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Shortly after Deana Richardson-Rogowski sabotaged Justice’s fundraiser and tried to shut our fundraiser down, she started posting negative news media written by Maryann Tobin. These were articles compiled with false allegations and misinformation that Maryann Tobin took advantage of her journalist position with the Examiner to paint a horrific picture to the public, as if we were abusing, starving, neglecting, stealing, repossessing, and running an illegal operation.

When Deana Richardson-Rogowski started running out of fuel, she began back peddling. She became very defensive and offended with an accusing nature towards us for JUstice’s death.

Our only statement that we posted then and I will continue to post here is this: Deana Richardson-Rogowski relinquished Justice (Bello Capote) into our care just 10 days before we lost his fight for life. Within the 10 days he was with us, his health rapidly went downhill with signs and symptoms suggesting liver failure. He had 3 emergency vet visits in 10 days and medications and medical care given to try to treat his condition before it was too late. A blood test was done to check for damage of his internal organs. The test results came back positive for liver failure. Very soon after these results, his condition was so severe, we had to make a healthy decision to end his suffering and humanely have him euthanized. Justice was in the last stages of liver failure when he arrived to us. Eight other horses that had been rescued from FER also died from liver damage from eating poisonous plants. If only someone would’ve followed the proper protocol in having him tested earlier, he could’ve had a fighting chance, but by the time he arrived in our care and we had him tested, it was too late. As a learning experience to Gallops and others in the community who are affiliated with rescuing emaciated horses, we sent out an educational post to all, the warning signs and symptoms and the importance to have these horses in question tested before it is too late. My thoughts were this, let’s not let Justice’s death be in vain, but rather educate the public to save lives in the future.

Deana Richardson-Rogowski did not take well to this information. Instead she spiraled out of control weaving a web of hateful deceit. She started out back peddling, to being defensive, to lashing out with threats and vengeance. She lashed out at the Domino Effect violently with her scornful tongue. Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks, she made her every thought public to the eyes of the social media.

Below was the initial opposing post and after this Deanna Richardson Rogowski spiraled out of control.





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Credits for title above, given to Deana Richardson-Rogowski, owner of Gallops Stables.


For 3 consecutive weeks, Deana Richardson-Rogowski has been posting false allegations against us from articles written from a previous witch hunt against us. It’s a quite familiar cycle, I like to refer to it as the Ted Koran Syndrome. People get upset or don’t get their demands met and they all follow the same endless cycle until their hatred runs them into the ground. I believe it is a “control” issue when people are unable to make you do as they wish. They don’t seem to understand that rescues are individual entities that genuinely have the best interest at heart for the animals. They are not governed by the public and do have to make important decisions regarding each animal’s situation daily, regardless of outside opinions. Each rescue is set up differently and runs their rescue in a manner that best fits the animals individual needs and the needs of the rescue. When people disagree with the everyday functions of the rescue, they tend to get mad and seek vengeance.

The cycle is as follows: They harass us through personal messages, they block us from FB, they bash us publically on FB, they attack our Christianity and/or our past record, they call AC, DOA, Sheriff’s Department, and any other government agency that they can give false complaints too, they bash us on Craigslist and other public Internet sites.

Deana Richardson-Rogowski came to my personal messages and rudely attacked us for posting an informative update on our FB page that Justice had diarrhea, ulcers, and what we thought was hemorrhoids. She made claims that we shouldn’t have posted such a diagnosis without a vet report. Although, the vet was due to arrive the next morning, we didn’t realize that we needed to have a vet report to note the following clinical signs such as diarrhea, ulcers, and hemorrhoids that were obvious to the naked eye.


Our response to Deana Richardson-Rogowski did not measure up to her approval, thus, the viscous attacks of harassment and slander began.

Her first attempt was to put the brakes on our fundraiser for Justice that we were seeking monetary funds to help cover the very extensive bill that was incurred for Justice’s medical care in his last days.

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AN ANONYMOUS person then filed a complaint with FB Fundraiser that put a hold on our fundraiser for Justice until we were able to comply with our documentation with DOA and Consumer Services proving that we do indeed have our charitable license with DOA and Consumer Services and we are indeed eligible to seek donations.

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I sent them the proof of our DOA Consumer Services Charitable license.

doa consumer services

I was then sent a letter of approval and able to continue operating our fundraisers online.

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After the initial story, I posted an updated story on our fundraiser to raise money for further care regarding Justice’s condition, which was progressing very quickly.

Domino Effect States: Justice came to us after a 911 call from one of our adopters Beth Tynes Goldberg. Justice was being held at Gallops Stables in Ft. Myers Florida in the care of Deanna Richardson. Justice was seized by the Hendry County Sheriffs Department during the investigation of animal cruelty charges against the proprietors of FERR. He was then taken to Gallops till the case was prosecuted against the individuals.


Beth called us stating that Deanna no longer could afford Justice due to a mini coming in with EPM. Deanna had contacted all other local rescues and was refused. Could we please stand in line for this wonderful horse.

This is really a description of how people wish to help emaciated horses with little or no experience of how to do so. Justice had 3/4 of a scoop of feed in his bucket from his meal when I arrived. I called ahead to let Deanna know we were on our way, yet she left on a trail ride and there was no-one to answer questions or to give us feed to transition Justice. The volunteer that was asked to meet us stated that there was probably feed left in his bucket if we wanted it. My horses clean their buckets, why would Justice leave some behind. Seemed to be common practice. Something didn’t seem right.


After arriving to the ranch last Thursday evening we fed. Justice seemed to play with his feed and threw it every where. He had diarrhea and it was very watery. I went out to the trailer and noticed all of the stool was diarrhea. We contacted Deanna and was given answers totally contrary to what we were seeing and experiencing.

I contacted Brian Dillard DVM and scheduled for him to come examine Justice the following morning. We posted about Justice and his situation and received a very hateful message from Deanna and we were immediately blocked on FB.


This lady had no idea of how to re-feed an emaciated horse. Even though she meant well, she didn’t know the signs to watch for nor the proper diet to start Justice on. The vet was never called out to do an examination and to check for organ damage. Hannah Farrell had Justice’s coggins pulled and took care of Justice till he was temporarily placed with Gallops.

Now justice has seen the vet two days in a row and this is caused by the damage that was done at Gallops by untrained people.


Yesterdays vet bill was $150.00 and todays bill $250.00 so far. 160cc’s of Activated Charcoal Paste, 34 grams of Electrolyte Oral Gel, 60 ml’s of Sorb-A-Tox Suspension, and 10 ml’s of Bantamine IV. The first visit he was given 4 ml’s of Xylazine IV and had his teeth power floated.(he has upper and lower gum ulcers from the hooks being so bad) We also pulled blood today to check the condition of his organs.

Brian administering medications

Justice 1Invoice 2129706 for Domino Effect Rescue Ranch-page-001

Justice 2 Invoice 2129712 for Domino Effect Rescue Ranch-page-001

Please Keep Justice In Your Prayers!!!

FOLLOWING THE FUNDRAISER POST: Deana Richardson-Rogowski became very defensive and wrote numerous comments below this fundraiser trying to sabotage Justice’s fundraiser and slander and defame our rescue and our name.

Please click on the individual images below to enlarge for better visibility.

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Deana Richardson-Rogowski States:””JUSTICE FOR JUSTICE”…That will be our Fight…We will NOT tolerate the ignorance of others or those that will try and protect the Guilty!”

Friday, April 17, 2013, Justice arrived to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.


Justice came in with lethargy and by the next day he was noted to have diarrhea and loss of appetite. Diarrhea had then been noted on the trailer as well from his trip here.

Before I posted the below fundraiser on Facebook, Deana and I had pleasant conversation. Although, we were experiencing difficulties with Justice’s appetite and diarrhea, I at first assumed that he needed to get acclimated to his new feed, etc.


We then noticed ulcers in his mouth and what appeared to look like “hemorrhoids” at his anal opening.



My first attempt to address the public was to inform them that Justice was showing symptoms of lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and ulcers in his mouth. I made a public post on my page and then transferred this information over to the first fundraiser for Justice to ask for help for Justice’s first vet visit.

Justice needs immediate medical attention ASAP.

Justice came in to the rescue right before the weekend. Justice initially was one of the horses that suffered severe emaciation at the hands of Florida Equine Rescue (FER). He was seized from FER 2 months ago and has been in the care of a local ranch in Ft Myers until this past week.

This past weekend Justice settled in here at the rescue. The first few feedings he didn’t seem too interested in wanting to eat. I figured it would take him some time to transition to our feed and build an appetite.

Yesterday Bob hung him a bucket to give him more ease. I brought him his feed and dumped it in the bucket. He curled his upper lip upwards with copious amounts of saliva dripping out of his mouth. I studied him for a few minutes as he picked at his feed. Later that day I came out with Alfalfa and he quickly followed me over to the bucket anxious for his yummy meal.

This morning when a few visitors came to help Bob, we noticed he still had quite a bit of feed still left in his bucket.

Upon further examination of his upper lip, it was discovered that he has ulcerations on the top of his upper lip and in his mouth. And then on his back end, he was discovered to have a hemorrhoid covering his anal opening.

Bob called Dr. Dillard to schedule him to come out to evaluate him tomorrow.

We have quite an extensive vet bill pending with previous geldings, Abel’s colon twist, and Indy’s procedures.

We MUST get Justice seen tomorrow and get him the medical attention that he needs, so that we can continue to rehabilitate him with the proper care that he needs.

WE NEED YOUR HELP towards Justice’s medical expenses and towards providing him with the proper diet to keep him comfortable while he is healing and putting his weight back on.


Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

After announcing publically that Justice had ulcers in his mouth and “hemorrhoids”, I received this text from Deana Richardson Rigowski.


This was quite puzzling, as I didn’t realize that we needed a veterinary report to identify ulcers or what we claimed to be “hemorrhoids” to alert the public that there was an immediate concern and need for a veterinary examination. I wasn’t sure why Deana was being so defensive as to “why” we were handling things as we were. We post everything, good or bad. We are a voice for these horses under any circumstance.

Then followed by an explanation of “why” she had to so quickly get “rid” of Justice and then immediately turned the tables on us calling us a “so called” rescue.


After this, Deana Richardson-Rigowski began to slander us on her personal Facebook page and her “group” business page Gallops “A Stable Place” She made claims that we were slandering and attacking her and her volunteers. She began posting articles that Maryann Tobin had written against us last year all over her FB page in attempts to draw negative publicity against our rescue. Of course, this drew in the “hate group” that were on a witch hunt against us in the past, posting false allegations against us in hopes to shut our rescue down, including Maryann Tobin, Nikki Tobin, Ohana Rescue with Carrie Young and Alan Wilson, and Ted & Karen Koran from The Critter Place next door. These are known characters in the previous witch hunt that supplied Deana Richardson-Rigowski with false allegations against us.

One of Deana Richardson-Rigowski’s volunteer, Peggy Duffala, questioned us publically on our fundraiser above as to how Justice could be in such condition.


Deana’s temperament quickly accelerated and shortly thereafter she and her volunteers at Gallops Stables “A Stable Place” formed a private “hate group” against us including bashing us on her business page.

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Note:  All quotes are medical literature found on the following 2 sites regarding educational information on liver disease, liver failure, and HE hepatic encephalopathy.”



Justice has been down a long road and has finally been laid down to rest.

Justice was seized from a family and sent to Florida Equine Rescue back in October 2011.  Justice came in to FER in an emaciated condition.  At the beginning of this year, FER had been shut down and the Walsh’s were charged with animal cruelty.  Hannah Farrell found placement for the horses that had resided at FER.  Justice was being held by Hendry County as evidence until the court proceedings were final.  After this, Justice was then placed at Gallops Stables “A Stable Place” in North Ft. Myers, where he resided for several months.

Justice came to us just 10 days prior before we laid him to rest.

Each day that Justice was in our care his symptoms progressed.  He arrived very lethargic and depressed.

His stools were loose with diarrhea.  Within the first 2 days we noticed that he had no appetite.  We also noticed that he was pinching the top layer of feed with his lips.  Bob checked under his lips and found ulcers in his mouth.

At the same time, he was noticed to have a bulge at the anus opening.

Diarrhea or constipation may be seen in animals with hepatic disease. Diarrhea is more commonly seen in cattle than in horses with chronic liver disease or in animals with chronic fascioliasis and hepatotoxic plant poisonings.”

Bob immediately called the vet and scheduled him to come out first thing in the morning.  Dr. Brian arrived to find Justice to have a protruding rectum.  Dr. Brian had thought at the time that this was due to the excessive diarrhea.  He was thought to have stomach ulcers, as well as the mouth ulcers.  Dr. Brian floated Justice’s teeth and put him on ranitidine for the ulcers.

“Tenesmus followed by rectal prolapse is seen in some ruminants with liver disease. It may be associated with diarrhea, hepatic encephalopathy, or edema of the bowel from portal hypertension.”

The following day, the walls of Justice’s anus ruptured causing him to hemorrhage out his anal opening.

Bob called Dr. Brian out on a 911 call to check Justice.  Dr. Brian gave him medications to stop the diarrhea and other medications to help restore the nutrients, electrolytes, and absorb any toxins that may be in his system.  Dr. Brian also did blood work on Justice to check for any organ damage.

“Clinical signs of severe or terminal hepatic failure include coagulopathies and hemorrhage due to decreased production of clotting factors by the liver and possibly increased utilization in septic or inflammatory processes.”

Justice’s condition was quickly progressing.  He was aimlessly walking, circling, head-pressing, and resting his head in our laps or on the steps.  Justice’s condition accelerated to the point where he was suffering from HE (hepatic encephalopathy) with severe cerebral dysfunction causing him to be a great danger to himself and especially to others.  First his front knees kept buckling underneath him and he would fall forward into the ground.  This behavior became more violent, as he continuously lost control of his body, falling into anything or anyone that surrounded him.  By the time we received the phone call with the test results, Justice’s condition was in the advanced stage of liver failure and within 24 hours we had to put Justice to rest.

“Horses with hepatic encephalopathy may be aggressive or demonstrate repetitive behaviors that make restraint difficult.” 

“Signs of hepatic encephalopathy range from nonspecific depression and lethargy to head pressing, circling, aimless walking, dysphagia, ataxia, dysmetria, persistent yawning, pica, increased friendliness, aggressiveness, stupor, seizures, or coma.”

“In advanced cases, somnolence develops and obtunded behavior ensues. At this stage horses often show aggressive or violent behavior interspersed with the periods of stupor.”

After Justice’s diagnosis, we did some research concerning his condition.  We learned that there were 8 horses that were seized from FER who suffered and died from liver failure due to eating poisonous plants out at FER.  At the time the horses were seized from FER, a vet came out to update a coggins on each one of the horses.  Justice had been seen to have “blood” in his urine prior to this, so his condition was described to the vet and the vet, therefore, prescribed an antibiotic for Justice without actually testing the urine.

After doing some research, I can’t help to wonder if this too was a sign.  One of the symptoms of liver disease is high volumes of bilirubin being excreted through the urine causing it to be dark in color.

“In normal horses, the total bilirubin concentration is in the range of 0.2 to 5.0 mg/dL, with conjugated bilirubin in the range of 0 to 0.4 mg/dL. Conjugated bilirubin is water-soluble and detectable in the urine of horses only if blood concentrations become sufficiently increased to surpass the renal threshold (Photo 3); thus when urine tests positive for the presence of bilirubin, cholestatic disease should be suspected.”

We also learned that horses suffering from liver disease and/or liver failure should NOT have a diet high in protein, i.e. alfalfa pellets, cubes, or hay including other feeds that are high in protein, as this accelerates their condition.

“Affected animals should be fed carefully because dysphagia may be a problem. Relatively small amounts should be fed frequently. The diet should meet energy needs with readily digestible carbohydrates, provide adequate but not excessive protein, have a high ratio of branched-chain amino acids to aromatic amino acids, and be moderate to high in starch to decrease need for hepatic glucose synthesis.”

One very important factor that we learned through our research is that when a horse is suffering from liver disease, there may be no clinical signs of the liver disease until the liver has exceeded 60% to 80% damage.  This is why it is so vital to draw blood on an equine when in question of poisonous plants or if the equine is suffering from emaciation to check for organ damage of any kind.

“Clinical signs of hepatic disease may not be evident until >60–80% of the liver parenchyma is nonfunctional or when hepatic dysfunction is secondary to disease in another organ system. “

“Liver disease should always be considered when nonspecific clinical signs, such as depression, weight loss, intermittent fever, and recurrent colic, are present without an apparent cause. Differentiation between acute and chronic hepatitis or failure based on the duration of clinical signs before presentation may be misleading, because the disease process is often advanced before clinical signs are evident. Early vague signs of depression and decreased appetite may be overlooked. Liver biopsy to determine the type of pathology, degree of hepatic fibrosis present, and the regenerative capabilities of the liver parenchyma is necessary for developing a treatment plan and giving an accurate prognosis.”

I can only wish that we could turn back time and had rescued Justice sooner.  If only the blood work had been done a few months back, he could have been treated for the liver disease, and the liver, therefore, may have had a chance to repair itself.

But as we cannot turn back time, we DO NOT wish for Justice’s life to go in vain.  We hope that Justice’s death will be a learning lesson for all to research on such poisonous plants that may be in your pastures and to treat every emaciated horse, as if there may be possible organ damage due to the starvation, and PLEASE have blood drawn to insure the best care for your equine’s future.

Please check out the links below, as there is very important, vital information regarding poisonous plants, liver failure, and hepatic encephalopathy.



Please go to the following link and check your pastures for these weeds that are VERY toxic to our equine. The results are “liver failure”. Please understand that the liver WILL NOT SHOW clinical signs of damage until it is 75% damaged. At that point in time, the chances of the liver healing itself are very slim to none.  That is why receipt of an emaciated horse, should be followed with BLOODWORK IMMEDIATELY!

Failure to do so could result in an acceleration of damage to the liver by feeding TOO much protein before its time.


poisonous plants

Justice’s Medical Reports and results of testing:


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