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Solid Rock/Domino Effect Outreach ~ Showing God’s Love

Saturday was our first big outreach with Solid Rock Christian Ministries offering “FREE, Wholesome, Family Fun. 

We set up in the great big open field next door to Hardees here in North Weeki Wachee.  We had a great support group from Solid Rock in St. Petersburg that came to give us a helping hand and be a part of the “Domino Effect”

We had 150+ people come out to visit us Saturday from the wee ones up to the elderly. 

One, 80-year-old gentleman stopped in to take City Boy for a ride. 

We gave many children rides on Velvet, My Josie, and City Boy.  Goldie got the run of the field as she took the youngins’ for a spin.  The kids went on golf cart rides and even human cart rides, as Pastor Rita is in training to take Goldie’s place pulling the cart, LOL.

We met a lot of great people who live local and would love to join in the fun in the near future back here at the ranch.  The Solid Rock evangelist team shared the Word with many, including Sophia the goat, who was feeding on the Word, as she had a mouthful of gospel tracts.

Pastor Bob literally walked out of his shoes, as he blessed Bob with a pair of cowboy boots.  He finished the day out walking around in his navy blue socks.  This man, with no doubt, gives a whole new meaning to “giving the shirt of your back” as Bob truly appreciates this kind gesture and will “walk a mile in his shoes.”

Billy the cowboy felt right at home, as he jumped in the saddle with City Boy. 

Pastor Rita has found a new calling to bless the children, as she is in training to pull the cart. 

Ricardo fit in just beautifully, as he walked with the children and the horses in the roundpen.  The children adored him, as his compassion was radiating. 

Will, Shawn, and Pastor Rita took turns giving the children rides in the golf cart around the field

And kept Bob on his toes, as they sent out SOS’ across the field to come to their rescue. 

David Long came to our rescue with the sound system to entertain us with music for the day.  His daughter also accompanied him to ride the horses and one day soon to join us on the trails. 

Robyn danced in the spirit as she felt led and Disco (Daniel) danced the day away with Sophia the goat.

Crystal and Dave have been such a blessing to our ministry.  They have devoted their time to join us in our mission, both with a love for God and a love for these animals.  Crystal gave the children cart rides with the mini Goldie. 

Dave gave the children rides with Goldie, My Josie, Velvet, and City Boy. 

Crystal’s sister, Jessie, joined us yesterday and spent the whole day with us. 

She jumped right in to give the kids rides as well. 

Jessie has offered to give me a helping hand with the networking here in the future and has already created this web page for us to get started.


We also met Crystal and Jessie’s mom, Kay, who came out to give her support in our mission and to share in her daughters’ love and compassion for the horses.

Hubert, a Kentucky boy, fit right in with giving the children rides and taking City Boy for a ride. 

Allison rode City Boy for the first time since being on a horse when she was young. 

Pastor Glenn, Hubert, Crystal, Bob, Jennifer, Jackie, Jamie, Shawn, and Dave also took the horses out for a ride.

Pastor Glenn









Shawn was a great help in setting up, breaking down, and giving the kids rides.  I believe he has fallen in love with City Boy.

Jennifer and her daughter, Autumn, arrived at our house Saturday morning to volunteer for the day.  When she realized we were not there, she wrote us a note to tell us that she had stopped in and left the salt blocks outside the gates.  As they were on their way home from our place, Autumn happened to see us set up with the horses.  They stopped in to see us and spent the whole day with us loving on the horses and having a good time.  Autumn got to ride all of the horses including Goldie with the cart and the golf cart.  Jennifer was a GREAT help, as she jumped right in to hose and cool the horses down, groom them, walk the horses with the children, walk the horses around to graze, and spent some time riding them out in the field as well.

Dave and Jeannie joined us from Dunnellon, Florida to help us set up and be a part of our day.  Adrianna designed the flyers for the event to advertise and pass out in the area.  Robert and Ludmilla welcomed everyone and showed them God’s love.

There were many who joined us from both Solid Rock Church and The New Rock Church to show their support, a big thanks to all.

Francine and Serenity, my two, bestest, volunteers came out to spend the day with us. 

Serenity has been volunteering for us since she was 3, now turning 5.  She has rode every horse and helped bottle feed goats, sheep, squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits.  Serenity has been the poster child for the ranch, as she is a very photogenic young lady.

Luke and Carolyn Glaudel brought the children out to see us and join in on the fun. 

Kendra, a young lady from my FB, finally made it out to see us after 1-1/2 of begging her parents to bring her out.  I was pleased and honored to meet her whole family and thanked them for bringing her up to finally meet us. 

Kendra rode all of the horses and a promised her a date to take her out on the trails with us. 

We met a lot of great people Saturday.  One gentleman, Victor, has experience in breaking and training horses, as well as a farrier by trade.  He has offered his services to help out the rescue. 

We also met a young lady named Ally and her daughter who just moved here in the area from out of state.  She is a vet tech by trade and is interested in being a part of our mission as well and helping out where she can. 

We had quite a few elderly folks who stopped by to meet us, one, 80-years-old, who took City Boy for a ride. 

We had another couple who met us and interested in helping out at the ranch.  They came out to see us first thing Monday morning to sign up for a day at the ranch to give these animals some TLC. 

Jessie also sent a young lady, Michelle, our way that is a student to be a veterinarian.  She and the other students are looking for a place to do intern work with the animals.  We have gladly welcomed these students to come join us and be a part of the Domino Effect.  Michelle also arrived here Monday morning to meet us and start working with the horses.

Pastor Glenn and his wife Rita covered the area meeting and greeting everyone who came to see us and sharing God’s love.  Rita has a passion for people and really takes the time to get to know people and takes notes to follow up.  She fits her position well as a pastor’s wife, as she is great with the children, great with personal relations, and always there to give a helping hand.  Pastor Glenn has been such a blessing to so many and has earned great respect.  His love for God is genuine with great passion for his ministry. 

I have a great respect for Pastor Glenn with his ministry for the recovery program.  The love he has for these people and everyone around him is truly a gift from God.  The love he extends is contagious and spreads like wildfire throughout the ministry.  We are blessed to be a part of such a special family and we too are falling in love with each, individual and just thank God every day for sending us the “church unusual” to join us in our mission and us in theirs.

Saturday was a very prosperous day for God’s glory.  It was so nice to meet new faces here in the community and share these beautiful animals with them and showing God’s love. 

We invite you to join us again in 2 weeks, November 17th, same place, same time.  Bring the family for some FREE, Wholesome, Family Fun!!!

Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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First off, I want to thank God for the window of opportunity that He granted us with and the ABSOLUTELY BLESSED DAY!!!

I want to thank the owners of High Octane for holding the benefit in our honor to recognize the horses in need here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  I also want to thank the Blackwater Jack for their excellent performance and for blessing us on this special day.  Thank you Roneka for the time you spent with organizing, advertising, putting the flyers together, and for making us feel welcome.

I want to thank Kim Dame for the ABSOLUTELY, AWESOME ARTICLE she wrote in the Hernando Today on behalf of the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  Once again, Kim presented a complete coverage from the vision that started the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch to introducing our future with Solid Rock Christian Ministries.  Kim gave us a plug in the article for the upcoming event at the High Octane for the following day.  Thank you Kim for taking the time to present the ranch in a positive light and for giving your support to us throughout the year.


I want to thank Kimberly Young for her hard work and dedication to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch to make this event such a success.  She and her sister Dawn found over 20 sponsors in the community to donate gift certificates for the raffle for family nights of bowling, the movies, restaurant certificates, and much more.  Kimberly and Dawn volunteered their time and put great effort in organizing the 50/50 and raffle table.  Thank you both!!!  Kimberly has been such a great asset to the Domino Effect through her dedication to the horses and the time she takes to come work with them by helping to evaluate and take them out to exercise. 

I want to thank Francine Riale, her daughter Serenity, and Ashley Peterson for their GREAT participation in helping Kimberly sell raffle and 50/50 tickets.  They too joined Kimberly on stage to pick the winning tickets.  We are so happy to have Ashley back to volunteer, as we have missed her over the past few months.  And I believe Miss Serenity is working her way up from the Domino Effect Poster Child to the Domino Effect Raffle Gyrl.  Both Serenity and Ashley have been volunteering with us for 2 years.

I want to thank Lisa Price for printing out 500 flyers and all of the 8 X 11 pictures for the displays.  She jumped on board, as a last minute request on Sunday, to help sign in the children for the horse rides.  Thank you so much Lisa for the great help you have extended to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in fostering 4 horses and much, much more that she provides to help in their care.

I want to thank Pastor Glenn & Rita for helping us organize our day, providing transportation, hay for the horses, drinks for the kids, ink for the printers, and sending in volunteers from Solid Rock to participate in the day. 

I want to thank John Killet for joining us at 8:00 in the morning to help Bob load the trucks and help him get set up at High Octane.  John is one of our board members and has been a good friend for 7 years.  We appreciate his dedication and his participation in every event we have held since we have opened the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch back in December 2009.

I want to thank Crystal and Dave who joined us to volunteer for the entire day from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night to load, set up, give the kids rides all day long, and then help us pack up.  Crystal and Dave are from Solid Rock and will be coming along side of Bob and I to be a part of our ministry with the ranch.  We are very excited to be blessed with this couple and are excited about the future we will have with them working hand and hand for God’s glory.  Both Crystal and Dave have previous experience in working with horses and are excited to have the opportunity to work with us.

I want to thank Robyn and Daniel from Solid Rock for joining us for the day to help out in setting up, helping with the horses, and loading up at the end of the day.  Robyn and Daniel made about 200 sandwiches to hand out that day to the families that came to see the horses.  Robyn rode My Josie for the first time riding since her childhood.  She absolutely loved My Josie and we hope to take her out soon trail riding. 

I also want to add lastly, but absolutely NOT least, thank you Sharyl Ranchhand for your assistance in teaching us how to harness and drive Miss Goldie. She was absolutely stunning, as the pictures tell it how. Thank you so much for blessing us with your intruction and the use of your harness, so that we could share it with families in the community. She was amazing!!!

Pastor Bob and Maggie came out to join the fun and went for rides with Miss Goldie pulling the cart.  Leslie and Trevor came out with Moses to support us, along with Lisa Price and her family (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY).  I finally met Karen Palmer after 2+ years of her supporting us on FB.  I also met Gloria Parker and Janet Holm.  We made many new friends and filled the house with supporters.  It was a GREAT fundraiser for the DERR and a very, fun-filled day with many great memories.  We look forward to many more events here in the near future.




Dinelle Ashcraft


Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104      

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Domino Effect Rescue Ranch

“People Helping Animals Helping People”

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I have this friend who visits me nightly here at my window now for the past 3 weeks. My office overlooks the front part of the property facing the front gates. Below my window is a truck sleeper that sits on top of a job box. Every night for the past 3 weeks I have had a distinct visitor come to see me. At first I thought that it was Timone, our cat.

The sun would go down and Timone would show up in the window playing with the bugs on the window reminding me that it was time for him to come in for the night. I would get up, let Timone in, and continue to do my online Medical Transcription work on the computer. I frequently hear noises, as we are surrounded by 10 inside cats, 4 squirrels, and a conure inside and 17 horses, 4 goats, 4 pigs, a llama, and many roosters outside, so I don’t pay too much mind to specifics.

One evening after letting Timone in, I kept hearing a tap at the window. I thought, well maybe it is Timone and he was back outside again, or maybe I didn’t let him in??? My eyes focused through the decals on the window into the dark black night. In between the design I could see 2, beady eyes peering in at me. Then as it became clearer, I saw her face and her hands outstretched on the window, as if she was pressing her face to the window to see in. I was a bit startled at first, but then recognized that we had a raccoon scavenging around the front looking for yummies and she had just crossed my path. Although, I found it quite odd that this raccoon would be staring in at a human, as if it was mesmerized by my face, rather than grazing the ground for food. This continued night after night.

Each night after 10, I would be on the lookout for noises or shadows on the window, as I awaited a visit from my new friend. Every night, she would come to the window for about 5 minutes at each spell. She would come to the window, place her paws up on the glass, and look into me eye to eye every single time, as if she was trying to make a connection.

Each night the frogs gather on the window, especially after a good hard rain. The light from inside the office shines bright through the window drawing all the flies to the window. I watch as the frogs hop around on the glass window snatching up flies off the window in a split-second’s time. Friday night, the frogs were on the window, as described above, catching their meal for the night, when all of a sudden a black, leathery hand came out of the darkness, snatched up the frog, and stuck it straight into her mouth, chewing quickly, and it was gone. The raccoon was enjoying frog legs for her mealtime.

Last Friday I felt a discernment as if this connection were real. One year ago, this month, we released Rachael, the raccoon, after raising her for 4 months from just a baby.

Bob built Rachael her own cage and she lived inside with us.

She became part of the family.

We grew very attached to Rachael and she with us.

We knew it was time to let go, so we contacted a local wildlife facility here in Brooksville about 15-20 miles away, who had given Rachael to us to raise, and she joined her with 2 other raccoons to acclimate with and be released back to the wild. We heard that everything went well with her release and we kept her memory close and dear to our heart.

After seeing this raccoon for a 2-week period visit me in my window, a light went off that jarred my memory of Rachael. Could it be her, I thought? Could she have found her way home?

I searched the Internet for answers and sure enough I found that raccoons will travel a distance back to the place where they were raised. I grabbed a bag of green grapes and went out in the dark night to call for my new friend, Rachael.

Rachael was running circles around Bob’s back truck tires and each time watching me as she circled. I threw grapes just a few feet in front of me and she came close to retrieve the grapes. She didn’t come close enough to make contact with me, but she wasn’t the least bit scared of me, as I talked to her the whole time she was in my presence. She seemed to be in more distress over the farm noises that she heard around her, than the sound of my voice, which confirmed that the horses were a fairly new sight to her and she was startled by their movement. This tells me that she was not raised outside here in the wild around our property or she would not be startled by her surroundings. The fact that she seemed to be comforted with peering in the window to see a human face and was not startled by my voice, tells me that she was most likely raised by a human. Could this possibly be our Rachael returning back home after 1-year’s time? We may never know the answer to this question, but we can only hope that God has brought Rachael back home to live with us.

Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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This is one of my favorite posts that was written just a few days before Bob had to show up in court on February 21, 2011, for a “felony in possession” charge for putting down an out-of-control pig.

Did I mention Bob’s AMAZING, GOD-GIVEN talents.  I want to share with you all the awesome story behind this beautiful boat.  It is amazing how God will answer prayers at just that precise timing when you take that leap of faith and believe in Him, your obedient to his Word, and He will always be there to provide for you, not once, but over and over again.

Bob used to have a sign company in Kentucky until he had open heart surgery at age 29 and then a full blown stroke at age 36.  God has recovered him from the stroke, but he still has residual neuromuscular damage.  Bob had to give up his sign painting at that time, as he had lost his coordination on the right side.

When Bob and I met each other, I was struggling with alcoholism and worked as a bartender. 

We met in 2005 and renewed our faith in God shortly thereafter. 

I wanted to stop drinking, get away from the bar, and have a “real life” like everyone else had, but me.  I went back to school for medical transcription, but needed to get away from bartending in hopes to free myself from the alcohol addiction.

Bob has many God-given talents, sign painting to be one of many.  He quit his job at the time and we hit the pavement to find work through lettering car windshields, storefront windows, and yes even boats.  He realized through painting windshields and windows that not only was the coordination restored on the right side, but he was also able to paint with his left hand, which was not possible for him before.  He took this leap of faith for me, so that I could free myself from bartending and be free of alcohol.

We started CCWC in New Port Richey in 2005.  One Sunday in the spring of 2006, Bob decided to be faithful and tithe our last dollar in the offering plate.  I looked at him like “are you crazy, that was our last $25 bucks.”

He left his phone at home that day and when we arrived at the house there was a message on his phone from a man who wanted Bob to letter his 37′ Mako.  We made an appointment to meet him on the side of the road close to his storage unit where he kept the boat off County Line Rd. in Springhill, Florida.

By that afternoon that $25 dollars turned into a twenty-five hundred dollar deposit with the remaining balance owed with more to come and other jobs that were also given to us by this man.

Bob hand-painted this boat in 2006, and God has brought it back to provide for us once again.

As we are facing the most difficult season in our lives with the unknown territory of what our future might hold, we are brought back to that leap of faith-moment once again.

We have been very confused on our future and what moves to make in order to keep the ranch secure and stable in case Bob must leave for awhile.  We have been in prayer day after day seeking answers on what the right decisions are to do in this matter.

Bob remembered that he had missed a call from this man a few weeks back and it was heavy on his heart to call this man to see if he may need Bob to do some work.  Sure enough, they were planning on having the boat repainted with fiberglass repair in the spring, but were able to meet us in this open-window of opportunity that we have to accomodate us financially now.  This not only will bless the ranch with extra finances, but will supplement our income in the next year to come.

God has delivered me from alcohol and smoking, since 2007, and I graduated with A’s in each one of my college courses.  We since then have opened this ranch in December 2009.  I am living proof that God can and will change your life around if you just place your faith in Him.

Don’t ever underestimate the POWER OF PRAYER.  God always provides a way for his children and answers our prayers as His will is good for us.  If we trust in Him and put our faith in Him, He will prevail.


Domino Effect

We are down for the countdown less than 4 days till court and a boat that is about ready to set sail.  We have been snowed-in up here in Weeki wachee, which has slowed down the completion of Bob’s project of repainting this boat, in which he initially painted in 2006.  God has blessed us with absolutely beautiful weather this past week, just enough for Bob to complete the boat just 1 day before court.  One side is complete and one more to complete in the next few days.  Thank you God for your precise timing, it is all in FAITH that He comes through for us each and every time!!!

February 21, 2011 at 11:32pm

Domino Effect Be on the lookout for a live preview of Bob’s handywork as you will probably see it in this years Boat Parade at the Chasco.

February 21, 2011 at 11:35pm

Domino Effect BON VOYAGE!!!  The ship set sail and headed back home.

February 25, 2011 at 5:14pm ·

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
“People Helping Animals Helping People”
Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614

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