    Ted Koran continues his hatred towards us.


    Ted Koran States “This will all reveal itself for what it really is.


    Ted States “Who wants a lady scumbag married to a scumbag working for the sheriff?


    Ted States “Both from vindictive neighbors. This one just happens to be multiple felons, with hundreds of complaints from people we never knew. Hundreds of visits from authorities and this officer that visited today is personal friends. Sounds fishy to meeeeee!!


    Ted States “This Veteran is MADDER THAN HELL!!


    Just because you made false complaints against the “felon” rescue and the officer did not violate them, doesn’t mean that the “felons” are suddenly good friends with the officers. This officer in question we are speaking of also has a “nonprofit 501c3 organization” and just so happens to be one of the “few” places available in Brooksville to do community service. Just because the “felon” did community service with this officer after you called the law on him for putting down a pig, doesn’t mean that suddenly this officer and this “felon” are friends working hand and hand.

    After Ted Koran told his fan club that his “felon” neighbors had caused him this hardship, the community rewarded his hatred by sending free services to get veterinarian checkups, rabies, and vaccinations for all the animals.






    The TRUTH is that Ted Koran went to adopt a dog from Citrus County Animal Control. He caused a scene and disturbed the office. Patty Ammon, representative for Citrus Animal Control called the Hernando County Animal Control to request a background and wellness check on Ted Koran before they could allow him to adopt an animal.






    (By the way, Glorious died in October 2012, 4 months later she was replaced with Gypsy. There’s NO WAY POSSIBLE, Ted Koran has had Gypsy for 2 years).


    On 06062014 I received a phone call complaint and a request to conduct an investigation and well check on the animals belonging to Theodore Koran at 10396 Snowbird Avenue. The complainant, Animal Services Representative from Citrus County, Patty, advised that Mr. Koran had been to their facility to adopt animals and that he was very evasive with information on the animals he currently owned. She stated be became rude and caused a scene in their office. She stated that he indicated that he owns two dogs and had no further information.

    On 06072014 I proceeded to the address 10396 Snowbird with Deputy Stephens. Upon arrival at the front gate, we made contact with Karen and Theodore Koran and I advised I had been requested to conduct a well check on the animals at the residence/facility. Mr.Koran stated that I was friends with his neighbor, Robert Ashcraft, and this was a conflict of interest and would not allow me on his property. I advised Mr. Koran that the complaint did not come in from his neighbor, Mr. Ashcraft, and that when agencies responded
    to complaints at the Ashcraft residence, they are handled by a deputy.

    Mr. Koran stated he owns a non-profit organization named The Critter Place for which he has a license and articles of incorporation. I check on sunbiz.org but was not able to locate the information.

    There were two dogs and a large pig visible at the gate. Mr. Koran advised that the pig is his watch dog. I asked Mr. Koran if the two dogs were current on rabies vaccinations and county licenses. Mr. Koran advised that none of his animals are current on rabies vaccinations and county licenses and that he does not feel the need to have them vaccinated and licensed since they do not leave
    his property. I counseled Mr. Koran regarding the county ordinance requiring dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated for rabies and posses a county license. Mr. Koran advised me not to talk to him like he was an idiot, that he was fully aware of the county ordinances, but did not have the money to purchase vaccination licenses since he needed food for the animals.

    Mr. Koran gave me the information for the two dogs at the gate. There was a blonde, spayed Labrador mix named Daisy and a tan and white mixed spayed Labrador named Sasha. I asked Mr. Koran if he had other dogs and he stated to me, he had lots of them but that he was not going to allow me to view them or come onto his property. He stated to me that I would need to get a search warrant in order to get any further information.

    I proceeded to my truck and made contact with Corporal Stockton and advised him of my investigation to date and the situation at hand. Corporal Stockton advised me to complete a report, that he would review it on 06092014, and at that time we would proceed with a search warrant. Corporal Stockton advised me to advise Mr. Koran that we would be following up with a search warrant on 06092014.

    I returned to the gate and advised Mr. and Mrs. Koran of the conversation with Corporal Stockton. Mrs. Koran stated that even with a search warrant we would not be able to get onto the property if they were out on doctor’s appointments. Mr. Koran stated that we would be able to access the property with a search warrant if they were not there, and that would run the risk of animals getting lose.
    At that time Mr. Koran advised myself and Deputy Stephens that we could come onto the property and conduct our investigation. Mr. Koran advised me again, that the pig was his body guard. I asked Mr. Koran to secure the pig and he stated the pig was in it’s own yard and currently secure.

    Mr. Koran opened the gate and allowed myself and Deputy Stephens access to the property. I carried a control pole, due to the loose pig and other animals, including dogs, running loose.

    Mr. Koran continued with the list of dogs that he currently owns, advising that none of them are current on rabies vaccinations or county licenses:

    Shelby, a Shepard mix, spayed female tan and white. Cameo, a Chow mix, spayed female, tan. Coco, a Chow mix neutered male, tan. Vanilla, a Chow mix female, tan. Cinnamon, a Chow mix female, tan. Susie, a Labrador mix, spayed female, black and white.

    To the right of the property, I viewed a large dark brown Bay horse, named Mattie. The horse appeared to be well rounded. I asked Mr. Koran if he owned any other horses. He stated he owns another horse named Gypsy, that was in the back, and that the horse had a hip injury which meant it could not be ridden. I asked Mr. Koran for a description and color of the horse, but was refused the information. Mr. Koran stated he got Gypsy from a rescue and that she came in that condition. I asked Mr. Koran if he had
    documentation from the rescue or from a veterinarian regarding the condition of the horse. Mr. Koran stated that he had lost all of the information on the person who gave him the horse, but that Sarah Quatman is the veterinarian. I asked Mr. Koran if she had seen the horse and therefore would be willing to make contact with Dr. Quatman in lieu of documentation regarding the condition of the horse. Mr. Koran stated that Dr. Quatman has not been out for some time to see the horses and that he feels that since he has twenty-six years of experience he knows when he needs to call a veterinarian. Mr. Koran then stated that he has documentation on the computer. I asked Mr. Koran if he could provide it for my report and he stated to me that it was public record and that if I wanted this information, I could look it up myself. I advised Mr. Koran that it would be a benefit to the report for him to provide the information due to the complaint being filed on him. I viewed the horse named Gypsy walking out of the stall. The horse appeared to have a noticeable limp coming from the hip area.

    I advised Mr. Koran if he was not able to provide documentation regarding this injury, I would require the horse to be seen by a Veterinarian for a report. Mr. Koran advised me in the past he owned a horse that he was advised by a Veterinarian that needed to be euthanzied. He stated he refused to have the horse euthanzied and it survived sometime after the diagnosis. Mr. Koran was not able to provide details of the horse or the Veterinarian.

    I asked Mr. Koran when the horses were last dewormed. He stated to me, approximately two months ago, but was not able to provide receipts or documentation at that time. Mr. Koran stated that he used Ranch Hand Feed Store, but does not keep the receipts. Mr. Koran stated that the farrier was out to see the horses approximately a week and half ago. I asked Mr. Koran for the name and phone number of the farrier and he stated to me that he could not remember the name, that it is a new farrier, and it would take him probably two hours to get that information off of the computer.

    At this time I proceeded with Mr. Koran and Deputy Stephens to the cat house. The cat house is a converted travel trailer. Mr. Koran advised me that none of the cats are current on rabies vaccinations or county licenses. I viewed the following cats:

    1. Domestic short hair, grey, spayed.
    2. Domestic medium hair, brown tabby, spayed named Bright Eyes.
    3. Domestic short hair, black, neutered.
    4. Domestic short hair, white and tabby, spayed named Possum.
    5. Domestic short hair, black tabby, neutered.
    6. Domestic short hair, brown and white tabby, neutered.
    7. Domestic medium hair, black, feral, gender unknown.
    8. Domestic short hair, brown tabby, feral, gender unknown.
    9. Domestic short hair, cream and tabby, neutered named Alvin.
    10. Domestic medium hair, black tabby, feral, gender unknown.

    There was a noticeable strong smell of urine inside the cat house and poor ventilation and the litter boxes needed cleaning. In addition to the named cats, there were multiple loose cats on the property. Mr. Koran asked me what he was supposed to do with unrestrained cats that people had dropped off that needed homes. I advised Mr. Koran that if he had taken them as his responsibility
    they would need to be vaccinated and licensed and per county ordinance, cannot be unrestrained. Mr. Koran advised me he did not feel he should be responsible for the vaccinations and licenses for the unrestrained cats. I advised Mr. Koran that he could trap the cats and then contact the Sheriff’s Office to request pickup. Mr. Koran advised the reason he allows them on his property is to save them from being killed by Animal Services.

    Mr. Koran advised me “he is not following the letter of the law in order that he can save animals”. I asked Mr. Koran if there were any other animals on the property and he stated to me that he plead the fifth amendment. I asked Mr. Koran if this meant he either did or did not have other animals and he stated to me that he plead the fifth amendment regarding whether he was telling the truth or not telling the truth.

    I issued citation number VH0235 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses on five dogs. I issued citation number VH0276 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses for five cats. I issued citation number VH0277 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses for five cats. I issued citation number VH0275 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses for three dogs and two cats.

    I placed the original citations at Animal Services attention Customer Service Representative Sarah Caskie. I placed copies of the citations into records and personal file.

    Prior to leaving, Mr. Koran requested I write down a list of the paperwork I was requesting. I wrote down for him that I needed paperwork on the horses and any other documentation he would be able to provide on any of the animals. Mr. Koran asked me how long he had to take care of the citations, since it was going to cost him a lot of money. I advised Mr. Koran that within twenty days he would need to provide proof of vaccinations to Hernando County Animal Services and purchase the licenses at the location of 19450 Oliver. Mr. Koran then stated that I did not need to explain to him where to take care of the citation, that he is familiar with the procedure since I have been out to his property several years ago and issued citations to him. Mr. Koran reiterated that he is very familiar with the procedures.

    Nothing further at this time.


    1. Ted Koran refused entrance to his property because of a “conflict of interest.

    2. Ted Koran accuses the animal control officer of a vendetta that she and her “felon friends” had put together.

    3. The report above states that “Patty” an animal service representative from Citrus County made the report.

    4. The Critter Place is listed with the Sun Biz, but under false pretenses. These are their “pets” not sanctuary animals.

    5. The same officer cited Ted Koran 4 years ago for the same thing after seeing a sick horse at his place.

    6. After the officer told Ted she would come back with a search warrant, Ted Koran willingly allowed the officer on his property to do a “wellness check.”

    7. Ted Koran refused to give information on Gypsy.

    8. Ted Koran said he had NO INFORMATION on who the previous owner of Gypsy was.

    9. Ted Koran claimed that Sara Quatman was his vet, but she had NOT been out in a long time.

    10. The officer asked for a vet report, Ted told her that vet reports were public information. (It is illegal for vets to share reports publically).

    11. Ted Koran claims he knows enough about medical to know when his animals need a vet.

    12. Cat trailer was poorly ventilated with a strong urine odor and overloaded litter boxes full of feces.

    13. Ted Koran refused to let them in the house and pled the fifth amendment when asked if there were any other animals in the house.

    14. Ted Koran says he buys feed from Ranch Hand, but doesn’t keep receipts. How can you file your nonprofit without receipts?


    On 06/07/2014, I responded to 10396 Snowbird Avenue with Animal Control Officer Linda Christian. Officer Christian was responding to the scene to conduct a wellbeing check on Theodore and Karen Koran’s animals.

    Upon arrival, I made contact with Karen and Theodore at the gate next to their property. Officer Christian explained the reason for the visit. She asked to see the vaccination records for all the animals on the property. Theodore advised none of the animals were vaccinated. She then asked for a listing for each of the animals in order issue citations so Theodore would bring the animals into compliance with county code. At this point Theodore was reluctant to cooperate and advised we would need a search warrant to enter his property. I then spoke with Theodore several more minutes and he then permitted us entry to the property. He did not want us to obtain a search warrant and respond to the property when he was not there.

    I observed two horses, several pigs, and numerous dogs and cats on the premises. All of these animals appeared to be in good condition. Theodore has a trailer that is converted into a “cat house” right next to the gate on his property. It is air conditioned inside; however, there was a strong odor inside of the trailer. Theodore advised he had not cleaned the litter boxes on today’s date.

    While on the scene, Officer Christian asked for documentation in reference to the horses’ medical records. Theodore advised information is all on line and she could look it up. Officer Christian requested the documentation be printed out and provided to her;however, Theodore was resistant to this. He eventually advised he would get the information, but it would take several hours.

    Throughout the investigation, Theodore accused Officer Christian of being friends with the neighbor and she was investigating him as a form of harassment.

    I did have knowledge of where the call originated from and it was not from the neighbors.

    No further information.

    Ted Koran continues to disrespect the Hernando County Sheriff, threatening harm, and threatening to sue them.




    This is Ted Koran’s “so-called sanctuary” The Critter Place
































    Original Call made to Hernando County Sheriff’s Department:



    Hernando County Animal Control Report








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