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This is interesting, considering the vast amount of people I have seen this person hurt over the past 3 years.

Did you consider the feelings of the woman with the 2 Labradors that you took in and promised to give a home, sold, and then refused to give her any information on their well being.  She desperately searched for those dogs for at least 2 years afterwards over the Internet?

Did you consider the feelings of the “many” individuals you have taken in horses from and in return cut all ties with them, trashed their name on social media, and refused to give them any information on the horses they surrendered to you?

Did you consider the feelings of the other rescues who worked equally hard to be accepted at the fundraiser in 2012, but were denied because they were not registered as a 501c3 like you?

Did you consider the feelings of the young lady who watched a horse get injured after an act of violence on your property?  She called authorities to report the incident, but incident was ignored due to her age and credibility.


Did you consider the feelings of the local rescue you shut down after you came in and took their horses and trashed them over social media after he was picked up for a DUI?

Did you consider the feelings of my husband and I during the past 3 years while you filed false reports against us to government officials and organizations, personal messaged and posted on social media false information to slander us, exposed our personal information to the public, and went on Channel 10 news with false information to sabotage our rescue.

Did you consider the feelings of Ted and Karen after you befriended them, so Karen could keep tabs on our rescue for 3 years day and night, and then turn around and expose Ted and Karen’s personal relationship and dirty laundry on public media the night of Karen’s funeral for all to see?

carrieted1 carrieted2 carrieted3 carrieted4 carrieted5

This, I believe, is calling the kettle black, and by far the cruelest thing I have ever seen you do, especially when your husband has 3 cases of domestic violence against 3 different women in 3 different counties, yourself included.

allan1 allan2 allan3 allan4


Did you consider my husband’s feelings when you and your husband filed false reports of violence against him and lost in court after your husband pushed my husband at the Wagon Wheel Feed store and the owner’s wife told you both you were no longer welcome in their store?  My husband has NEVER touched you or your husband and neither of us would ever physically harm you.



Did you consider the feelings of your landlord, after her home was deliberately sabotaged, so you could have an alibi for not paying the rent and sue her for thousands of dollars?

livid,mad, furious


Did you consider the feelings of the several families who have shown up at your property after finding out their horse were in your possession and you refusing to give them their horses back?  They filed theft reports with animals control.




Did you consider the feelings of the “many” people who have sympathized with your fictitious pleas for help, so you could draw in funds needed for other non-related financial debts?


Did you consider the feelings of those who legitimately need social security, but have not yet been awarded, due to the many people like yourself who have abused the system and fraudulently collected funds when they were not eligible?

Did you consider the feelings of those who have lost their animals and been reported to animal control after they have reached out for your help?


Did you consider the damage you have done to other rescue groups, animal owners, volunteers, and donators you have hurt with your continual lies.

The issues you are dealing with this year have been self-induced and are of no fault of anyone, but a lying tongue.

***NOTE*** Post above is based on factual evidence collected over the years and formulated in text by the author’s opinion only.  Personal research should be made on the above person to form one’s own opinion.

carrie grinch

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On September 18, 2013, we brought in a stallion and his daughter. Even though these horses needed a place to go, the owner wanted to be compensated for both King and Firefly. Bob paid $50.00, $25.00 a piece out of his own money to purchase these horses, so he could give them a place to call home.

Below in writing is the purchase agreement for the two horses to release them into Bob’s care.


Below is a picture of King on 09-18-2013 upon arriving here at DERR as a stallion.

Kings arrival 09-18-2013

Below is a picture of Firefly upon her arrival to DERR on 09-18-2013.

firefly arrival

On September 24, 2013, we transported King to a “free” gelding clinic that was being hosted by Smith & Petersons, just 6 days after he arrived.


King's gelding 001

After 2 months of keeping King away from the other horses, we gradually introduced him into the herd. He realized very quickly that he was no longer a stud and significantly mellowed out to be just one of the horses. On several occasions during this adjustment period, King made attempts to mount the mares, but NEVER would penetrate them.

Most “horse people” with knowledge know that geldings will do this NO MATTER what age they were gelded and how long ago they were gelded.


By Dr. Bob Judd, DVM and the Texas Farm Bureau
Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network

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Stallion-like Behavior in Geldings

Most of you who have been around horses have probably heard the term proud cut. This term is used when a horse that has been castrated still acts like a stud. It was believed for many years that all of the tissue attached to the testicle, namely the epididymis, must be removed at the time of surgery. If not, the epididymis produced enough hormones to cause the horses to still act like a stud. However, it has been proven for over 30 years that this tissue does not produce any hormones and if the testicle is removed, the horse is correctly castrated. Therefore, there is no such thing as a horse being proud cut.

Although some have believed the adrenal gland produces enough male hormones to cause the behavior, this has also been shown to be incorrect. Dr. Jim Schumacher indicates that most of the time, this behavior is due to an innate behavior during normal social interaction between horses rather than hormone production from another source.

On January 30, 2014, 4 months after King’s gelding, Gina Crawford presumably captured this picture of King mounting Annie. This is a moment that seldom happened during this time and NEVER happens anymore. It is thought that a screen shot of this picture was taken off a game camera from The Critter Place. It is common knowledge that they have a “video camera” mounted to a tree in front of their trailer to capture “happenings” at our place when possible.

king mounting

Gina Crawford’s caption “Is this what I think it is? This is going on at Domino Effect. I snapped it when I had stopped on to see the neighbors. I am appalled at these people.

1. First of all, I think it’s highly a coincidental that she “happened” to catch this on film, but more likely this came from a game camera next door.
2. Second, a new gelding and/or a horse who has been gelded for years are known to do this.
3. Do you isolate a horse for an incident such as this, NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
4. What is Gina Crawford’s purpose for this post? Is she trying to persuade the public that we are “breeding” horses here at DERR?
5. Is she insinuating that the horses are in “danger” of doing an “act” that is natural.
6. Is she trying to create unnecessary drama to the effect that we are doing something “wrong” by allowing these horses interact.

I believe that Gina Crawford’s presumptions and insinuations in the post to follow pretty much sums it up. I believe without evidence of the TRUTH, these accusations are considered to be defamation of character, harassment, cyber bullying, and stalking.

Is it right for this individual to knowingly post out lies about a rescue in order to influence the public to be outraged?

On January 31, 2014, Gina Crawford States: Yes he in his own writing said he purchased a stallion for his own use. So he used donations meant for the horses to purchase it and donations to pay for it’s gelding. While others are going without hay or feed.

bought stallion donation money

Gina Crawford did you see the above receipt for the two horses, King and Firefly? Did you see the receipt and the pictures of King’s gelding. The last time I checked, you were NOT my accountant and have NO BUSINESS in our affairs to state WHERE $50.00 was taken from to pay for these 2 horses, especially considering we did not depend on donations at this time. In fact, during the months of May and October, you all sabotaged the 2 fundraisers I posted for animals who needed financial help and publically ridiculed those who donated. Therefore, your statement above about us using donation money to purchase these horses is a lie.

What “use” do you presume that Bob purchased a “stallion” for, considering King was gelded 6 days after he arrived here in our care?

How do you presume that we collected “donations” for a “free” gelding Gina Crawford?

OH YES, Gina Crawford, it appears to me that your plan worked. Four months after King was gelded, you have a group of over 1100 followers believing that our rescue is breeding a stallion. Why do people do this?

…pure attention seekers and vengeance.

king 1

Allan Wilson States: Bwaahahahaa Frances, like they geld anything.

For your information Allan Wilson, we have gelded 12 stallions since we opened in December 2009, and have posted documentation on each one accordingly.

king 5

Gina States below: “There is a convicted Felon preying on the good “Christian” people in Brooksville scamming them left and right and all along horses suffering and dying and No rescue would go out and purchase a stud for themselves when they have 20 horses on less than 2 acres.

Gina Crawford, just because this lady was compensated “$50.00” for 2 horses to appease her, doesn’t mean that we “purchased” a stallion for ourselves, as if to stud him out.

Why is it you label a person by their past? Do you feel that a person charged with a felon is no good for anything other than a criminal act? I believe your remark is quite discriminating for someone you have never met. And of course, there’s NO chance of us scamming the public. We have put thousands of dollars into these rescues, asking for donations to be paid directly to the vet or to the feed store. It would be mighty hard to scam someone when we are NOT directly taking people’s money other than an adoption fee.

If you want to “persuade” your audience into influencing them with your hatred, you first have to have the facts, none of which you seem to have. You tend to pick up bits and pieces of the story and fill in the blanks yourself with information you would like your audience to believe, i.e. Diamond (see more later).


1. King arrived on September 18, 2013, and was gelded 6 days later on September 26, 2013.
2. When the picture was posted of King mounting Annie, King had been gelded for 4 months, NO POSSIBILITY of breeding.
3. ALL horses are gelded at DERR before going to their new homes (with very few exceptions).
4. KING was NOT purchased for STUD USE!!!

Below is a “before and after” pictures of Firefly when she arrived at DERR and a current photo of her now, 8 months later.


Below is a “before and after” pictures of King when he arrived at DERR and a current photo of him now, 8 months later.


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Look what I stumbled across, LOL.

Allan Wilson Robert Ashcraft

Carrie Linn Robert Ashcraft

1. Bob has NEVER PHYSICALLY TOUCHED either Carrie Young or Allan Wilson.
2. Bob has only come face to face with these 2 on several occasions.
3. On one occasion Allan Wilson put his hands on Bob and pushed him at Wagon Wheel Feed, at which time a report was made with witnesses giving a statement.
4. What would make these 2 fools think they could get a restraining order against someone who has done nothing to hurt them?
5. Gee, I guess the judge must have seen right through this madness, especially if he did a background check on these two.

Just because YOU two cannot keep your hands off each other, doesn’t mean that other people have this problem.


“People in glass houses should not throw stones”

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Social Security Fraud

On February 19, 2014, a Social Security Fraud investigator contacted my husband, Robert Ashcraft by phone. She was investigating Carrie Young. She called while he was in the hospital waiting to undergo open-heart surgery. Considering the life-threatening situation that Bob was in, he referred her to me.


She then called my phone. I was in class at the time and walked outside to answer the phone. The investigator explained to me that Carrie Young was under investigation for Social Security fraud. She asked me if I knew that Carrie Young was on disability. I told her that I did not. She asked me if I had ever seen Carrie Young in a wheelchair or using assisted devices to get around. I told her that I have not. She told me that Carrie Young has been on disability since 2009. She went up for a review at the beginning of 2013. She said that Carrie Young has been under investigation for 2 years. They have done a full investigation on her including video footage, photographs, and information that led them to believe that Carrie Young is not eligible to receive Social Security disability. During her review they asked Carrie Young if she took care of animals. Carrie denied caring for any animals. She said that she had good days and bad days. On her bad days she would lie around in bed or read a book.

The investigator asked me a lot of questions about my relationship with Carrie Young. She told me that she found Bob and I on the Internet. During her research against Carrie Young she found out that Carrie Young is president of Ohana Horse Rescue. She found a blog with documentation of Carrie Young attacking our rescue and supporting evidence of Carrie Young trying to shut our organization down.

    Carrie Young is president of Ohana Rescue

ohana rescue

The investigator contacted me for several different reasons. She was hoping that I had pertinent information for her that would be helpful in court. More importantly, she asked if I would testify to the daily activities involved in running a rescue, since we own a similar organization as Carrie Young. I agreed to give her my help.

DS 02-19-14 intro1

DS 02-19-14 intro2

She asked me how I met Carrie Young. I told her that I first knew of Carrie Young from Facebook. My first memory of Carrie Young was back when she moved from Hudson, Florida to North Port, Florida. I was a friend of hers on Facebook. I didn’t pay too much attention to her page because of the drama and hateful comments that surrounded it. I do remember, however, her posting that she was closing the rescue down temporarily while she regrouped.

She was in North Port for several months. She contacted me through a personal message one day asking me if I would help her find property up here in Brooksville. She and Allan were relocating up this way. I agreed that I would look around for her. She contacted me several weeks later and told me that she had found a place and would be moving. I had found out later from several people that she left North Port in the middle of the night to avoid confrontation.

Carrie Young and Allan Wilson relocated to Brooksville, Florida back in August 2011. Bob sent them a friendly invite to come see us and meet for the first time. When they arrived, I was busy with another family who came for a visit to spend time with the horses. Bob spent a few hours showing them around and getting to know them.

Later that evening Bob and a friend went to Ohana’s. She gave him a box of old medical supplies. I posted pictures on Facebook that evening. Allan Wilson and friends affiliated with Ohana Rescue started posting negative comments on my pictures. I deleted and blocked both Carrie and Allan from my page. Carrie called Bob asking why I deleted them. She said, “you don’t understand who you are dealing with, I’m a professional.” I refused to allow them back on my page after their behavior. The following Monday Hernando Animal Control arrived at our place due to a complaint for having too many hoofed animals on our property. We were NOT in violation, as we are 100% agriculture and do NOT have a hoof limit where we live. Shortly after this incident, Carrie Young petitioned the Board of County Commissioners trying to change the zoning laws in Hernando County. Due to many problems we have had with Carrie Young and others affiliated with her, we have made it our mission to steer clear of this group.

BOCC Carrie & Allen

BOCC signatures

The Social Security Investigator sent me an application to fill out about my affiliation with Carrie Young.




She specifically asked me how I knew her and how often I have seen her per year. I told the investigator that I have seen Carrie Young 6-12 times per year. I have seen her many times at Ted Koran and Tom Logsdon’s property, who are neighbors that live on both sides of me. I have seen her at the Tractor Supply, Wagon Wheel Feed, and Dollar General Store. We have also seen Carrie Young walking across her property while we were passing by with the truck and trailer to either pick up horses or deliver them to their new homes. It’s a pretty small town, so unfortunately it’s hard to avoid someone completely, especially when the neighbors affiliated with Carrie Young with the hate group against us. Besides these specific times of seeing Carrie Young with my own two eyes, I have seen her often on the public network, Facebook. Carrie Young has posted hundreds of posts and pictures notifying the public of her busy days and the activities that she has performed at Ohana Rescue.

The Social Security Investigator asked me if I have ever seen her walk with an assisted device. I laughed and told her, “absolutely NOT. I had NO recollection that she had any disability at all.

More specifically, she asked me if I had ever seen Carrie Young do the following activities:

1. Walk or walk on uneven pavement.
2. Lift objects.
3. Reaching her arms overhead.
4. Use her hands and fingers.
5. Work or do daily activities with animals of Ohana.
6. Take care of pets.
7. Manage employees or volunteers.
8. Write a blog.
9. Manage a fundraiser.
10. Feed, ride, or groom horses.
11. Pick up horses.
12. Have I seen her drive?
13. Able to engage in routine activities such as showering and housework.
14. Does not have a normal life.
15. Has a problem being around people.

DS email list activities2 b

I told her that I have seen Carrie Young with my own two eyes:

Climb steps:


I have seen her drive away from Dollar General Store and Bob has seen her pull up and get out of her car on a rescue mission.



I also told her that I have seen Carrie Young partake in these activities through pictures that she has posted publicly on Facebook

Walk or walk on uneven pavement.



Carrie Young walking on uneven pavement & handling horses




Carrie Young using her hands & fingers with scissors




Carrie Young using her hands & fingers to braid a tail


Carrie Young pinching with her hands & fingers


Carrie Young squatting



Carrie Young handling horses & lifting arms and hands over her head





Carrie lifting a child in one arm & lifting her arm above her head



Carrie Young running a fundraiser & lifting her arms above her head



Carrie Young holding up a gun with her arms and using her fingers to pull the trigger


Carrie Young holding the weight of the horses leg back for the vet, Steve Miller.


Carrie Young mounting horses



Carrie riding horses






Carrie Young supporting a horse across her legs


Carrie Young driving a tractor


A few weeks later the investigator sent me a subpoena to appear in court. She also sent me an email telling me what other witnesses would be testifying.

Carrie Young emails 001

Carrie Young emails 002

She also told me that Carrie Young told the judge that she was in fear for her life and her safety because I would be testifying against her. I had to laugh. I have NEVER threatened Carrie Young or done anything physical to hurt her or anyone else for that matter.

She once stated “I have an uncle who is a US Senator who tends to keep me skeeky clean.”

We arrived at the Social Security Administration on March 25, 2014, at 9:00 am in the morning.


The judge and the attorney investigator would be appearing on a TV screen because they live out-of-state in Maryland. We sat in the waiting room with the other witnesses against Carrie Young all day until almost 3:00 in the afternoon. Allan came out shortly before lunch. He looked pretty upset. He walked out of the building and never came back the rest of the day we were there.

Around 3:00 it was my turn to testify. I walked into a small room about the size of a walk-in closet. Carrie Young was sitting at the table. There was also a mediator in the room with us. In front of us was a TV screen showing both the judge and the Social Security Attorney. Carrie was representing herself and was there to cross-examine any witness against her.

My main purpose for testifying was to explain in detail to the judge the normal, daily activities that pertain to running a horse rescue. After each set of questions asked by the Social Security Attorney, Carrie Young asked her questions. Each set of questions that Carrie Young asked me had absolutely nothing to do with the questions the Social Security Attorney asked me.

She asked me a set of questions about how we met, the box of medication she gave, Allan posting negative comments, and me blocking her. I agreed affirmatively to all the questions.

She asked me questions about a particular incident where Allan Wilson and Bob had an altercation at Wagon Wheel Feed. I agreed that I remembered this incident, but I was waiting in the truck and I could not testify to something I had not seen.

She asked me a set of questions about why I was president of the Domino Effect and not Bob. The Social Security Attorney and the judge kept telling her that her questions were irrelevant. She said that they were leading up to another question. She was trying to implicate that Bob would be facing fraud charges and this is why we changed positions. I told her absolutely not. We simply changed positions after the DOA explained to us the mistake we had made and informed us the correct way to do the paperwork to correct this situation. I do believe that if DOA honestly thought we had done anything criminal; they possibly would have taken action. Instead the DOA was very happy to direct us on the right path to legalize our operation and resolve the matter.

After about the fourth or fifth set of questions that Carrie Young asked me, the judge finally told her that he did NOT care about what happens in the Domino Effect. He said this trial is NOT about Domino Effect, it’s about Carrie Young.

Carrie Young asked, “isn’t it true that you have called many agencies against Ohana Rescue. I said, “Absolutely NOT. I have never called any agency against Ohana Rescue or anyone else affiliated with the hate group against us. It is NOT my character to do such a thing.” The judge asked if I was responsible for making the complaint against Carrie Young 2 years ago. I said, “Absolutely NOT, I had NO recollection that Carrie Young was on disability until informed by the Social Security Fraud Investigator on February 19, 2014. At this point, the investigator stepped up to the stand and verified that she did indeed call upon us for our help. She verified that she found us through my blog page on the Internet. She also verified that she served me a subpoena to testify against Carrie Young.

The Social Security Attorney asked me a series of questions about the things I had seen on Facebook about public photographs and posts. I told her I made it my business to know what Carrie Young was up to due to the many attacks by her and others affiliated with her. She asked me specifically what kind of pictures I had seen and what kind of posts I have read.

It was Carrie Young’s turn to cross-examine. Carrie asked, “have you ever been to my house.” I said “no.” She said, “have you ever been in my house.” I said “no.” She said, “have you ever seen me at my computer.” I said “no.” She says, “then how do you know that it is me posting on Facebook.” I said, “I don’t.”

Apparently before I came in to testify, this discussion had already been discussed. They found the FB information irrelevant as evidence because Carrie Young is denying that she is responsible for posting anything on FB.

Oh Lord, thought fog for a second. Carrie’s motto is “I don’t have to prove that I am telling the truth, YOU have to prove that I am lying.”

I laughed. I just about lost control of my mouth at this point. Carrie Young (or should I say an imposter) has posted pictures and status posts referring to herself in the “first person” for the past 4 years that I have known her on Facebook. I guess I have been wrong all this time to assume that these postings are posts by Carrie Young. She has denied to be participating in “any” activity of running the rescue. She has denied that any of the posts on her site stating that she has done physical activity at the rescue is true. She denied that she has written any of these posts. Okay, so let me step outside my box for a moment. How is it that an imposter has used her name and posting lies about her for 4 years on Facebook and no one has ever caught on to this, not even Carrie. Forgive me Lord, some things my mind just cannot compute.

I explained in detail to the Social Security Attorney about several encounters that I had with Carrie Young. I told her that on one occasion back in May 2013, she and Allan were visiting Tom Logsdon. They just so happened to visit on the very day we were burying a horse we lost to a colon twist. I caught Allan Wilson out of the corner of my eye taking pictures of Bob. I walked towards him taking pictures of him taking pictures. He pulled the camera out of sight and I never captured a picture of him with his camera. She denied this happened as well.

I also explained in detail another incident that occurred in November 2013. Ted and Karen Koran were holding a public event at The Critter Place to receive support for their “pets.” Allan Wilson and Carrie Young parked outside Ted Koran’s gate. They got out of their vehicle, opened the gate, and walked up to Ted’s home about 1 acre away. Carrie also denied this incident ever happening. She said, “why would we park outside the gate when we could drive up to the house.”






The judge capped off the interview with a series of questions that all summed up the same answer. He said, “I guess it’s safe to say that you and Carrie do not get along very well.” I said, “yes, that’s right.” He said, “It’s safe to say that you avoid Carrie when at all possible.” I said, “yes, that’s right.”

I think that it’s pretty accurate to say that Carrie was trying to paint a grim picture. It was quite obvious that she was trying to discredit me as a witness. By doing this, I believe she did a great job of discrediting herself as well.

“Sometimes when mamma catches you with your hand in the cookie jar it’s better to come clean instead of digging deeper.”

It’s unclear what the judge’s decision will be in this case for several months. There will be other court hearings before the final judgment. The Social Security will be searching for more “eyewitnesses” to testify to Carrie Young’s daily activities that she performs. And Social Security plans to file an appeal if the judge rules in Carrie Young’s favor.

Some people think they can skate through life by being dishonest. They think they are in charge of making their own destiny. Eventually these people will reach a dead-end and their time will run out. I believe that everyone is accountable for his or her choices and in the end justice will prevail.

Honesty is a direct reflection of your inner character. Your actions are a reflection on your faith. Reflecting the truth in your actions is a part of being a good witness. The character plays a big role in where you go in life. When you are faithful and honest, it shows.

Luke 16:10 – “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” (NIV)

If you have any information that may be helpful in this case, please contact the person listed below:

Debbie Shaw, Attorney
Social Security Administration
Office of the Counsel to the Inspector General
6401 Security Boulevard, Mail Stop 3-ME-1
Baltimore, MD 21235
(410) 965-7873
(410) 966-7075 (FAX)
(443) 691-3958 BLACKBERRY

This was Carrie Young’s response:

Ohana Rescue Carrie Young

9 hours ago · Edited

Carrie States: Alright, this is not going to be a pretty post. And for that, I apologize but it is time that I break the silence. I have tried to live my life as …if someone spreads lies then people will not believe it.
The Ohana wall has always been a place that we try and keep it happy and positive. The fight that I have been dealing with for a yr has not ONCE been posted, but I guess it is time.
Over a year ago, Domino Effect Rescue ranch was caught posting a flyer at Tractor Supply stating that Ohana Rescue was being investigated for fraud. Really??? I hadnt heard a thing about this, but knew right away that I was gonna to be in for a fight.

Carrie Young you are a liar. I have never posted a flyer against you. Where is your flyer to prove that you are telling the truth.

Carrie States: You see, this is not the first time that they have called and placed complaints against Ohana.

Carrie Young you are a liar. I have NEVER placed a complaint against Ohana. Where are your documentations proving that I have placed complaints against you?

Carrie States: Why, some might ask, well because they feel that all their legal issues are due to Ohana calling in complaints against them.

Carrie Young you are a liar. We had 1 legal issue of owing someone $250 in which we have paid them in full. This had NOTHING to do with YOU and I testified to that under oath.

Carrie States: Channel 10 news investigated them, it just goes on and on their troubles.

Carrie Young you are a liar. Channel 10 news investigated us after YOU, Ted Koran, Karen Koran, Sandy Woods, Maryann Tobin, and Nikki Tobin told Mike Deeson LIES. Yes, I remember, Ted Koran posted a picture stating that we were starving horses to death. BUT the picture he posted was of 2 different horses. He also neglected to mention that he admitted to feeding Shia in the sand until he colicked.

The picture below is 2 different horses. Ted Koran said that it was before and after pictures of Shia. This is a picture of Shia and Sonny. He used this picture to tell government officials that we starved Shia to death. Truth of the matter is that he admitted to feeding Shia grain in the sand at the back fence line where we could not see him until Shia colicked.

Shia & Sonny


Carrie States: Oh yes, and because we testified at the BOCC to try and change the laws in Hernando County for the horses. Trying to get a hoof limit on an acre.

Carrie Young you are a liar. If you were simply trying to get a hoof limit law, then you would not have needed to use our organization as an example.

Carrie States: So let me start at the beginning. I, Carrie Young, have been on disablity for two and half yrs. (I have always worked until my health took a turn for the worse. I was diagnosed with a few diseases.) A disabilty that is “SILENT” Chronic fatigue, and fymbermalgia,and a few other little issues.. I have good days and I have bad days. When there are good days, I can function normal, when there are bad days I have to stay in bed or spend a good part of it in bed.

FIBROMYALGIA is a disease that is silent alright. It takes at least 5 years to get a proper diagnosis because there are so many symptoms that mimic other diseases. A diagnosis can only be given by physical examination of pressure points and the patient stating if it is tender in these areas. There are no ultrasounds, CT scans, or x-rays that can detect this disease. It is simply word of mouth from the patient. Fibromyalgia is not typically a disease that permanently debilitates people and can be regulated with proper diet and medications. Only an extreme case with severe debilitation would require one to be diagnosed with permanent disability. And like I mentioned before, this can only be detected by one’s history of how severe their condition or pain is.

Carrie States: With all the volunteers here, this makes Ohana be able to still function as a safe haven for the horses.
Days I have worked myself sick, now to the normal person, that could amount to ten hours straight, to a person that has SILENT diseases, this could mean two hours. But nevertheless, it happens. Those who suffer from this disease will and can understand this, and will be able to understand just how much these horses mean to me, because my health is often forgot about and I put my heart into it…sleeping in stalls with sick horses..but wait, I am laying down reading a book to a sick horse…resting…disabilities does NOT say where you can lie down.
I know my body and my limits, and I know when to stop, and if there is a sick horse here, and I need to sleep in a stall I will. SO SUE ME!!!
Well that is just what happened!! I am being ACCUSED of fraud (civil, not criminal) by social security because Domino Effect called and stated I ride horses, I groom horses, I bath horses, I train horses, I break horses…I break up two dangerous stallions single handedly and I run this HUGE WELL KNOWN Horse rescue…BY MYSELF.

Carrie Young you are a liar. I NEVER INITIATED a call to SSI. I told the investigator that I had NO recollection that you were on disability. I also told her that Carrie Young does NOT appear to be disabled nor have I ever seen her in a wheelchair or use assisted devices. I told her that I have seen you active on FB talking about the activities you do on a daily basis and seeing pictures of the things that Social Security claims you said that you could NOT do.

Carrie States: So for the last two days I have been sitting in court, without an attorney fighting for my reputation. You know I say this, take away the few dollars I get from disability, but I am not a fraud. I have doctors letters, statements from ADA about the SILENT DISEASE that I suffer from. I have been fighting this by myself for a yr, writing briefs, filing motions, acting as my own attorney. HEY WHY NOT HIRE AN ATTORNEY some might ask. Sounded good a lot of times, so did giving up, or settling out of court, but then I look into the eyes of the horses that are here. So needless to say, I am fighting this alone. Oh yes, I could most likely borrow the monies from my parents, but would have to pay it back, and in doing that, I would still have to QUIT rescueing horses…because YES I get a disability check but instead of using it for say…tv service, eating out, buying clothes, every dime goes to the horses. So paying back a loan would take from the horses. So I sit alone in my fear of fighting the devil, Domino Effect…I know the Lord is carrying me, but sometimes this battle gets pretty ugly between good and evil.

Carrie Young I am here to tell the truth and that happens to be your WORST NIGHTMARE, but does not classify me as the devil, LOL.

Carrie States: So there I sit yesterday in court, cross examing Dinelle Ashcraft, acting as my own attorney, listening to her tell the judge that they spend 700 a week to feed the horses, how much her and her husband do for the horses.

My statement to be exact: I was asked how much we spent to feed the horses when we had on average 25 horses. I told them approximately $700 and this is the truth. I look forward to seeing those transcripts Carrie Young.

Carrie States: That they have a trainer in 4 days a week to train the untrained horses…

Carrie Young you are a liar. I said that we have a trainer that comes out 1 day a week to work with the horses and to work with me.

Carrie States: The judge asked her…YOU DO NOT LIKE CARRIE YOUNG, DO YOU, she replied NO, YOU DO NOT CARE FOR CARRIE YOUNG, DO YOU, she replied NO, YOU BLAME CARRIE YOUNG FOR ALL YOUR LEGAL ISSUES, DONT YOU, she replied YES, her and her friend.

Carrie Young you are a liar. He asked me if I blamed you for losing 1 court battle. I told him NO that you had nothing to do with it. PLEASE be sure to posts those transcripts, so that we can document the TRUTH!!!

Carrie States: I left it alone, for I felt that was perfect. The judge was also impressed when Dinelle said she could move a roll 900 lbs of hay alone.

Carrie Young YOU are telling the TRUTH!!! It was quite humorous that the white collar world didn’t have a clue as to rural mechanics. I am NOT a big girl by any means, but I absolutely can push a 900 pound roll of hay. I didn’t realize this was a difficult task. I guess I have the hand of God helping me and just thought that I was working alone.

Carrie States: The last thing that the judge said to Dinelle Ashcraft was…DO NOT DISCUSS THIS CASE…..well, we all know that Dinelle is above the law.

Carrie Young you are a liar. He told me NOT to discuss the case with the witnesses or the witnesses waiting in the waiting room before I left. Once again, I look forward to seeing the documentation of those transcripts proving what was said. I always have documentation to prove the truth. How come you NEVER have documentation proving that anything I say is a lie???

Carrie States: Tonight Dinelle is doing what she does best…spinmaster…sending links to her newest blog…

Carrie Young is telling the TRUTH!!! I do keep all information and documentation of many horrible deeds by Carrie Young and others affiliated in their hate group against us.

Carrie States: Dinelle stating that she spent all day in court yesterday testifying against Carrie Young, because Carrie Young told Social Security she used a wheelchair..SAY WHAT?
First of all, I have fymberlagia, and chronic fatigue, and a few other SILENT DISEASES, no where did I ever say I used a wheel chair..and didnt the judge tell her not to discuss this until case?
So I am putting it out there…I am being ACCUSED by social security for fraud. Fraud because I told them I spend a lot of time lieing down. No where did I put that I stayed in bed 10 hours a day, or used a wheelchair. No where did I say I did not have good days or bad days. I am being ACCUSED because Dinelle Ashcraft from Domino Effect Rescue spends everyday trying to close down Ohana, while we spend everyday trying to keep it open.

Carrie Young you are a liar. I have done NOTHING to shut you down, you can NOT honestly say the same. Where is your proof? I actually felt sorry for you the other day and wanted to leave you alone. I would have left you alone until you lied under oath, used the hearing as a way to smear us, and then called us the devil on Beverly Levitt’s post. Bob and I travel past your place while delivering and picking up horses. I don’t have time to stalk you in my busy schedule with school and taking care of the horses. I AM NOT DISABLED and my plate is FULL. I am NOT a liar and I will NOT tolerate your lies any more. If you want me out of your life, then stop lying, stop harassing and stalking me, stop personal messaging lies to my Facebook friends, stop calling agencies against us, and keep my name out of your mouth.

Carrie States: The case will not be settled until after the transcripts are produced to me giving me 30 days to write my closing brief, at which time the judge will make his decision..If I screwed up this case by acting as my own attorney, that is ok, the horses are still eating, and still being loved on and they still have a safe haven…oh yes, the truck that was donated to me, Domino told social security that I was draining the rescue of donations to make the payments on the brand new truck, oh and rumor has it Ohana pays close to 3500.00 a month for this piece of property… all of which I have proof is a lie.

Carrie Young you are a liar. I had NO idea that you were on disability. I know NO personal information about your overhead or personal vehicles. This is why my testimony was weak because I know absolutely NOTHING about your personal life because I avoid you at all cost.

Carrie States: Whatever the outcome, disability will never be in my life again. If I have to take pain pills every day to overcome the pain that I will have to live with because I wont have time to rest, then that is what it will be….I am not a fraud, I have been on the back of a horse two times in the last two yrs…GOOD DAYS….I wonder what I can do with taking pain pills everyday. Run two horse rescues at the same time? As it is now, I take pain pills when I get up and there is no chronic fatigue hitting me, because if I have CFS during the day and I take a pain pill for the FMS, then I am out like a light…
So next into this mess, walks a dear friend of Domino, a woman by the name of Hannah Farrell. ( Gentle Souls Rescue) She starts spreading rumors, calling people around the state trying to get others to call in and make false allegations… now everything I am posting, I have screen shots of, and phone calls from those that know that I am not a fraud to forewarn me of what is being done behind my back, in an attempt to close down Ohana Rescue.

Where is your proof Carrie Young???

Carrie States: They say that when you do good, you ALWAYS have evil at your back door.

WRONG, when you hurt people and lie about them and your daily events, it comes back on you full circle. Bad things are NOT happening to you because you are doing good, bad things are happening to you because you are a liar.

Carrie States: Many close to me know what is going on in my life, but now I am putting it out there for the world to know. I Carrie Young have lived my life being honest, compassionate, and caring, and I will not stop living my life helping the horses because there are a bunch of trouble makers out there.

I am NOT a troublemaker, BUT I have had trouble made for me by you for a long time. I have had enough and will NOT tolerate your lies any more.

Notice how you always play the victim and act like everyone is always out to get you? Just like you went in and took those horses from Archers without the owner knowing and then took the glory as if you saved the day. And then took the liberty to trash that rescue and put them beneath your feet.

Carrie States: If people feel that they can no longer trust me because I am being ACCUSED of being a fraud, then I have not lived my life right, because those that know me, know I would not do something as this.
I, Carrie Young am fighting a very evil entity right now, and I will say this…THERE ARE ONLY ONE SET OF FOOT PRINTS IN THE SAND, and what happens is HIS way, I DO NOT NEED MY DISABILTY CHECK TO KEEP OHANA OPEN.

I honestly believe that you have a great opportunity to succeed. You have a beautiful piece of property, good support, and seem to be doing well. I do NOT understand why you feel it is necessary to tear others down around you. I do NOT understand why you feel the need to lie about others and yourself. You would have a lot less animosity in your life if you would just mind your own business and stop trying to hurt everyone.












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Here I am, back to the drawing board, People attract like flies to dirty laundry, but do they ever do their research before they post out false accusations. Do they think that their actions will go unnoticed and they will be praised for dragging someone through the mud.

Below is the link to the original post of the second report against us from “The Good, the bad, and the unforgiveable of animal rescue” blog page. Apparently they are being spoon fed a bunch of garbage by the hate group against us.


I will replicate this article with the true statements and documents for each false allegation.

    Statement #1:

“They’ve lost 6 horses recently, three of them from colic.”

This statement is false. We have lost a total of 5 horses out of close to 300 horses since December 2009.

We lost Shia in 2010, to colic after Ted and Karen Koran admittedly fed our horses grain in the sand at the back corner fence line. They openly admitted this through emails to both the Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control.

Below is the link with all the documentations to prove the above statement.


The second horse we lost was Stryder. We lost Stryder to kidney failure in 2011. Below is the link with that documentation.

The third horse Abel we lost in 2013, to a flipped colon. Justice was the fourth in 2013, that we lost to stage 4 liver failure. And Leah, 22-year-old Warmblood, we lost also in 2013, to small intestine’s knot. All with vet reports and/or necropsy verifying the reason for death.


    Statement #2:

“First, let’s take a look at the property. You won’t find these photos on any of her blogs or Facebook page and I don’t blame her for not wanting to show you. It’s pretty disgusting.”

The pictures on this blog that were taken from the porch are my pictures that I posted on FB.

Below is the link to the first set of pictures I posted when it first started raining in June 2013. *Note* it only flooded in the front yard where the ground level is lower. The rest of the property remained dry.


It rained the entire summer.

pen horses are kept july rain 1

It dried up towards the end of August and stayed dry until the last week of September when it rained for 3 days straight.

Ted and Karen Koran from The Critter Place were so kind to take pictures through the fence for everyone to see.

pen horses are kept in 3

    Statement #3:

This is Lady. Lady had a knee injury that required surgery and needed to be kept confined for 90 days while she healed. She didn’t get a private stall… instead, she was turned out with the other horses.

Dinelle also claimed that the original owner was going to euthanize her. THIS IS NOT TRUE. He NEVER said he was going to euthanize her.

This statement is false. We were called by the same owner to pick up both Nick Rules at Tampa Bay Downs and She Is Are Lady at Calder Race Track. Both horses had bone chips from an injury and both needed to rest and heal. We were called by the attending vet who told us that Nick Rules was set to be euthanized and asked if we could please lift this death sentence by coming to his rescue and we did. The owner then told us about She Is Are Lady who also would be put down if we did not pick her up. We promised we would and we did just this. Neither one of these horses needed surgery and both were x-rayed and checked out by our vet.

Below are pictures of Lady when she was in transport and when she arrived here to the DERR. (ALL posted on my FB)

lady before going to DE

lady arrives at DE 3

lady arrives at DE 2

    Statement #4:

“In fact, when he found out that this was being said, he demanded the horse back. This is when Lady mysteriously disappeared. The whereabouts of Lady is still unknown.”

This statement is also false. Lady and Robyn went to a foster family for 1 month when the grounds were wet over the summer. In August they returned and have been back here now for 2 months.

The pictures below are of She Is Are Lady that were taken on 10/9/2013.





    Statement #5:

“Justice was neglected long before he got to Domino Effect, but he had found an angel that was nursing him back to health prior to going to DERR.

He had gained 150 pounds and was looking good.

After he arrived at DERR he declined rapidly. losing 100 lbs in just ten days. Improper feeding caused serious internal injuries and he had to be euthanized.

Of course, as you hear Dinelle tell the story, she blames a poisonous ragweed that he had consumed prior to arriving at DERR. It was confirmed with a vet that had he eaten the poisonous weed prior to entering DERR, he would not have gained weight, (which he did gain 150 lbs).

The DERR vet refused to perform a necropsy on the horse. Not sure if it was at the urging of DERR to not have a necropsy done or if the vet just didn’t care enough to know the truth… maybe it was both.”

horse had to be euthanized

This statement is false. Justice came to us after being severely neglected and starved by Florida Equine Rescue where 7 other horses, along with Justice died of liver failure after being rescued from there from eating poisonous plants.

When Justice arrived to us, he was in stage 4 liver failure and declined dramatically. Within 10 days we had to have him euthanized after he was falling into things and uncontrollably falling to the ground. We had the vet out 3 times that week. The vet did blood work on Justice, among other treatments and procedures, but ultimately when the blood work returned it confirmed his increasing, devastating symptoms of liver failure.

Below is the link with all of the documentation of vet reports and the blood test that diagnosed him with liver failure.


The hate group against us flooded the vet with phone calls trying to question him on Justice’s condition. The phone calls became harassing. They requested a necropsy be done on Justice and the vet decided against this. There was NO reason to do a necropsy when we had the blood test results that pinpointed the disease of liver failure.

It has been mentioned that the vet told someone that Justice wouldn’t have gained weight if he had liver failure. This is a false statement. The vet told this person that Justice would gain weight if he was not in liver failure. However, signs and symptoms of actual liver failure does NOT occur until there is 80% damage to the liver. At which point, Justice would not gain weight once he was in liver failure.

In a statement made by Deanna Richardson-Rogowski I heard that we fed Justice too much grain and that’s what killed him.

But in the statement below, it’s stated that he lost 100 pounds in his 10-day stay at the DERR.

“After he arrived at DERR he declined rapidly. losing 100 lbs in just ten days. Improper feeding caused serious internal injuries and he had to be euthanized.”

Once again, both of these statements are false. Justice did not get fed too much grain and he was not starved or improper fed to lose weight in our care. Improper feeding does NOT cause horses to have severe neurological disorders such as aimless walking and falling to the ground uncontrollably.

    Statement #6:

“Here’s a video of Maggie. She was being loaded by Bob Ashcraft of Domino Effect Rescue Ranch. He had blindfolded her with a feed bag claiming “this is how you load a skittish horse.”

She got away from him and ran through a barbed wire fence which resulted in HUNDREDS of stitches.”

This statement is false. There are 4 different versions of the story that happened that day. I have heard so many twisted versions, but yet we have the verified statements from the individuals that were given to AC and Bob’s statement of what happened that day, none of which come anywhere close to Maryann Tobin’s article she wrote. She didn’t even know what town or day it happened.

Below is the different versions with similarities of what happened to Maggie 2 years ago. The owner and her sons were responsible in the handling and blindfolding Maggie, not Bob. The owner claimed responsibility at the time of the incident and told Bob that it was not his fault and this is why she had insurance on the horse. Bob stayed there to help with the horse after the injury occurred until the property owner ran him off the property.

Horse with two wounds 2


    Statement #7:

“See Bob ride…. if you call this riding.”





Bob was not riding Chasity like this. These pictures I snapped in front of quite a few volunteers as my witness, Francine Marie Riale and Kimberly Young, when Bob got on Chasity and she took about 20 steps backwards and then sat down. I took these pictures and these people twisted the truth in these pictures and posted them all over CL and sent them to AC telling everyone that we were riding Wild Child and made claims that we were riding a horse that was thought to have EPM, but this was not the case. Chasity has a star on her forehead and Wild Child does not. Wild Child does NOT have EPM either. Anyway, after Chasity did this. Bob got off her, she stood up, and she rode very nice after this for the rest of the day.

Chasity was a horse that we took in after a man came to our open house adoption day threatening to put a bullet in her head. He claimed that Nikki Durkee with Second Chance Stables sold her as a “child-safe” horse and this horse almost killed his kid. The pictures you see above was the first time that Bob got in the saddle to evaluate her and what she did after he got on her.

    Statement #8:

“RIP Shia- victim of poor feeding habits resulting in colic. She’s one of 3 who have suffered this painful death (that we know of).”

Shiya the day before she died

This statement and picture above is false.

Look again at the picture below, that is 2 different horses, Shia in the upper left corner and Sonny an emancipated tb we brought in around the same time. Two different horses. Shia was a gelding not a she.

Shiya the day before she died

Ted Koran devised this picture to make the public and authorities think that we starved Shia to death to cover up for the fact that he fed our horses grain in the sand at the back fence line without our knowledge.


Below the link shows the pictures of Shia and Sonny, two different horses that Ted Koran with The Critter Place put these two pictures together and portrayed that they were the same horse, but clearly they are not. He is trying to make the public believe that we starved Shia to death, but these are two different horses, Shia was very lean and healthy and Sonny came in emaciated. He used this picture on the channel 10 news and sent it to AC trying to get us in trouble. It was AC that noticed first that this was 2 different horses. They also had pictures of Shia documenting his weight and knew that this picture he had sent them could in no way be Shia. Ted and Karen Koran caused Shia to colic after admitting to feeding grain in the sand to our horses at the back corner of our fence line where we could not see them.


    Statement #9:

“Witness testimony- (names are left off the blog to protect the eyewitnesses, but can and will be called upon if necessary in court)

    Witness 1

star wild child

Below is the picture they are referring to of Wild Child sun bathing in the sand. These people have made such claims as if this is a dead horse lying in the sand.

wild child sunbathing

Here’s 2 more pictures on the same day that picture was taken of Wild Child Sun bathing in the sand. He was just a baby and loved his afternoon naps.

Wild Child sun bathing 1

wild child sun bathing 2

They are claiming that we are lying about this being Wild Child because they say that Wild Child does not have a star and this horse has a faint star on his forehead.

I believe their exact statement was </strong>”Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness”

bear false

Today I took this picture below of Wild Child who is an absolutely gorgeous, 4-year-old TB gelding with a faint star in the middle of his forehead and a very prominent cowlick just below this.

Wild Child half moon 1

This is our beautiful boy, Wild Child




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A local hate group here in Brooksville, extending down to Gallops Stable in Ft. Myers, called for an investigation here at the DERR several months ago after we lost a horse to liver failure.

This group has been following our every move for several years now, insinuating and publicizing the worst possible scenario in every action, photo op, or status post to paint a horrific picture to the public with never seeking documented facts in any given situation.

After these fine folks called the Hernando Ag officer out to the DERR, the very next day Maryann Tobin posted on the Examiner this article with the assumption that Deputy Adkins had passed the inspection here at DERR. She worded the article to reflect her own opinion rather than to wait 2 months later for the “official document” proving the outcome of our inspection.


Maryann Tobin is a journalist who has been slandering and harassing the DERR since 2011 after her daughter and I had a disagreement followed by threats from her daughter stating that her mother would write false reports against the DERR to have us shut down.

Each article that is posted gives this “hate group” another link to spread around FB to influence others to view these negative reports as truth. Each article that is posted against the DERR remains tagged to our name on the Internet and can be viewed anytime our name is Googled. False reports written by Maryann Tobin with the personal intent to destroy the DERR.

These reports with Documentations can be found within my blogs under the category “The Tobins ~ CAll a Spade A Spade.”

Last week we did, however, receive the final report on the investigation that this hate group called for several of months ago. The report was unfounded and we were given a thumbs up for the great job that we continue to do here at the DERR.

Ag 1

Ag 2

Ag 3

Ag 4

Ag 5

Ag 6

Ag 7

Ag 8

Ag 9

Ag 10

Ag 11

Ag 12

Ag 13

Ag 14

Ag 15

Ag 16

Ag 17

Ag 18

Ag 19

Ag 20

Ag 21

Ag 22

Ag 23

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Deana Richardson-Rogowski States:””JUSTICE FOR JUSTICE”…That will be our Fight…We will NOT tolerate the ignorance of others or those that will try and protect the Guilty!”

Friday, April 17, 2013, Justice arrived to the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.


Justice came in with lethargy and by the next day he was noted to have diarrhea and loss of appetite. Diarrhea had then been noted on the trailer as well from his trip here.

Before I posted the below fundraiser on Facebook, Deana and I had pleasant conversation. Although, we were experiencing difficulties with Justice’s appetite and diarrhea, I at first assumed that he needed to get acclimated to his new feed, etc.


We then noticed ulcers in his mouth and what appeared to look like “hemorrhoids” at his anal opening.



My first attempt to address the public was to inform them that Justice was showing symptoms of lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and ulcers in his mouth. I made a public post on my page and then transferred this information over to the first fundraiser for Justice to ask for help for Justice’s first vet visit.

Justice needs immediate medical attention ASAP.

Justice came in to the rescue right before the weekend. Justice initially was one of the horses that suffered severe emaciation at the hands of Florida Equine Rescue (FER). He was seized from FER 2 months ago and has been in the care of a local ranch in Ft Myers until this past week.

This past weekend Justice settled in here at the rescue. The first few feedings he didn’t seem too interested in wanting to eat. I figured it would take him some time to transition to our feed and build an appetite.

Yesterday Bob hung him a bucket to give him more ease. I brought him his feed and dumped it in the bucket. He curled his upper lip upwards with copious amounts of saliva dripping out of his mouth. I studied him for a few minutes as he picked at his feed. Later that day I came out with Alfalfa and he quickly followed me over to the bucket anxious for his yummy meal.

This morning when a few visitors came to help Bob, we noticed he still had quite a bit of feed still left in his bucket.

Upon further examination of his upper lip, it was discovered that he has ulcerations on the top of his upper lip and in his mouth. And then on his back end, he was discovered to have a hemorrhoid covering his anal opening.

Bob called Dr. Dillard to schedule him to come out to evaluate him tomorrow.

We have quite an extensive vet bill pending with previous geldings, Abel’s colon twist, and Indy’s procedures.

We MUST get Justice seen tomorrow and get him the medical attention that he needs, so that we can continue to rehabilitate him with the proper care that he needs.

WE NEED YOUR HELP towards Justice’s medical expenses and towards providing him with the proper diet to keep him comfortable while he is healing and putting his weight back on.


Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

After announcing publically that Justice had ulcers in his mouth and “hemorrhoids”, I received this text from Deana Richardson Rigowski.


This was quite puzzling, as I didn’t realize that we needed a veterinary report to identify ulcers or what we claimed to be “hemorrhoids” to alert the public that there was an immediate concern and need for a veterinary examination. I wasn’t sure why Deana was being so defensive as to “why” we were handling things as we were. We post everything, good or bad. We are a voice for these horses under any circumstance.

Then followed by an explanation of “why” she had to so quickly get “rid” of Justice and then immediately turned the tables on us calling us a “so called” rescue.


After this, Deana Richardson-Rigowski began to slander us on her personal Facebook page and her “group” business page Gallops “A Stable Place” She made claims that we were slandering and attacking her and her volunteers. She began posting articles that Maryann Tobin had written against us last year all over her FB page in attempts to draw negative publicity against our rescue. Of course, this drew in the “hate group” that were on a witch hunt against us in the past, posting false allegations against us in hopes to shut our rescue down, including Maryann Tobin, Nikki Tobin, Ohana Rescue with Carrie Young and Alan Wilson, and Ted & Karen Koran from The Critter Place next door. These are known characters in the previous witch hunt that supplied Deana Richardson-Rigowski with false allegations against us.

One of Deana Richardson-Rigowski’s volunteer, Peggy Duffala, questioned us publically on our fundraiser above as to how Justice could be in such condition.


Deana’s temperament quickly accelerated and shortly thereafter she and her volunteers at Gallops Stables “A Stable Place” formed a private “hate group” against us including bashing us on her business page.

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