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First off, I want to thank God for the window of opportunity that He granted us with and the ABSOLUTELY BLESSED DAY!!!

I want to thank the owners of High Octane for holding the benefit in our honor to recognize the horses in need here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  I also want to thank the Blackwater Jack for their excellent performance and for blessing us on this special day.  Thank you Roneka for the time you spent with organizing, advertising, putting the flyers together, and for making us feel welcome.

I want to thank Kim Dame for the ABSOLUTELY, AWESOME ARTICLE she wrote in the Hernando Today on behalf of the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  Once again, Kim presented a complete coverage from the vision that started the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch to introducing our future with Solid Rock Christian Ministries.  Kim gave us a plug in the article for the upcoming event at the High Octane for the following day.  Thank you Kim for taking the time to present the ranch in a positive light and for giving your support to us throughout the year.


I want to thank Kimberly Young for her hard work and dedication to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch to make this event such a success.  She and her sister Dawn found over 20 sponsors in the community to donate gift certificates for the raffle for family nights of bowling, the movies, restaurant certificates, and much more.  Kimberly and Dawn volunteered their time and put great effort in organizing the 50/50 and raffle table.  Thank you both!!!  Kimberly has been such a great asset to the Domino Effect through her dedication to the horses and the time she takes to come work with them by helping to evaluate and take them out to exercise. 

I want to thank Francine Riale, her daughter Serenity, and Ashley Peterson for their GREAT participation in helping Kimberly sell raffle and 50/50 tickets.  They too joined Kimberly on stage to pick the winning tickets.  We are so happy to have Ashley back to volunteer, as we have missed her over the past few months.  And I believe Miss Serenity is working her way up from the Domino Effect Poster Child to the Domino Effect Raffle Gyrl.  Both Serenity and Ashley have been volunteering with us for 2 years.

I want to thank Lisa Price for printing out 500 flyers and all of the 8 X 11 pictures for the displays.  She jumped on board, as a last minute request on Sunday, to help sign in the children for the horse rides.  Thank you so much Lisa for the great help you have extended to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in fostering 4 horses and much, much more that she provides to help in their care.

I want to thank Pastor Glenn & Rita for helping us organize our day, providing transportation, hay for the horses, drinks for the kids, ink for the printers, and sending in volunteers from Solid Rock to participate in the day. 

I want to thank John Killet for joining us at 8:00 in the morning to help Bob load the trucks and help him get set up at High Octane.  John is one of our board members and has been a good friend for 7 years.  We appreciate his dedication and his participation in every event we have held since we have opened the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch back in December 2009.

I want to thank Crystal and Dave who joined us to volunteer for the entire day from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night to load, set up, give the kids rides all day long, and then help us pack up.  Crystal and Dave are from Solid Rock and will be coming along side of Bob and I to be a part of our ministry with the ranch.  We are very excited to be blessed with this couple and are excited about the future we will have with them working hand and hand for God’s glory.  Both Crystal and Dave have previous experience in working with horses and are excited to have the opportunity to work with us.

I want to thank Robyn and Daniel from Solid Rock for joining us for the day to help out in setting up, helping with the horses, and loading up at the end of the day.  Robyn and Daniel made about 200 sandwiches to hand out that day to the families that came to see the horses.  Robyn rode My Josie for the first time riding since her childhood.  She absolutely loved My Josie and we hope to take her out soon trail riding. 

I also want to add lastly, but absolutely NOT least, thank you Sharyl Ranchhand for your assistance in teaching us how to harness and drive Miss Goldie. She was absolutely stunning, as the pictures tell it how. Thank you so much for blessing us with your intruction and the use of your harness, so that we could share it with families in the community. She was amazing!!!

Pastor Bob and Maggie came out to join the fun and went for rides with Miss Goldie pulling the cart.  Leslie and Trevor came out with Moses to support us, along with Lisa Price and her family (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY).  I finally met Karen Palmer after 2+ years of her supporting us on FB.  I also met Gloria Parker and Janet Holm.  We made many new friends and filled the house with supporters.  It was a GREAT fundraiser for the DERR and a very, fun-filled day with many great memories.  We look forward to many more events here in the near future.




Dinelle Ashcraft


Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104      

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Cool Beans has been in our “witness protection program” in disguise for the past 2 weeks to protect his identity.  As we have gathered our evidence and nearing our upcoming appointment with the State’s Attorney, we feel the need to share Cool Bean’s complete story.

City Boy, AKA Cool Beans, came here to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in the Fall of 2011.   City Boy was fostered out to Larry and Katie on November 4, 2011, to help us rehabilitate City Boy.  Katie was looking for a pasture mate for her horse Stormy and had 5 acres of land in Masaryktown for the 2 horses to graze on.

Larry and Katie attended our Domino Effect Christmas Party back in December 2011.   At the dinner table, Larry & Katie announced their desire to adopt City Boy.  Bob did a drive by in January 2012, where he saw City Boy and Stormy grazing in the pasture and both horses were looking good.

On February 26, 2012, Larry adopted City Boy and signed City Boy’s adoption contract.  He was very happy with City Boy and his progress.

Shortly thereafter, he called Bob in March 2012, and told him that him and Katie were having problems and it seemed that they might separate.  He didn’t want to lose City Boy, but wasn’t sure where he would move him.  Bob told Larry at this time that he would come get City Boy until he got his affairs straightened out.  Larry assured Bob that everything was okay and he would keep him updated.

Within a few weeks thereafter, Larry called Bob again to get permission to move City Boy and to give him the new address.  Bob was having minor problems with the truck at the time, so he could not personally move City Boy to his new home, but gave Larry permission to do so.

In April after delivering a horse to Zephryhills to its adoptive home, Bob drove past City Boy’s new location to do his first quarterly progress check and to check out the property in which he was residing at.  Bob was unable to do a checkup due to the 12-foot, wrought iron gate and a fence that surrounded the property where City Boy was not in view.  Bob attempted to call Larry at that time to no avail.

Shortly thereafter, Larry asked Bob for a contact number for Cindy Fallness, our veterinarian, to have her come out and do a vet check, renew his coggins, and get his shots.  Bob called Cindy and asked her to do a progress report for us while she was out there.  Cindy called Bob after her visit and reported that City Boy was looking good and that she would forward a copy of his coggins and shot record to us and she did.  Cindy Fallness gave shots to and pulled a coggins on City Boy on May 25, 2012.

On July 29, 2012, Larry called Bob to tell him that he needed Bob to come pick up City Boy until he could find another location for him to reside.  At first, he just made claims that the sheriff contacted the owner of the property and that the officer told her that Larry had to remove City Boy.  Upon further questioning, Larry said that City Boy was down about 150 pounds or so, but because the lady did not own City Boy, Larry had to remove him off the property.  He explained that since he is a truck driver, he spends a lot of time on the road.  He said that he had been writing this woman checks to cover City Boy’s feed and hay each week, but thinks that she must have been spending it to feed her other animals instead of City Boy.

Bob told Larry that his truck was broke down, but not to worry, he would find someone to take him to pick up City Boy.   Within a half-hour after he got off the phone with Larry, Bob had made arrangements with a ranch hand from Circle B Ranch to pick him up first thing in the morning to go get City Boy.  Larry had to be on the road Monday morning, so Bob asked him to write a letter of relinquishment and leave it there on the property under the water tub, so that Bob would have written permission to remove City Boy.

When Bob arrived to the property where City Boy was residing, again the property was locked up and no sights of anyone present to let him in.  Bob again called Larry and explained the circumstance to him and that he needed Larry to contact the lady to let him in.  Shortly after that, the owner of the property pulled in behind him letting him in the gates.  She had a load of stock and stable that she had just purchased from the feed store.  He told the lady that this feed was poor nutrition, like feeding potato chips to these horses with no nutritional value for them.  When he got in to see City Boy, the sight before him sickened him.  Bob walked up to the paddock where City Boy was being kept, what Bob saw was City Boy and another emaciated white horse standing in 18 inches of mud and City Boy was a 1/9 on an Heineke scale.  Bob scolded the woman by telling her that she had no business owning or housing horses because she did not know anything about horse care or horse nutrition.  He pleaded with the lady to release the white horse to him, so that he could get the horse back into condition, along with City Boy.  She refused, stating that she would go get the proper feed and trade in the stock and stable if Bob would let her know what to get.

After they loaded City Boy, they went and got City Boy’s water tank, along with the envelope with the hand-written release that Larry had hidden for Bob to pick up.  They then proceeded back to the ranch with City Boy to begin his treatment and rehabilitation.  Bob states that on his way to the ranch he told the gentleman that “Dinelle is going to cry when she sees the condition that City Boy is in.”  Bob was absolutely on the mark with that statement.  When they arrived at the gates, Bob called me out to the trailer.  He opened the back gate, but all I could see was a shadow.  He said, “you’re not going to believe this.”  I couldn’t see in and had no idea what to expect.  Bob backed City Boy out of the trailer and there stood a bag of bones covered with thick, scabs of rain rot covering his flesh with open sores all over his body.  What used to be a beautiful, 1400 pound, full of life OTTB, was now a 750 pound horse that could barely hold his head up.  He was covered in mud and his legs were eaten up from the flies.  The rain rot covered his entire legs and jacketed the upper torso of his body.   I exclaimed “OMG” and started to cry.

Below are pictures of City Boy on May 25, 2012 versus July 30, 2012, the first day he arrived here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.

Below are the first pictures when he arrived at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch on July 30, 2012.

Immediately Bob started giving City Boy a bath to wash off all of the mud and fly residue.  Once he got City Boy clean, Bob started his first treatment of MTG.  All City Boy could do was stand there with his head hung low.  Usually when Bob brings horses to the ranch, they are talking when he drives up and the ones at the ranch are talking back.  On this day, not a horse was making a sound.  There was just an eerie silence that was not customary when we have new arrivals.  After getting City Boy treated, Bob placed a fly mask on City Boy’s head and a fly jacket on City Boy’s torso.  Bob turned and looked at me stating “Now City Boy is in Witness Protection and we will call him Cool Beans until we get the future events figured out.”

Below are the pictures from City Boy’s first day versus his second day.

We watched City Boy very closely the first day, evening, and the next day.  His back legs were swollen.  His sheath was swollen and looked like he had testicles where testicles were nonexistent.  He had multiple knots underneath his belly and he continued to have very labored breathing.  He made a few attempts to lie down, but couldn’t, as he was too weak to make it to the ground, in fear he would not be able to get back up.

The next day Bob contacted the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department AG Unit and talked to Officer Batten about the events that had taken place and the results of how he had found City Boy.  The following afternoon Officer Batten came to the ranch to take photos of City Boy and pick up copies of our documentation, along with Larry’s adoption contract.  He explained to Bob that he had been investigating Larry and this woman for quite a period of time.  He showed Bob all of the series of photographs from all of his visits to this lady’s property and the condition of the animals on each visit, stating that the animals just continued to debilitate at each and every visit.  He also showed Bob pictures of an Appaloosa that had already died recently due to starvation.

The following day Bob called Pasco County Sheriff’s Department AG Unit once again and asked to speak to the individual in charge.  While talking with this gentleman, Bob instructed the gentleman that we do wish to hold those responsible for City Boy’s condition accountable in a court of law.  This gentleman told Bob that they would be meeting with the Pasco County State’s Attorney in Dade City and wishes for us to attend to plea our case with the State’s Attorney.  Bob assured the gentleman that we would definitely be there with our findings upon picking up City Boy.  We will also have our results after 2 weeks of rehabilitation, along with records from our veterinarian, that document the damage that City Boy has sustained and the medical attention that he will need due to the starvation he has endured.

Friday evening, 5 days after we rescued City Boy, the Pasco County Sheriff’s AG Department sent out officers to seize the white horse and the 3 minis from the lady’s property. 

As the evidence began to unfold, Larry had admitted that he was indeed living on this lady’s property, but claimed that he left before dawn and came home after dark and claimed to have no idea of the condition that City Boy was in.  He also claimed that he had not seen his horse in 1-month’s time.  We were also told that Larry and this lady had been under investigation for a long period of time.

Our veterinarian came out to do a physical examination on City Boy to check for damage and conclude what further testing may be needed in his care.

This is City Boy just 9 days after arrival to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch

And City Boy on Day 13.

This evening on Friday, August 10, 2012, just 3 days before our appointment in Dade City with the State’s Attorney, Bob called me out to see City Boy.  His sheath was no longer swollen and there was just 1, slight bulge left under his tummy.  His legs were no longer swollen and he was finally able to lie down comfortably on the ground.  He lied there in such content and so relaxed.  It was such a warm feeling to see him enduring such peace.

Since we have had City Boy back in our care over the past 2 weeks, he has increased from a 1/9 to a 2/9 on the Heinecke body scale.  Bob feeds him multiple feedings throughout the day.  He has increased in weight, alertness, and disposition.  After just a few days he was lifting his head, as if in confidence to know that he was now safe and secure.   He follows Bob to the gate, hangs his head over the gate, and watches him leave and meets him as he arrives back home.  Since knowing City Boy before he arrived and entrusting him to his new adopted family under contract just months prior, City Boy’s condition has been quite an impact on our lives over these past few days.  We will be a voice for City Boy and we will fight for justice to those who are responsible in starving City Boy and endangering his health with damage now and long term damage.  It’s not just a fight for City Boy, but for the Appaloosa who undeservingly lost its life and the 4 emaciated horses that were left behind.

Horses cry silently in the dark with no one to see their tears, only to hear their hooves beat the ground as they frantically wait for their bellies to be filled.  Their thoughts run rapid, as they stand there day after day fearful that they have been forgotten.  The gates are high with no one to see in, how will anyone ever see.   As the sun sets, who will ever know if they cease to exist when the sun rises at dawn.  Will you hear their silent cries, will you be their cry in the dark???

Cool Beans needs your help in support to meet his medical needs ~ Can you be a helping hand to his recovery?


Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614

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