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“People Helping Animals Helping People”

As dominos are lined up, one must touch and make contact with the other domino in order to cause that chain reaction that we call the “Domino Effect.”

Our mission is to be a voice for these animals. The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch serves as a central station branching out nationwide to draw in support to help rehabilitate and rehome these rescued animals with good, loving families where they are given a second chance, thus causing the “Domino Effect.”

As Christians, we must reach out and touch others by sharing the Lord and our testimonies through Him to cause the “Domino Effect”

History of the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch


“THE BEST OF 2011” (YouTube Video ~ A MUST SEE)


Cause & Effect, by Kim Dame


Celebrating TWO GREAT YEARS here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch

The Domino Effect Rescue Ranch is a Christ-Centered facility with a mission to first rescue, rehabilitate, and find “forever homes” for the animals that are taken in to our care. Secondly, our mission is to give back to the community by educating and entertaining through interacting the animals with the community as a public service. This not only serves as a therapeutic tool to the public, but also helps to rehabilitate, humanize, exercise, train, and evaluate the animals, so that we can better place them in more suitable homes that will best fit their needs.

After opening the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch in December 2009, we filled up quickly with donkeys, goats, sheep, llama, ducks, chickens, and pigs., as our facility is open to all types of domestic farm animals and some wildlife.

Domino Effect Spring Fest 2011

In April 2010, we held the first Domino Effect Easter Fest

That was open to the public serving 130+ people with a Easter egg hunt


Petting Zoo

Horsey rides for the children

And Just horsing around.

Birthday Party, Clearwater Florida, May 2010

We celebrated our first Domino Effect Road Trip Birthday Party in Clearwater, Florida where we brought the petting zoo:

 Jesse the Rooster

Daffy & Daisy

Noah the Goat

The Minis

And the miniature horses out to entertain for a little girl’s birthday party.

Memorial Day Weekend, 2010

On Memorial Day weekend 2010, we invited families to come up and campout with the rescued animals while enjoying the moonlight and country setting.

The next morning we were off to Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida to enjoy the springs.

The rest of 2010, we spent building, fencing, and getting established here in the community through local networking.

Bob built a table to seat 20.

And a 2-horse stable.

Volunteer Meeting

In January 2011, we held our first Domino Effect Volunteer Meeting and luncheon, many of which joined us for our in-house and outdoor events for the year 2011.

Chasco Fiesta, March 2011

In March 2011, we attended the Chasco Fiesta Arts & Crafts show where we set up a table with hand-made oakwood specialty items designed here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch to help raise funds for the support of the rescued animals.

Two, bottle fed, baby goats joined us and we quickly became the center attraction, as the babies warmed the hearts of many.

In-House Birthday Party, May 2011

In May 2011, we held our first In-Home Domino Effect Birthday Party with a cookout at the hand-built, indoor, oak wood, 16-foot picnic table.


Petting zoo

And horsey rides for the kids with the rescued animals to join in as the theme and main attraction of the birthday party.

Domino Effect Adoption/Open House Days

Towards the end of the summer of 2011, we were busting out at the seams with many animals looking for new homes.  In August 2011, we started a series of a dozen Domino Effect Adoption/Open House days every Saturday for 12 weeks.

We invited the public out to meet us

Meet the animals

And see what we were about.

Every Saturday was a day to meet new friends and families and many were welcomed to join us as we exercised the horses throughout the event

While others came out inquiring on possible future adoptions.

This 12-week event proved to be very fruitful to the ranch, the animals, and to the public.  We adopted out well over 100+ animals in this 12-week period.

Our Domino Effect Open House days have changed the hearts of many

As people were able to interact with each one of these animals

Bonding with them

And sharing special moments with them that they will cherish the memories for a lifetime.

Sound Rider ~ Happy Horse Event Hosted by The Giddy Up Gals.

In October 2011, the Giddy Up Saddle Shop came out for an educational event to teach us, our volunteers, new horse owners, and the public the proper techniques on saddle and bridle fitting, proper diet and nutrition, wound care, and proper riding techniques.

Fall Festival at CCWC in November 2011

In November 2011, we attended our first fall festival at CCWC, a local church we used to attend.

We gave close to 100 children horse rides.

Charlotte, the pig

And Noah, the goat, joined us as well and walked around on a leash meeting and greeting the families around us.

Summitt Assisted Living Facility, November, 2011

November 30, 2011, the Summitt Assisted Living Facility

Brought 10 of their residents on a field trip up to the ranch for a morning visit.

All, of which, interacted with the horses and had their pictures taken with them.

Christmas Party, December, 2011

In December 2011, we held our first Domino Effect Christmas Party.

Everyone joined us for an indoor potluck dinner

Then outside to ride the horses around the Christmas tree at nighttime with Christmas gifts for all of the children.

We started the year out with taking groups out trail riding local and later will schedule field trips to take groups to campgrounds with trail riding abroad.

We also have a “Domino Effect Beginner’s Day” where the public can come here to the ranch and be educated on the proper riding techniques

And then join us out in the small paddock out front to learn to ride on our “beginner-safe horses.”

Shortly we will begin scheduling the upcoming events for 2012, to include many outdoor activities for the kids and to raise funds to help support the animals. These events will include seasonal Easter and fall festivals with local churches, events with local businesses to raise funds for the ranch, and In-home birthday parties, weekend riding events, educational classes, and trail riding. We will hold quarterly volunteer meetings to join the community in on upcoming events and give them opportunities to join in and be a part of the “Domino Effect.”

 We frequently hold contests for free giveaways and offer online picture-personal customized products to cherish their special moments with a special picture-personalized novelty item purchased to donate funds towards the support of the rescued animals here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.

In the future we hope to be signed up and on the list for the Hernando County Probation Office to offer the public a place to work off their community hours here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch. We want to offer them the opportunity to comply with the terms of their probation, as well as educate them about the care of these animals in hopes to give them a more valuable perspective towards nature and God’s beautiful creatures.

As people from all walks of life meet us and interact with the rescued animals, they are learning a great respect for the work we do, bonding with these animals, and being a part of the “Domino Effect.”

Their connection makes a difference in these animals’ lives and ultimately in their own. As people join in on our daily activities and events, they are better able to see the needs here at the ranch.

The events and activities may vary from year to year, but the ultimate goal is to provide for the rescued animals and give them the best quality of life while they are in our care and place them in the best home suitable for their needs. While interacting these animals with the public, we are giving them a good quality of life, as well as therapeutic to everyone who joins us in our mission to be a part of the “Domino Effect.”

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch–Be A Part Of The Domino Effect/Nonprofit Org.

Almost 10,000 pictures since December 2009.

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
“People Helping Animals Helping People”

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida 34614
(352) 596-3104

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