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Last summer I completed my Associate of Arts and graduated with honors this Fall, December 11, 2015.  I am currently working towards a bachelors degree and should complete this in May 2017.  God has blessed Bob and I abundantly.  We look forward to what the future holds.

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A few months back in November I shared a story with a cliffhanger ending.


Today, 7 months later, we look back at the truth of the fraudulent, twisted lies that Carrie Young swept under the rug, hoping never to be uncovered. As I briefly catch you up to speed, I take you back to the summer, 2014.  Carrie was charged with Social Security fraud and within 30 days later asked to leave the 40-acre property that her and Allan Wilson leased since September 2011.  Shortly after her move, the owner of the Lake Lindsey Equestrian Center bulldozed the home and the 20+ stalls to the ground.

Social Security Fraud


They quickly found a beautiful, 5-acre, wooded property off Lake Lindsey at 16139 Seminole Boulevard, Brooksville, Florida.  Carrie and Allan relocated Ohana Rescue to this location in July 2014.  After their first 3-months’ stay, Carrie was two months behind on the rent.  The owner called her asking for the rent.  A few days later Carrie contacted her with complaints of broken pipes and an infestation of black mold discovered in the ceilings, walls, and floors.  She noted that she was refusing to pay the rent until the owner took care of the issues at hand.  She requested that the owner either replace the trailer with a new one or drop her monthly lease to $450.

The owner sent Carrie a letter requesting to have the home inspected by her insurance company.  Carrie and Allan left early in the morning on the day of the appointment and locked the gates behind them.  Later she answered the Realtor’s texts stating that she had been home the whole day, but was not aware of anyone at the gate.  The neighbor next door verified the time of departure that Carrie and Allan left their home that morning and their time of arrival later that day.

The owner’s attempt to inspect the home failed due to Carrie’s lack of cooperation.

The owner then filed an eviction in the courts against Carrie Young for nonpayment of two months’ rent and refusal to pay.

Along with a personal letter to the judge explaining what Carrie’s intentions were.

The docket information can be found at Hernando County Clerk of Circuit Court.

In the meantime, Carrie played on the public’s sympathy with her lies and deceit.

She told the public that the home was infested with black mold.  She shared a half dozen pictures of what she labeled black mold.

She said that she had shortness of breath, a continuous cough, and felt very ill.  She claimed to have had numerous visits to the hospital and stated that the “black mold” was hazardous to her health.  She told the public that the black mold in the house had destroyed her belongings and everything she owned had to be burned or hauled off to the dump. She publicly stated that she hired and paid a mold specialist $1200 out of her pocket to come in and test the levels of the house for black mold.  The results were astounding, as she stated the levels were so high the place should be condemned.

She moved to the front porch, where she put a piece of paneling down over the wood deck and covered the screens with a tarp to seal the area off and keep the cold air from the AC contained on the porch.  She told the public that her landlords were slumlords and they refused to take care of the mold issue that was making her deathly ill.  People were livid and ranting about how unfair Carrie was being treated. Someone felt sorry for Carrie sleeping on her front porch and donated an RV to her, so she could get out of the “mold infested” house.  The great people who donated to Harmony Funds gave Carrie $2200, so she could file a lawsuit against the landlord for the thousands of dollars Carrie lost due to the move, home improvements, loss and damage to all of her belongings, and medical bills she had acquired from the “black mold.”

Docket information can be seen at Hernando County Clerk of Circuit Court.

Many people donated hundreds of dollars to help Carrie move from the “mold house.”  As I followed her page, I too was truly convinced that the home was infested with mold, except the more I researched, things did not add up. She filed a counter-suit against the landlords, first in a small claims court.

The judge redirected her to a higher court after evaluating the thousands of dollars she was suing for.  Carrie then refiled in the higher court against the landlord, suing them for thousands of dollars for damages and loss of all her belongings, medical bills, and the loss of funds they spent to move to the property on Seminole Blvd that was infested with mold.

For months the court battle continued and Carrie posted on social media, as if she was winning her case.  She told the judge in November 2014, she had vacated the property due to the house being inhabitable.  With this news, the landlord scheduled an appointment with her insurance company to have the home inspected for black mold. The owners rescheduled an appointment with the insurance inspector, since Carrie stated that she was no longer living at the residence.  The inspector arrived at the owner’s property on Seminole Blvd.  He found that Carrie and Allan were still living in the home.  He inspected the home thoroughly and did his necessary tests.  He then photographed every inch of the home and Carrie’s belongings that were in the home.  The tests came back negative showing absolutely NO MOLD, as well as the “many” photographs he took of the home and Carrie’s belongings showing absolutely NO damage from black mold on anything.

Email referring to documentation:

Document of final report showing NO MOLD in the home.

Pictures taken by insurance inspector of the inside and outside of the house documenting ABSOLUTELY NO MOLD or damage to Carrie Young’s belongings.

At the next hearing date the landlords presented their evidence to the judge.  Carrie’s attorney resigned from the case after he realized it was all a scam and she had lied.  The judge quickly closed down Carrie’s lawsuit and reopened the eviction case against Carrie Young that the landlord originally filed.

On a Sunday afternoon we were contacted by the property manager who found our name connected with Carrie Young’s here on the Internet.  He contacted us to ask questions and find out more about why this person would carry out such a horrendous lie against these good people who own this property.  In his research over the Internet, he found where Carrie Young had just recently been charged with several accounts of fraud against Social Security.  He forwarded this information to me, so I could look it over as well.


Carrie stalled the courts for 3 months, using the horses as leverage, to keep from immediately being evicted from the property.  The judge didn’t want to throw her onto the streets with the horses not having any place to go.  She took advantage of this time to raise more money to move and find another place of residence. Finally, Carrie was given a deadline and had to vacate the property by January 31, 2015.  Carrie and Allan were trying to raise $12,000 for a down payment on a property nearby.  The home on Seminole Blvd was rented to Carrie and Allan fully furnished including a riding mower, boats, and other outdoor accessories.

Seminole Home before Carrie and Allan moved in.  It was fully furnished with riding mower, boats, etc.

Carrie held a huge garage sale selling everything inside and outside of the house that the owners had furnished the property with for lease.  She begged for money on social media to help her move her rescue for the second time in one year.  They could not reach their deadline to raise the $12,000 down payment on the property nearby, so they were denied approval for a loan.  Shortly after this, Allan Wilson announced that he would be going back to North Port and leaving Ohana Rescue to Carrie Young. Carrie found a home in Bushnell, Florida, just 5 miles from the Seminole Blvd. address.  The home sits on 0.9 acres and she rented a 5-acre pasture for the horses.  She advertised on Craigslist for people to come pick up for free everything she could not sell for money, leaving heaping loads of garbage behind. Carrie Young vacated the property on January 31, 2015.

We met with the landlord and the property manager to see the property the very next morning on February 1, 2015, at 10:00 am.  Carrie had destroyed the property beyond belief.  The fans and variable speed control switches were cut and ripped down from the walls and ceilings.

The lights were ripped off the walls and ceilings leaving a gaping hole.

The thermostat was missing, as well as the screen door.  The back door was broken from someone kicking the door.

The carpets were saturated with dog urine and feces with great big, black stains.

The floors, walls, counters, refrigerator, stove, bathrooms, etc. were covered with a thick layer of dirt, hair, and grime.

The linoleum floors were black from dirt, hair, and dog urine, as well as several holes in the floor leading to the ground beneath the trailer.

The smell was horrible.  Outside resembled much of the same damage.  Although, there were truckloads of garbage scattered around the property, as well as a pool with thick, green slime from months of neglect.  The pool screens were slit to make an easy exit to remove her furniture from the pool house.

It was an absolute mess that included intentional vandalism to the property. I took a few pictures that morning, as well as videos to document the absolute filth left behind.  Furthermore, the landlord sent me pictures of the home before Carrie Young move in, as well as pictures of the home and Carrie’s belongings that the Inspector took showing absolutely NO mold. I researched the company where Carrie claimed to spend $1200 to have the home inspected for black mold.  The number published for this business is an inoperable phone number.  I looked up this company on Sunbiz to see if it was a legitimate company.  The business was opened as a new entity in August 2014, the very same month dating after the landlord’s letter to Carrie threatening to evict her for nonpayment of rent.  The company’s president and vice president’s address were both ironically from Carrie’s hometown, Hudson, and Allan’s hometown, North Port, Florida.  Carrie posted this invoice out on social media to persuade the public that she had paid $1200 to have the home inspected for mold.  What she did NOT post were the test results of the “high” life-threatening, toxic levels of black mold they allegedly found, as well as stating the home should be condemned. After seeing the property with my own two eyes, I went home to match up Carrie’s photos she had posted on social media of the “mold house.”  Amazingly enough, the pictures she posted online do NOT match up anywhere on the property.  The porch photo is NOT the same wood or porch.  The insulation falling from the ceiling is no where to be found.  However, the cabinet that has the scrub marks dug into the paint is indeed in the kitchen, but not freshly scraped and nothing surrounding it that resembles black mold.  The ceiling panels in the bedroom were moved around to appear she was up there searching for mold, but there is NO evidence in the ceiling either of mold.

Carrie posted pictures that didn’t match up with the property, so she could gain sympathy and donations from the public.

I can only assume that Carrie’s one and only picture she took of a box of shoes with mildew on them was probably something she had packed away in a shed or brought there from somewhere else.  Carrie posted these pictures to mislead the public and plead for sympathy in order to draw in funds for her personal gain.

After meeting the landlord, we were offered the property at Seminole Blvd.  We quickly turned them down, as neither Bob or I wanted to clean up and fix the mess that Carrie Young had left behind.  A few weeks later we decided to consider the offer and contacted the owners.  We met with the owners on a Sunday afternoon, just a few weeks after Carrie Young moved.  They made us an offer we could not refuse and in return we would restore the home and property back to livable conditions.

Restoring the home and property was an extensive task that Bob and I took on.  The first task was to clean the house from top to bottom to eliminate the dog odor and urine.  I scrubbed every nook and cranny and found absolutely NO MOLD anywhere inside the home.

The carpets had to be stripped down to the bare-wood floors to rid the dog urine and odor that could be smelled outside the home.  The carpet and padding was ripped out and rolled.  The underside of the carpet, padding, and wood floor was clean with NO MOLD anywhere.

The linoleum had to be removed and the wood floors had to be patched where the holes in the floor were.  There was NO MOLD underneath the linoleum floors, around the holes in the floor, or under the trailer.

The only thing we found underneath the trailer that appeared as if it didn’t belong there was this poor creature who looks like “someone” must have scared him to death.

The wood floor under the carpet in the bathroom was still damp from a recent flood in the bathroom, but no mold was found anywhere.

The patches had to be filled and the floor was leveled with compound.

All floors after carpet and linoleum were removed had absolutely NO black mold and were very clean underneath.

New carpet was installed in the bedrooms after the floors were prepped.

Wood-grain linoleum was installed throughout the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The lights and fans were ripped from the ceiling, including the thermostat taken off the wall.  Since the home did not have drywall ceilings with braces, Bob had to mount the fans and lights against a square of plywood to brace and secure them in place.

The wallpaper was peeling and covered with cobwebs, with a film of dirt two feet above the floor from the dogs rubbing against them.  The wallpaper in several rooms had to be stripped down to the original paneling underneath.

It took over a month to clear the pool up from the thick, green algae, dirt, and leaves in the pool.  Pool accessories were left behind with algae growing on them.  The pool screen was ripped out and cut in several areas to convenience in and out traffic.  The pool pump had been tampered with and inoperable at first sight.

When the pool starts to get dirt and debris in the bottom of the pool, this is what vividly appears in the bottom of the pool.  “Someone” was so kind as to carve “F*** You” in the bottom of the pool.

When the water was turned on, we discovered a pipe that was pulled loose underneath causing leakage and flooding underneath the trailer.  The hot water heater was pulled loose, lights were not working, and breakers were shorting out.  One of our volunteers fixed these things and got everything in working order, including the hot water to the shower by the pool.

Bob has fixed lights, pool light, sprinkler systems, solar heater, fences, pole barn, and planted a garden.

Every animal has shelter and the landscape here is absolutely beautiful.

It will take months to undo the damage that Carrie sustained here at the Seminole Blvd address, but the end result will be well worth our time.

Within the first few weeks we lived here, the cops showed up on two different occasions in search for Carrie’s son.  Carrie had given the detention center  her old Seminole address several weeks after she had moved to her new address.

Carrie has also updated her address on her renewal for the corporation on Sunbiz.  Although, the address that Carrie updated her license was Cr 663, Brooksville, Florida, 34605, which is NOT her correct address.  Her correct address is 7211 Cr 647ce, Bushnell, Florida, 33513.  I’m not quite sure how she misjudged her correct address, including the town she lives in.  I guess it must be her fibromyalgia again that is clouding her memory or it could be that she is hiding out from Social Security or hiding her son.  Regardless of her reason, you can see by the evidence in this blog that she is a habitual liar and will say and do just about anything to bring in money.

I have been following Carrie and her stories for many years.  There have been many stories that I have questioned in the past with loose ends and missing pieces to the puzzle.

I have been told before that when Carrie gets in a bind, she will fabricate stories such as leaky faucets, broken pipes and fences, and other major issues pointing negligence at the owners.  She has had several documented evictions in the past including the eviction from Seminole Blvd.

As I scrolled through Facebook this past week, I came across a fundraiser by Carrie Young, which prompted me to tell my story.

Carrie is posting on her page that her place has flooded and she has lost all feed, hay, and supplies.  She claims that the water has risen above her floors and has destroyed her place.  She claims that she is again suffering from “mold” allergies from the flooding damage that took place in her home.

Carrie Young has unmistakably been caught under oath lying in court to the Social Security Administration, as well as lying to the judge regarding the Seminole home that she calls “The Mold House.”  She has been caught in many lies, as well as fabricating tall tails to bring in money for her livelihood.  Carrie Young brought in thousands of dollars from the public to help her move from “the mold house”, even though the house has been documented to have NO MOLD.  Carrie Young sold furniture, household items, boats, tractors, and other equipment that was rented with the home in order to raise money to move after the landlord took her to court for an eviction of nonpayment of rent.  Carrie received an RV to live in after she lied to the public about the Seminole home having black mold.  Carrie also received thousands of dollars from Harmony fund to fight her court battle to sue the landlord for the loss of her belongings due to “the mold house”, but lost her court case after it was discovered she lied.  People donated furniture to her to decorate her new home after she told everyone that she had lost all of her belongings to the infestation of “the mold house.”

Carrie destroyed and vandalized the Seminole home after she was evicted from the home.  Now Carrie is claiming that her new home of just 4 months has been flooded and she is again suffering from “mold” allergies.

She has scammed the government and federal agencies, property owners, and individuals who have stepped out to help her.  This fraudulent behavior must come to a halt before more innocent people are hurt.  I do believe that Carrie will sell herself out to continue in her mission, but without a job and without an income, her efforts are useless.  When you have to beg, lie, cheat, and steal to support the rescue, there comes a time where enough is enough.

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2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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This is interesting, considering the vast amount of people I have seen this person hurt over the past 3 years.

Did you consider the feelings of the woman with the 2 Labradors that you took in and promised to give a home, sold, and then refused to give her any information on their well being.  She desperately searched for those dogs for at least 2 years afterwards over the Internet?

Did you consider the feelings of the “many” individuals you have taken in horses from and in return cut all ties with them, trashed their name on social media, and refused to give them any information on the horses they surrendered to you?

Did you consider the feelings of the other rescues who worked equally hard to be accepted at the fundraiser in 2012, but were denied because they were not registered as a 501c3 like you?

Did you consider the feelings of the young lady who watched a horse get injured after an act of violence on your property?  She called authorities to report the incident, but incident was ignored due to her age and credibility.


Did you consider the feelings of the local rescue you shut down after you came in and took their horses and trashed them over social media after he was picked up for a DUI?

Did you consider the feelings of my husband and I during the past 3 years while you filed false reports against us to government officials and organizations, personal messaged and posted on social media false information to slander us, exposed our personal information to the public, and went on Channel 10 news with false information to sabotage our rescue.

Did you consider the feelings of Ted and Karen after you befriended them, so Karen could keep tabs on our rescue for 3 years day and night, and then turn around and expose Ted and Karen’s personal relationship and dirty laundry on public media the night of Karen’s funeral for all to see?

carrieted1 carrieted2 carrieted3 carrieted4 carrieted5

This, I believe, is calling the kettle black, and by far the cruelest thing I have ever seen you do, especially when your husband has 3 cases of domestic violence against 3 different women in 3 different counties, yourself included.

allan1 allan2 allan3 allan4


Did you consider my husband’s feelings when you and your husband filed false reports of violence against him and lost in court after your husband pushed my husband at the Wagon Wheel Feed store and the owner’s wife told you both you were no longer welcome in their store?  My husband has NEVER touched you or your husband and neither of us would ever physically harm you.



Did you consider the feelings of your landlord, after her home was deliberately sabotaged, so you could have an alibi for not paying the rent and sue her for thousands of dollars?

livid,mad, furious


Did you consider the feelings of the several families who have shown up at your property after finding out their horse were in your possession and you refusing to give them their horses back?  They filed theft reports with animals control.




Did you consider the feelings of the “many” people who have sympathized with your fictitious pleas for help, so you could draw in funds needed for other non-related financial debts?


Did you consider the feelings of those who legitimately need social security, but have not yet been awarded, due to the many people like yourself who have abused the system and fraudulently collected funds when they were not eligible?

Did you consider the feelings of those who have lost their animals and been reported to animal control after they have reached out for your help?


Did you consider the damage you have done to other rescue groups, animal owners, volunteers, and donators you have hurt with your continual lies.

The issues you are dealing with this year have been self-induced and are of no fault of anyone, but a lying tongue.

***NOTE*** Post above is based on factual evidence collected over the years and formulated in text by the author’s opinion only.  Personal research should be made on the above person to form one’s own opinion.

carrie grinch

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  • Karen Koran had a visitor a few weeks ago. Karen stood conversing with a young lady for quite some time in the driveway and then walked over to our fence line to see our horses. As they were pointing our way, I noticed the young lady to be wearing a dress and dress shoes, not fit for her visit. My assumptions were correct that Ted and Karen had finally found a reporter to spew their hatred. After the lady left, Karen screamed over to Bob “I hope you have a heart attack and die.” Bob and I looked at each other like “WOW” what did we do now?

    The following Saturday on June 7, 2014, an Animal Control officer, along with a deputy, shows up at Ted Koran’s gate, what he calls The Critter Place. He refused to let them in. He was very rude to the animal control officer. Ted Koran stated that the animal control officer was friends with his neighbor, Robert Ashcraft, and this was a conflict of interest and would not allow her on his property. She advised Mr. Koran that the complaint did not come in from his neighbor, Mr. Ashcraft. The Corporal advised the animal control officer to get a report and he would order a search warrant on June 9, 2014, to enter the property. Ted Koran decided on his own free will to allow them to enter the property to do their investigation, but would NOT let them in the house. Ted pled the Fifth Amendment, as to whether or not he had any more animals inside. Ted advised the officer that he knew the law and he was aware that every animal needed to have a rabies vaccine and license. He claims his need for “feed” for the animals is greater than following the letter of the law.

    The officer saw Gypsy to the right of the property. She was walking with a limp due to a hip injury. The officer asked if Gypsy had seen a vet. Ted assured her that Sarah Quatman had been out to see Gypsy and take care of her injury. She asked to see documentation, but Ted could NOT provide this information. He advised her that it is “public” record.

    *NOTE* NO VETERINARIAN REPORT IS PUBLIC RECORD, unless you have made it public, therefore, you would have access to these records for the officer.

    Ted Koran tells the officer he has 26 years experience and knows when he should or should not call a vet. We have known the Korans personally for the last 5 years. Ted has lost 4 horses out of 6 since we have known of him. When we moved in, they told us about a horse they had lost in the previous year. Lil Bit died after colicking and being tied to a tree all night to keep her standing. Glorious arrived in Lil Bit’s place. Ruby died from organ failure after losing an extensive amount of weight. Ted begged for another horse and my husband took him to pick up Mattie. Glorious died at our fence line in November 2012. She lied there for 32 hour before Ted drug her with the tractor close to the house to bury. Ted then begged the community for another horse to be a companion with Mattie.


    Gypsy arrived shortly thereafter. Gypsy remains in the backyard unseen and Mattie in the front yard, the two with no direct contact.


    Mattie stands in the front yard each day lonely for a companion. She stands at our fence line to be close to our horses and can be seen in the background of all my pictures. She paws away at the broken down fence with multiple injuries to her hooves and pasterns from getting caught in the fence, never seen by a vet or the fence repaired.



    Initially She wore a diaper and duct tape around her hoof, then only duct tape wrapped directly on the wound for almost a year until the injury healed.



    Furthermore, Mattie is scared of Ted and keeps a safe distance away. No vet or farrier care, unless donated, just desperate pleas for feed.

    The neighbor’s farrier came over a few weeks ago. The neighbor had to hold Mattie for the farrier, but still could not trim her hooves.


    Dogs and cats carrying sickness and disease, abscesses, tumors, infections, and mange:







    After Ted’s encounter with the Hernando Animal Control officer, Ted went into a raging fit. This is normal behavior for Ted, as every government agency who has dealt with him has remarked on what a hateful, difficult person he is to work with.

    Ted justifies his citations by attacking my husband and I. He accuses us of making a false report against him. We have NEVER called any agency on Ted Koran. Ted Koran has filed “so many” reports against us and called the cops on us “so many” times that no agency can keep count, not even the sheriff’s department. When people will no longer hear his lies, he rallies innocent bystanders on FB to make calls to agencies against us for him.



    After Animal Control left on June 7, 2014, Ted Koran posted publically the following statement referring to my husband and I.

    ted violation revised

    Ted States “We know that this visit was orchestrated by a pair of felons that have been under the scrutiny of officials, the public, and other rescues and the felons are a “Horse Rescue” and have had hundreds of complaints and investigations and the laws are so lax that there are no actionable offenses despite the pictures. The list of felonies is 13 pages long. The officer for animal control is personal friends with the felons and the rescue.”

    Apparently, Ted Koran, the laws in Hernando County are NOT too LAX, since you have received multiple citations against your pets. You admitted that you knew you were doing wrong, but chose to do it anyway with no respect for the letter of the law. If you have done wrong, take it like a man and stop trying to point the finger at someone else. Your “felon” neighbors have NOTHING to do with the fact that you don’t have your animals licensed, don’t keep your facility clean, or get the necessary vet checks. The hundreds of calls and investigations against the felon’s “Horse Rescue” are PROVEN to be orchestrated by you. BUT, the felons next door have NEVER called any organization against YOU or the other “rescue” you claim have gone against them. The animal control officer is NOT friends with the “felons” and would NEVER side with them against you. She is a government official who was called to your address to do a “wellness check” by another government official in Citrus County.

    Ted states “The same officer cited us for 2 dogs without rabies and license ONLY because she was visiting her felon friends at the felon’s rescue from a complaint that animal control received.”

    TED KORAN YOU ARE A LIAR!!! The animal control officer was NOT visiting us. You called and made a false complaint against us and she came out to make a report. At the time, she saw Ruby standing at the fence line coughing, eyes puffy, emaciated, and looking ill. She reported over there to do a “wellness check” on the horse. Ruby died shortly after this.

    Ted Koran States “The same officer who cleared her felon friends of wrong doing despite a dead horse at her feet.

    TED KORAN YOU ARE A LIAR!!!. Ted Koran YOU are responsible for colicking Shia after you fed our horses grain in the sand for weeks at the back fence. You anticipated something would happen to them and called animal control to our gates the next morning just minutes after we lost the horse. Officer Blake was the officer who arrived that morning, not officer Christian who cited you for your pets on 2 separate occasions.

    Ted Koran States “The officer is facilitating a vendetta orchestrated by her felon friends. Before we can do anything about the officer, she is an official capacity to enforce the citations she issued us.”

    Ted Koran, NO OFFICER is going to cite YOU for a vendetta orchestrated by her felon friends. Why would “anyone” have any reason to want to hurt you, Ted Koran?

    Ted Koran continues his hatred towards us.


    Ted Koran States “This will all reveal itself for what it really is.


    Ted States “Who wants a lady scumbag married to a scumbag working for the sheriff?


    Ted States “Both from vindictive neighbors. This one just happens to be multiple felons, with hundreds of complaints from people we never knew. Hundreds of visits from authorities and this officer that visited today is personal friends. Sounds fishy to meeeeee!!


    Ted States “This Veteran is MADDER THAN HELL!!


    Just because you made false complaints against the “felon” rescue and the officer did not violate them, doesn’t mean that the “felons” are suddenly good friends with the officers. This officer in question we are speaking of also has a “nonprofit 501c3 organization” and just so happens to be one of the “few” places available in Brooksville to do community service. Just because the “felon” did community service with this officer after you called the law on him for putting down a pig, doesn’t mean that suddenly this officer and this “felon” are friends working hand and hand.

    After Ted Koran told his fan club that his “felon” neighbors had caused him this hardship, the community rewarded his hatred by sending free services to get veterinarian checkups, rabies, and vaccinations for all the animals.






    The TRUTH is that Ted Koran went to adopt a dog from Citrus County Animal Control. He caused a scene and disturbed the office. Patty Ammon, representative for Citrus Animal Control called the Hernando County Animal Control to request a background and wellness check on Ted Koran before they could allow him to adopt an animal.






    (By the way, Glorious died in October 2012, 4 months later she was replaced with Gypsy. There’s NO WAY POSSIBLE, Ted Koran has had Gypsy for 2 years).


    On 06062014 I received a phone call complaint and a request to conduct an investigation and well check on the animals belonging to Theodore Koran at 10396 Snowbird Avenue. The complainant, Animal Services Representative from Citrus County, Patty, advised that Mr. Koran had been to their facility to adopt animals and that he was very evasive with information on the animals he currently owned. She stated be became rude and caused a scene in their office. She stated that he indicated that he owns two dogs and had no further information.

    On 06072014 I proceeded to the address 10396 Snowbird with Deputy Stephens. Upon arrival at the front gate, we made contact with Karen and Theodore Koran and I advised I had been requested to conduct a well check on the animals at the residence/facility. Mr.Koran stated that I was friends with his neighbor, Robert Ashcraft, and this was a conflict of interest and would not allow me on his property. I advised Mr. Koran that the complaint did not come in from his neighbor, Mr. Ashcraft, and that when agencies responded
    to complaints at the Ashcraft residence, they are handled by a deputy.

    Mr. Koran stated he owns a non-profit organization named The Critter Place for which he has a license and articles of incorporation. I check on sunbiz.org but was not able to locate the information.

    There were two dogs and a large pig visible at the gate. Mr. Koran advised that the pig is his watch dog. I asked Mr. Koran if the two dogs were current on rabies vaccinations and county licenses. Mr. Koran advised that none of his animals are current on rabies vaccinations and county licenses and that he does not feel the need to have them vaccinated and licensed since they do not leave
    his property. I counseled Mr. Koran regarding the county ordinance requiring dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated for rabies and posses a county license. Mr. Koran advised me not to talk to him like he was an idiot, that he was fully aware of the county ordinances, but did not have the money to purchase vaccination licenses since he needed food for the animals.

    Mr. Koran gave me the information for the two dogs at the gate. There was a blonde, spayed Labrador mix named Daisy and a tan and white mixed spayed Labrador named Sasha. I asked Mr. Koran if he had other dogs and he stated to me, he had lots of them but that he was not going to allow me to view them or come onto his property. He stated to me that I would need to get a search warrant in order to get any further information.

    I proceeded to my truck and made contact with Corporal Stockton and advised him of my investigation to date and the situation at hand. Corporal Stockton advised me to complete a report, that he would review it on 06092014, and at that time we would proceed with a search warrant. Corporal Stockton advised me to advise Mr. Koran that we would be following up with a search warrant on 06092014.

    I returned to the gate and advised Mr. and Mrs. Koran of the conversation with Corporal Stockton. Mrs. Koran stated that even with a search warrant we would not be able to get onto the property if they were out on doctor’s appointments. Mr. Koran stated that we would be able to access the property with a search warrant if they were not there, and that would run the risk of animals getting lose.
    At that time Mr. Koran advised myself and Deputy Stephens that we could come onto the property and conduct our investigation. Mr. Koran advised me again, that the pig was his body guard. I asked Mr. Koran to secure the pig and he stated the pig was in it’s own yard and currently secure.

    Mr. Koran opened the gate and allowed myself and Deputy Stephens access to the property. I carried a control pole, due to the loose pig and other animals, including dogs, running loose.

    Mr. Koran continued with the list of dogs that he currently owns, advising that none of them are current on rabies vaccinations or county licenses:

    Shelby, a Shepard mix, spayed female tan and white. Cameo, a Chow mix, spayed female, tan. Coco, a Chow mix neutered male, tan. Vanilla, a Chow mix female, tan. Cinnamon, a Chow mix female, tan. Susie, a Labrador mix, spayed female, black and white.

    To the right of the property, I viewed a large dark brown Bay horse, named Mattie. The horse appeared to be well rounded. I asked Mr. Koran if he owned any other horses. He stated he owns another horse named Gypsy, that was in the back, and that the horse had a hip injury which meant it could not be ridden. I asked Mr. Koran for a description and color of the horse, but was refused the information. Mr. Koran stated he got Gypsy from a rescue and that she came in that condition. I asked Mr. Koran if he had
    documentation from the rescue or from a veterinarian regarding the condition of the horse. Mr. Koran stated that he had lost all of the information on the person who gave him the horse, but that Sarah Quatman is the veterinarian. I asked Mr. Koran if she had seen the horse and therefore would be willing to make contact with Dr. Quatman in lieu of documentation regarding the condition of the horse. Mr. Koran stated that Dr. Quatman has not been out for some time to see the horses and that he feels that since he has twenty-six years of experience he knows when he needs to call a veterinarian. Mr. Koran then stated that he has documentation on the computer. I asked Mr. Koran if he could provide it for my report and he stated to me that it was public record and that if I wanted this information, I could look it up myself. I advised Mr. Koran that it would be a benefit to the report for him to provide the information due to the complaint being filed on him. I viewed the horse named Gypsy walking out of the stall. The horse appeared to have a noticeable limp coming from the hip area.

    I advised Mr. Koran if he was not able to provide documentation regarding this injury, I would require the horse to be seen by a Veterinarian for a report. Mr. Koran advised me in the past he owned a horse that he was advised by a Veterinarian that needed to be euthanzied. He stated he refused to have the horse euthanzied and it survived sometime after the diagnosis. Mr. Koran was not able to provide details of the horse or the Veterinarian.

    I asked Mr. Koran when the horses were last dewormed. He stated to me, approximately two months ago, but was not able to provide receipts or documentation at that time. Mr. Koran stated that he used Ranch Hand Feed Store, but does not keep the receipts. Mr. Koran stated that the farrier was out to see the horses approximately a week and half ago. I asked Mr. Koran for the name and phone number of the farrier and he stated to me that he could not remember the name, that it is a new farrier, and it would take him probably two hours to get that information off of the computer.

    At this time I proceeded with Mr. Koran and Deputy Stephens to the cat house. The cat house is a converted travel trailer. Mr. Koran advised me that none of the cats are current on rabies vaccinations or county licenses. I viewed the following cats:

    1. Domestic short hair, grey, spayed.
    2. Domestic medium hair, brown tabby, spayed named Bright Eyes.
    3. Domestic short hair, black, neutered.
    4. Domestic short hair, white and tabby, spayed named Possum.
    5. Domestic short hair, black tabby, neutered.
    6. Domestic short hair, brown and white tabby, neutered.
    7. Domestic medium hair, black, feral, gender unknown.
    8. Domestic short hair, brown tabby, feral, gender unknown.
    9. Domestic short hair, cream and tabby, neutered named Alvin.
    10. Domestic medium hair, black tabby, feral, gender unknown.

    There was a noticeable strong smell of urine inside the cat house and poor ventilation and the litter boxes needed cleaning. In addition to the named cats, there were multiple loose cats on the property. Mr. Koran asked me what he was supposed to do with unrestrained cats that people had dropped off that needed homes. I advised Mr. Koran that if he had taken them as his responsibility
    they would need to be vaccinated and licensed and per county ordinance, cannot be unrestrained. Mr. Koran advised me he did not feel he should be responsible for the vaccinations and licenses for the unrestrained cats. I advised Mr. Koran that he could trap the cats and then contact the Sheriff’s Office to request pickup. Mr. Koran advised the reason he allows them on his property is to save them from being killed by Animal Services.

    Mr. Koran advised me “he is not following the letter of the law in order that he can save animals”. I asked Mr. Koran if there were any other animals on the property and he stated to me that he plead the fifth amendment. I asked Mr. Koran if this meant he either did or did not have other animals and he stated to me that he plead the fifth amendment regarding whether he was telling the truth or not telling the truth.

    I issued citation number VH0235 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses on five dogs. I issued citation number VH0276 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses for five cats. I issued citation number VH0277 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses for five cats. I issued citation number VH0275 for no proof of current rabies vaccinations and county licenses for three dogs and two cats.

    I placed the original citations at Animal Services attention Customer Service Representative Sarah Caskie. I placed copies of the citations into records and personal file.

    Prior to leaving, Mr. Koran requested I write down a list of the paperwork I was requesting. I wrote down for him that I needed paperwork on the horses and any other documentation he would be able to provide on any of the animals. Mr. Koran asked me how long he had to take care of the citations, since it was going to cost him a lot of money. I advised Mr. Koran that within twenty days he would need to provide proof of vaccinations to Hernando County Animal Services and purchase the licenses at the location of 19450 Oliver. Mr. Koran then stated that I did not need to explain to him where to take care of the citation, that he is familiar with the procedure since I have been out to his property several years ago and issued citations to him. Mr. Koran reiterated that he is very familiar with the procedures.

    Nothing further at this time.


    1. Ted Koran refused entrance to his property because of a “conflict of interest.

    2. Ted Koran accuses the animal control officer of a vendetta that she and her “felon friends” had put together.

    3. The report above states that “Patty” an animal service representative from Citrus County made the report.

    4. The Critter Place is listed with the Sun Biz, but under false pretenses. These are their “pets” not sanctuary animals.

    5. The same officer cited Ted Koran 4 years ago for the same thing after seeing a sick horse at his place.

    6. After the officer told Ted she would come back with a search warrant, Ted Koran willingly allowed the officer on his property to do a “wellness check.”

    7. Ted Koran refused to give information on Gypsy.

    8. Ted Koran said he had NO INFORMATION on who the previous owner of Gypsy was.

    9. Ted Koran claimed that Sara Quatman was his vet, but she had NOT been out in a long time.

    10. The officer asked for a vet report, Ted told her that vet reports were public information. (It is illegal for vets to share reports publically).

    11. Ted Koran claims he knows enough about medical to know when his animals need a vet.

    12. Cat trailer was poorly ventilated with a strong urine odor and overloaded litter boxes full of feces.

    13. Ted Koran refused to let them in the house and pled the fifth amendment when asked if there were any other animals in the house.

    14. Ted Koran says he buys feed from Ranch Hand, but doesn’t keep receipts. How can you file your nonprofit without receipts?


    On 06/07/2014, I responded to 10396 Snowbird Avenue with Animal Control Officer Linda Christian. Officer Christian was responding to the scene to conduct a wellbeing check on Theodore and Karen Koran’s animals.

    Upon arrival, I made contact with Karen and Theodore at the gate next to their property. Officer Christian explained the reason for the visit. She asked to see the vaccination records for all the animals on the property. Theodore advised none of the animals were vaccinated. She then asked for a listing for each of the animals in order issue citations so Theodore would bring the animals into compliance with county code. At this point Theodore was reluctant to cooperate and advised we would need a search warrant to enter his property. I then spoke with Theodore several more minutes and he then permitted us entry to the property. He did not want us to obtain a search warrant and respond to the property when he was not there.

    I observed two horses, several pigs, and numerous dogs and cats on the premises. All of these animals appeared to be in good condition. Theodore has a trailer that is converted into a “cat house” right next to the gate on his property. It is air conditioned inside; however, there was a strong odor inside of the trailer. Theodore advised he had not cleaned the litter boxes on today’s date.

    While on the scene, Officer Christian asked for documentation in reference to the horses’ medical records. Theodore advised information is all on line and she could look it up. Officer Christian requested the documentation be printed out and provided to her;however, Theodore was resistant to this. He eventually advised he would get the information, but it would take several hours.

    Throughout the investigation, Theodore accused Officer Christian of being friends with the neighbor and she was investigating him as a form of harassment.

    I did have knowledge of where the call originated from and it was not from the neighbors.

    No further information.

    Ted Koran continues to disrespect the Hernando County Sheriff, threatening harm, and threatening to sue them.




    This is Ted Koran’s “so-called sanctuary” The Critter Place
































    Original Call made to Hernando County Sheriff’s Department:



    Hernando County Animal Control Report








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  • In my previous years I attended PHCC for a degree in Medical Transcription. I graduated with honors and worked as a Medical Transcriptionist for many years. Unfortunately, the new technology of voice recognition has taken the place of transcriptionists, forcing them out of life-long careers.

    After being laid off, the rescue became my #1 focus. I have since been inspired to go back to college. I first started last fall in an equine program offered at CF. I realized very quickly that I wanted to go ALL the way to Veterinary Medicine.

    I transferred my degree from an AS degree to an AA degree and I am climbing the educational ladder all the way to the top.

    Grades are very important in this major, as very few are accepted into the Veterinary Program. I love a challenge and I am running full speed to the finish line.





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    If it Feels Good, Do it


    I grew up in a Christian home in the 1970s. We went to church three days a week and I attended a Christian school. I was a tall, very thin girl with buck teeth. The neighborhood bullies tormented me. Rejected by my peers, I spent a lot of time alone. My Christian upbringing was viewed negatively and my beliefs ridiculed. The rejection was unbearable at times. I had to find peace within myself and my surroundings. I strived for acceptance and was willing to climb any mountain to find this.

    I was transferred to public schools at age twelve. The peer pressure to fit in became more difficult. I started smoking cigarettes at age nine with my best friend. Smoking made me look cool and feel grown up. The braces on my teeth worked miracles for my appearance. My freckles started to fade. I blossomed into a beautiful flower by age thirteen.

    I tested my boundaries and began breaking out of my shell. I smoked with the girls in the high school bathrooms in between classes and skipped school. I started drinking with the older crowd and snuck out past curfew. I came home reeking of alcohol and tobacco. My parents didn’t know what to do with me. I had a mind of my own and was insistent to do as I pleased.

    My parents taught me to refrain from intimacy until marriage. The girls my age were having sexual relations. In my confusion, I chalked up my beliefs to religious views and decided I would do it too. If I could just keep it a secret, it would be okay. At age fifteen I found out I was pregnant. How could I tell my parents that I had sex before marriage? My girlfriend arrived at my bedroom window every morning with a Coke and crackers to relieve my upset stomach before school. The other girls started bullying and calling me names. It was suggested that I have an abortion. How could I live with myself after doing this? My mother found a letter written for my girlfriend stuffed down in my jeans. My secret was out of the bag. My parents consulted with their pastor on how to handle this situation. He advised them about HUG (home for unwed girls). I arrived at HUG where I would spend the next seven months and give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

    I gave birth to my daughter three months before my sixteenth birthday. Ten months later I reunited with my daughter’s father. We married one week before her first birthday. I thought I was all grown up with a husband and child. By the time I was eighteen, I had three children. My husband and I would take the children out to dinner. I had one child in a booster chair, one in the highchair, and one in an infant seat waiting to eat. People would ask if I was the babysitter. At age eighteen I worked at a hotel to help support my family. I struggled with family life. The maintenance man pursued me and made me feel special. He showered me with attention and gave support that I didn’t find at home. I started living a double life, married with children and a lover on the side. Life became complicated and I could no longer stomach the guilt. I separated from this man, but he haunted my every footstep for years to come.

    At age twenty-two I separated from my husband and moved on with my life. Being tied down since I was a child with a husband and children, I felt like it was time to live life and do what made me happy. It was time to party.

    I spent many years barhopping and social drinking. My children spent a lot of time with babysitters and raising themselves. I got a call one afternoon from an officer. A neighbor called them out to my house because my children were home alone. I had spent the day with friends enjoying a summer-day cookout. My 11-year-old daughter was at home watching her younger siblings. I was later charged with child neglect and spent a couple of years on probation until cleared.

    I was a bartender for many years and my life centered around the bar. I felt special being admired by so many. I rode with the bikers and spent many nights out on the town. I lived my life out of the bottle. Time passed by while I withered away in a drunken stupor. My children had grown up in the depths of my loneliness.

    It was last call for alcohol. Everyone had gone home for the night with a few stragglers still left at the bar. I sat slumped over in my seat drinking one last beer before they cleared the bar and closed the doors. I didn’t call for a taxi because I needed my car the next morning to go to work. I said goodnight and stumbled to my car. I drove home with one eye squinted, so that I could focus on the road in front of me. I felt a bump in the road and kept going. I woke up the next morning to a flat tire and a busted side mirror. I had mysteriously hit something while driving. I retraced my steps for days hoping to find the missing piece to the puzzle. A few weeks later I drove my car into the ditch. I managed to pull myself out of the car and followed the road home on foot.

    I had hit rock bottom. I lost quality time with my children that I could never relive. I wasted time and money on alcohol that would never be repaid. I suffered from severe osteoporosis from alcohol use and other lifestyle events. I hurt many people who were close to me from alcoholism and isolated from family members. I spent many nights passed out in alleys, cars, or public facilities. Rape and abuse were afflictions of the disease. I became a social phobic without alcohol. My body was mentally and physically drained. I felt ill and sometimes felt I would die from alcohol poisoning. How could I stop this vicious cycle of destruction?

    I received a letter in the mail from a Catholic Church in Texas. Inside was a prayer napkin. The instructions inside stated to write your prayer request on the prayer napkin and send it back. What might have seemed foolish to me became a desperate plea for help. I wrote on the prayer napkin “I want to quit drinking and smoking” and I sent it back.

    Over the years, I had received many referrals for being late to my office job and calling in absent. The corporation decided to let me go. I left work that day hopeless and scared. I pulled into the bar for a beer. On the stool beside me sat an unfamiliar face. I introduced myself to Robert while bumming a few smokes.

    A few weeks later Robert asked me to dinner. At dinner he asked me what my dreams were. After raising four children and living a life of alcoholism, I had placed my dreams on the top shelf. It took me a few minutes to take them down and dust them off. Then I replied, “I want to quit drinking and smoking. I want to get back into church. I want a career and a life I can build with someone. I want to live on a farm in the country with beautiful animals surrounding me.”

    As the months moved forward, we became romantically involved. We started attending church together. I enrolled into college in the fall. I was still bartending, which made it very difficult to quit drinking and smoking. Robert quit his heavy equipment job. Robert taught me how to paint storefront windows and letter car windshields. Together we worked side by side, so that I could get away from the alcohol. After his mother’s funeral, two years later, I put the bottle down and never touched it again.

    We were actively involved with a large church nearby. We attended many Bible classes and outreach events to learn more and give back to the public. Robert and I married in the church. God promised me that my life would be restored. I was healed from the osteoporosis and had a hysterectomy to heal years of hemorrhaging and anemia. God told me that I would be a writer. I freshened up my writing skills shortly after this and have written ever since.

    After we married in 2008, Robert’s son brought us a baby goat. This goat turned into a domino effect that led us to open the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in 2009. Robert and I have a beautiful farm where we have rescued donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, ducks, birds, squirrels, raccoons, bunnies, and 350+ horses in five years.

    Our mission has always been about giving back to the community by showing God’s love. Aside from rehabilitating the horses, we educate the public about the animals and teach them how to care and handle them. We take the horses into the community and give the “big” kids and children rides. The horses have also accompanied us to assisted living facilities to bring smiles to the “older” kids.

    Every day I sat on that bar stool, God sat beside me patiently waiting for me to surrender. He safeguarded me from the devastation, but allowed me to experience bumps and bruises along the way. Life’s worldly pleasures had ripped my heart out and haunted my dreams. When I called on God, He swept me out of darkness and restored my life, family, health, and my heart. I thank God every day for the absolute blessings He has bestowed upon my family. I have learned one of life’s most valuable lessons. Life comes with many choices. We can choose to do what makes us feel good, but will suffer grave consequences for every immoral act. For every step we walk in Christ, we shall bear fruit and prosper in life abundantly.

    Approximately 85% of Americans never receive treatment for their alcohol addictions. Alcohol is responsible for 15% of the Nation’s health care costs. Alcoholics are at far greater risk for health issues such as liver damage, brain dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and mental disorders. Alcoholism is responsible for half of accidental deaths, suicides, and homicides. Alcohol is responsible for 43% of traffic fatalities. Studies suggest that 75% of woman who are alcoholics have been sexually abused. Domestic violence is also greater with alcohol abuse. A fetus born under the influence of alcohol can experience life-long damage such as low I.Q, hyperactivity, facial and cranial abnormalities, growth deficiency, and malformed organs such as heart defects (HealthFacts).

    Children at a young age struggle with peer pressure. Social media teaches children that atypical characteristics are unacceptable. Families teach their children at a young age that stature is important and one must wear name brand clothes, live in a fancy home, and drive an expensive car to “keep up with the Joneses.” This role causes children to lose their individuality and their unique qualities that make them special (Lombardi).

    Unwed mothers are on the rise. We used to call this illegitimacy, but now this is the norm. Fifty years ago a third of marriages were precipitated by a pregnancy. By the 1990s, a third of Americans were born outside of marriage. It is more acceptable in today’s society for couples to live together than to make a lifetime commitment to each other (Deparle).

    The effects of infidelity are great in number, but rarely discussed. Men and woman seek outside attention rather than repair a relationship with their spouse. People have a misconceived notion that the grass is greener on the other side. After a love affair unfolds, spouses suffer long-lasting effects of mental anguish, rejection, insecurity, and trust issues. Children are left with a broken family and fear of entering a sacred commitment of marriage as an adult (Hall).

    Children who grow up in alcoholic families suffer from neglect, hostile behaviors, and isolation. Adults who suffer from alcoholism often become violently obstructive when inebriated and withdrawn when sober. Adults are incapable of being responsible parents and holding the family together. Children learn insecurity and feel unstable in the home with mixed emotions. They yearn for acceptance, but are left feeling inadequate. Children often carry more responsibility to care for the alcoholic in denial (Rotunda).

    Today’s society teaches us to let our hair down and have a good time. Worldly addictions are in disguise to make us feel good, but later leave us with heartache and despair. God gives us His Word of Life to live by. Many people refer to this as having good moral values. Moral values are an example of how to live in harmony with others and ourselves. Without these values in our lives, our world tends to fall apart and lead to destruction. A life worth living is a life lived in Christ.

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