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A few months back in November I shared a story with a cliffhanger ending.


Today, 7 months later, we look back at the truth of the fraudulent, twisted lies that Carrie Young swept under the rug, hoping never to be uncovered. As I briefly catch you up to speed, I take you back to the summer, 2014.  Carrie was charged with Social Security fraud and within 30 days later asked to leave the 40-acre property that her and Allan Wilson leased since September 2011.  Shortly after her move, the owner of the Lake Lindsey Equestrian Center bulldozed the home and the 20+ stalls to the ground.

Social Security Fraud


They quickly found a beautiful, 5-acre, wooded property off Lake Lindsey at 16139 Seminole Boulevard, Brooksville, Florida.  Carrie and Allan relocated Ohana Rescue to this location in July 2014.  After their first 3-months’ stay, Carrie was two months behind on the rent.  The owner called her asking for the rent.  A few days later Carrie contacted her with complaints of broken pipes and an infestation of black mold discovered in the ceilings, walls, and floors.  She noted that she was refusing to pay the rent until the owner took care of the issues at hand.  She requested that the owner either replace the trailer with a new one or drop her monthly lease to $450.

The owner sent Carrie a letter requesting to have the home inspected by her insurance company.  Carrie and Allan left early in the morning on the day of the appointment and locked the gates behind them.  Later she answered the Realtor’s texts stating that she had been home the whole day, but was not aware of anyone at the gate.  The neighbor next door verified the time of departure that Carrie and Allan left their home that morning and their time of arrival later that day.

The owner’s attempt to inspect the home failed due to Carrie’s lack of cooperation.

The owner then filed an eviction in the courts against Carrie Young for nonpayment of two months’ rent and refusal to pay.

Along with a personal letter to the judge explaining what Carrie’s intentions were.

The docket information can be found at Hernando County Clerk of Circuit Court.

In the meantime, Carrie played on the public’s sympathy with her lies and deceit.

She told the public that the home was infested with black mold.  She shared a half dozen pictures of what she labeled black mold.

She said that she had shortness of breath, a continuous cough, and felt very ill.  She claimed to have had numerous visits to the hospital and stated that the “black mold” was hazardous to her health.  She told the public that the black mold in the house had destroyed her belongings and everything she owned had to be burned or hauled off to the dump. She publicly stated that she hired and paid a mold specialist $1200 out of her pocket to come in and test the levels of the house for black mold.  The results were astounding, as she stated the levels were so high the place should be condemned.

She moved to the front porch, where she put a piece of paneling down over the wood deck and covered the screens with a tarp to seal the area off and keep the cold air from the AC contained on the porch.  She told the public that her landlords were slumlords and they refused to take care of the mold issue that was making her deathly ill.  People were livid and ranting about how unfair Carrie was being treated. Someone felt sorry for Carrie sleeping on her front porch and donated an RV to her, so she could get out of the “mold infested” house.  The great people who donated to Harmony Funds gave Carrie $2200, so she could file a lawsuit against the landlord for the thousands of dollars Carrie lost due to the move, home improvements, loss and damage to all of her belongings, and medical bills she had acquired from the “black mold.”

Docket information can be seen at Hernando County Clerk of Circuit Court.

Many people donated hundreds of dollars to help Carrie move from the “mold house.”  As I followed her page, I too was truly convinced that the home was infested with mold, except the more I researched, things did not add up. She filed a counter-suit against the landlords, first in a small claims court.

The judge redirected her to a higher court after evaluating the thousands of dollars she was suing for.  Carrie then refiled in the higher court against the landlord, suing them for thousands of dollars for damages and loss of all her belongings, medical bills, and the loss of funds they spent to move to the property on Seminole Blvd that was infested with mold.

For months the court battle continued and Carrie posted on social media, as if she was winning her case.  She told the judge in November 2014, she had vacated the property due to the house being inhabitable.  With this news, the landlord scheduled an appointment with her insurance company to have the home inspected for black mold. The owners rescheduled an appointment with the insurance inspector, since Carrie stated that she was no longer living at the residence.  The inspector arrived at the owner’s property on Seminole Blvd.  He found that Carrie and Allan were still living in the home.  He inspected the home thoroughly and did his necessary tests.  He then photographed every inch of the home and Carrie’s belongings that were in the home.  The tests came back negative showing absolutely NO MOLD, as well as the “many” photographs he took of the home and Carrie’s belongings showing absolutely NO damage from black mold on anything.

Email referring to documentation:

Document of final report showing NO MOLD in the home.

Pictures taken by insurance inspector of the inside and outside of the house documenting ABSOLUTELY NO MOLD or damage to Carrie Young’s belongings.

At the next hearing date the landlords presented their evidence to the judge.  Carrie’s attorney resigned from the case after he realized it was all a scam and she had lied.  The judge quickly closed down Carrie’s lawsuit and reopened the eviction case against Carrie Young that the landlord originally filed.

On a Sunday afternoon we were contacted by the property manager who found our name connected with Carrie Young’s here on the Internet.  He contacted us to ask questions and find out more about why this person would carry out such a horrendous lie against these good people who own this property.  In his research over the Internet, he found where Carrie Young had just recently been charged with several accounts of fraud against Social Security.  He forwarded this information to me, so I could look it over as well.


Carrie stalled the courts for 3 months, using the horses as leverage, to keep from immediately being evicted from the property.  The judge didn’t want to throw her onto the streets with the horses not having any place to go.  She took advantage of this time to raise more money to move and find another place of residence. Finally, Carrie was given a deadline and had to vacate the property by January 31, 2015.  Carrie and Allan were trying to raise $12,000 for a down payment on a property nearby.  The home on Seminole Blvd was rented to Carrie and Allan fully furnished including a riding mower, boats, and other outdoor accessories.

Seminole Home before Carrie and Allan moved in.  It was fully furnished with riding mower, boats, etc.

Carrie held a huge garage sale selling everything inside and outside of the house that the owners had furnished the property with for lease.  She begged for money on social media to help her move her rescue for the second time in one year.  They could not reach their deadline to raise the $12,000 down payment on the property nearby, so they were denied approval for a loan.  Shortly after this, Allan Wilson announced that he would be going back to North Port and leaving Ohana Rescue to Carrie Young. Carrie found a home in Bushnell, Florida, just 5 miles from the Seminole Blvd. address.  The home sits on 0.9 acres and she rented a 5-acre pasture for the horses.  She advertised on Craigslist for people to come pick up for free everything she could not sell for money, leaving heaping loads of garbage behind. Carrie Young vacated the property on January 31, 2015.

We met with the landlord and the property manager to see the property the very next morning on February 1, 2015, at 10:00 am.  Carrie had destroyed the property beyond belief.  The fans and variable speed control switches were cut and ripped down from the walls and ceilings.

The lights were ripped off the walls and ceilings leaving a gaping hole.

The thermostat was missing, as well as the screen door.  The back door was broken from someone kicking the door.

The carpets were saturated with dog urine and feces with great big, black stains.

The floors, walls, counters, refrigerator, stove, bathrooms, etc. were covered with a thick layer of dirt, hair, and grime.

The linoleum floors were black from dirt, hair, and dog urine, as well as several holes in the floor leading to the ground beneath the trailer.

The smell was horrible.  Outside resembled much of the same damage.  Although, there were truckloads of garbage scattered around the property, as well as a pool with thick, green slime from months of neglect.  The pool screens were slit to make an easy exit to remove her furniture from the pool house.

It was an absolute mess that included intentional vandalism to the property. I took a few pictures that morning, as well as videos to document the absolute filth left behind.  Furthermore, the landlord sent me pictures of the home before Carrie Young move in, as well as pictures of the home and Carrie’s belongings that the Inspector took showing absolutely NO mold. I researched the company where Carrie claimed to spend $1200 to have the home inspected for black mold.  The number published for this business is an inoperable phone number.  I looked up this company on Sunbiz to see if it was a legitimate company.  The business was opened as a new entity in August 2014, the very same month dating after the landlord’s letter to Carrie threatening to evict her for nonpayment of rent.  The company’s president and vice president’s address were both ironically from Carrie’s hometown, Hudson, and Allan’s hometown, North Port, Florida.  Carrie posted this invoice out on social media to persuade the public that she had paid $1200 to have the home inspected for mold.  What she did NOT post were the test results of the “high” life-threatening, toxic levels of black mold they allegedly found, as well as stating the home should be condemned. After seeing the property with my own two eyes, I went home to match up Carrie’s photos she had posted on social media of the “mold house.”  Amazingly enough, the pictures she posted online do NOT match up anywhere on the property.  The porch photo is NOT the same wood or porch.  The insulation falling from the ceiling is no where to be found.  However, the cabinet that has the scrub marks dug into the paint is indeed in the kitchen, but not freshly scraped and nothing surrounding it that resembles black mold.  The ceiling panels in the bedroom were moved around to appear she was up there searching for mold, but there is NO evidence in the ceiling either of mold.

Carrie posted pictures that didn’t match up with the property, so she could gain sympathy and donations from the public.

I can only assume that Carrie’s one and only picture she took of a box of shoes with mildew on them was probably something she had packed away in a shed or brought there from somewhere else.  Carrie posted these pictures to mislead the public and plead for sympathy in order to draw in funds for her personal gain.

After meeting the landlord, we were offered the property at Seminole Blvd.  We quickly turned them down, as neither Bob or I wanted to clean up and fix the mess that Carrie Young had left behind.  A few weeks later we decided to consider the offer and contacted the owners.  We met with the owners on a Sunday afternoon, just a few weeks after Carrie Young moved.  They made us an offer we could not refuse and in return we would restore the home and property back to livable conditions.

Restoring the home and property was an extensive task that Bob and I took on.  The first task was to clean the house from top to bottom to eliminate the dog odor and urine.  I scrubbed every nook and cranny and found absolutely NO MOLD anywhere inside the home.

The carpets had to be stripped down to the bare-wood floors to rid the dog urine and odor that could be smelled outside the home.  The carpet and padding was ripped out and rolled.  The underside of the carpet, padding, and wood floor was clean with NO MOLD anywhere.

The linoleum had to be removed and the wood floors had to be patched where the holes in the floor were.  There was NO MOLD underneath the linoleum floors, around the holes in the floor, or under the trailer.

The only thing we found underneath the trailer that appeared as if it didn’t belong there was this poor creature who looks like “someone” must have scared him to death.

The wood floor under the carpet in the bathroom was still damp from a recent flood in the bathroom, but no mold was found anywhere.

The patches had to be filled and the floor was leveled with compound.

All floors after carpet and linoleum were removed had absolutely NO black mold and were very clean underneath.

New carpet was installed in the bedrooms after the floors were prepped.

Wood-grain linoleum was installed throughout the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The lights and fans were ripped from the ceiling, including the thermostat taken off the wall.  Since the home did not have drywall ceilings with braces, Bob had to mount the fans and lights against a square of plywood to brace and secure them in place.

The wallpaper was peeling and covered with cobwebs, with a film of dirt two feet above the floor from the dogs rubbing against them.  The wallpaper in several rooms had to be stripped down to the original paneling underneath.

It took over a month to clear the pool up from the thick, green algae, dirt, and leaves in the pool.  Pool accessories were left behind with algae growing on them.  The pool screen was ripped out and cut in several areas to convenience in and out traffic.  The pool pump had been tampered with and inoperable at first sight.

When the pool starts to get dirt and debris in the bottom of the pool, this is what vividly appears in the bottom of the pool.  “Someone” was so kind as to carve “F*** You” in the bottom of the pool.

When the water was turned on, we discovered a pipe that was pulled loose underneath causing leakage and flooding underneath the trailer.  The hot water heater was pulled loose, lights were not working, and breakers were shorting out.  One of our volunteers fixed these things and got everything in working order, including the hot water to the shower by the pool.

Bob has fixed lights, pool light, sprinkler systems, solar heater, fences, pole barn, and planted a garden.

Every animal has shelter and the landscape here is absolutely beautiful.

It will take months to undo the damage that Carrie sustained here at the Seminole Blvd address, but the end result will be well worth our time.

Within the first few weeks we lived here, the cops showed up on two different occasions in search for Carrie’s son.  Carrie had given the detention center  her old Seminole address several weeks after she had moved to her new address.

Carrie has also updated her address on her renewal for the corporation on Sunbiz.  Although, the address that Carrie updated her license was Cr 663, Brooksville, Florida, 34605, which is NOT her correct address.  Her correct address is 7211 Cr 647ce, Bushnell, Florida, 33513.  I’m not quite sure how she misjudged her correct address, including the town she lives in.  I guess it must be her fibromyalgia again that is clouding her memory or it could be that she is hiding out from Social Security or hiding her son.  Regardless of her reason, you can see by the evidence in this blog that she is a habitual liar and will say and do just about anything to bring in money.

I have been following Carrie and her stories for many years.  There have been many stories that I have questioned in the past with loose ends and missing pieces to the puzzle.

I have been told before that when Carrie gets in a bind, she will fabricate stories such as leaky faucets, broken pipes and fences, and other major issues pointing negligence at the owners.  She has had several documented evictions in the past including the eviction from Seminole Blvd.

As I scrolled through Facebook this past week, I came across a fundraiser by Carrie Young, which prompted me to tell my story.

Carrie is posting on her page that her place has flooded and she has lost all feed, hay, and supplies.  She claims that the water has risen above her floors and has destroyed her place.  She claims that she is again suffering from “mold” allergies from the flooding damage that took place in her home.

Carrie Young has unmistakably been caught under oath lying in court to the Social Security Administration, as well as lying to the judge regarding the Seminole home that she calls “The Mold House.”  She has been caught in many lies, as well as fabricating tall tails to bring in money for her livelihood.  Carrie Young brought in thousands of dollars from the public to help her move from “the mold house”, even though the house has been documented to have NO MOLD.  Carrie Young sold furniture, household items, boats, tractors, and other equipment that was rented with the home in order to raise money to move after the landlord took her to court for an eviction of nonpayment of rent.  Carrie received an RV to live in after she lied to the public about the Seminole home having black mold.  Carrie also received thousands of dollars from Harmony fund to fight her court battle to sue the landlord for the loss of her belongings due to “the mold house”, but lost her court case after it was discovered she lied.  People donated furniture to her to decorate her new home after she told everyone that she had lost all of her belongings to the infestation of “the mold house.”

Carrie destroyed and vandalized the Seminole home after she was evicted from the home.  Now Carrie is claiming that her new home of just 4 months has been flooded and she is again suffering from “mold” allergies.

She has scammed the government and federal agencies, property owners, and individuals who have stepped out to help her.  This fraudulent behavior must come to a halt before more innocent people are hurt.  I do believe that Carrie will sell herself out to continue in her mission, but without a job and without an income, her efforts are useless.  When you have to beg, lie, cheat, and steal to support the rescue, there comes a time where enough is enough.

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